Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me...Again!

Another blog hop brought to you by MckMama...and I love this one but this week I have so many.

OK this week I DID NOT...

1.  Refer to a little boy as "she" all night long.  In my defense I could only see the back of the kids head but it was super embarrassing when I was corrected...note:  I didn't figure it out, had to be corrected.

2.  Get really mad when I dropped a piece of marinated chicken on my khaki shorts.  And the reason I got mad was not because the stain meant that I was going to have to wash them now.  And after I dropped it I DID NOT still eat the

3.  Drive all the way to town wearing an indecent outfit, even stopping to get a drink at a store that was not my regular so that I wouldn't be seen, only to realized that I was taking a picture in this outfit for my public blog.  DUH!!!  (By the way I don't normally wear an outfit like this but one of the contestants basically said I wouldn't do it)

4.  Finally, I DID NOT spend the entire week and weekend planning a weight loss challenge that completely took off.  Its about 30 people trying to lose 30 lbs in 30 days.  This is a crazy project but I think everyone is ready to take on the challenge.  If you would like to follow along come back to me.  There will be plenty of updates.

So those are all the things I DID NOT do this week.


Mommy2Four said...

I totally relate to the khaki!

Renegades said...

My two chubby buddies and myself are on a weight loss challenge. We aren't quite as stick as you guys 30 in 30 but we are trying!

Good luck to you!

Renegades said...
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