Friday, July 2, 2010

My New Love for Lunch

 This is not my sandwich from today...I actually ate mine to fast to get a picture.  But this is the idea.  Ill try to get a picture of mine next time.

I have come across my new favorite thing for lunch.  I have been eating them for quite a few weeks now and just realized as I was loving my lunch that I haven't shared.  I have started eating Whole Wheat Pitas instead of bread.  Now, I am not a low carb dieter but I try not to overdo it through the day.

Today for lunch I had half a pita stuffed with roasted chicken (organic that is) and a little bit of miracle whip.  Sometimes when I'm feeling festaish (that could be a word) I will put black beans and salsa and chicken in the pita.  This cuts back about 100 calories from my lunch each day.  And its so good!

I suggest you all give this a try.  You can pick up pita bread in the deli section or the fresh bread section at the supermarket.  Yet another thing that Wal-Mart has started carrying.

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