Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Summer Recipe

I know you are all going to laugh at me for this one and I completely understand that.  I am not much of a cook, never have been, to be quite honest my oven has been broken for over a year now and there have only been two times that I have missed it.  Well, that being said, I have a world famous summer recipe and I wanted to share it with you all.

It is known as Emily's World Famous Fruit Bowl. (dum dum dum)  First you need to go to the store and buy all the fruit your family likes.  You can trick them by throwing in a few they don't like and maybe sneak one past them.  You can buy a variety of colors so its nice and festive or buy fruits that are all in the same family for a funky effect.

This was my starting fruit selection along with some apples.  They didn't make the picture.  Now the next step can be a little sticky so if you have one of those cutting boards that goes over the sink it is great, otherwise just put a few damp paper towels under your cutting board and it will catch all the juices.

Then, you cut up all the fruit into bite size pieces.  Once they are all cut you can layer them into the bowl.  I use more of things they like and leave the rest in the fridge to enjoy later by myself.  Now I buy organic and local fruits and veggies when they are available.  I am made fun of for the organic eating but as you will see in a moment they don't know the difference.  (The cat is out of the bag.)

Now, once everything is in the bowl you mix gently as not to squish any of the berries.  And enjoy!

The fruit bowl taste better if you have dirty hair and cut up all the fruit in your bathing suit.  I don't know why but it just taste better that way.  Oh, and no makeup...you cannot have makeup on to prepare this dish.

Now here is the part that is my favorite.  Like I said, this takes no effort to cook but I would challenge this dish against any other at a cookout or dinner party.  If going to a dinner party I suggest a prettier bowl.  You can also throw together a fruit dip or sprinkle a little sugar or balsamic vinegar over the top, but as you can see, its enjoyed just fine raw.



Favorite Cousin Ever said...

Yummy!! I want some! I'll have to make that soon, looks good!

Anonymous said...


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