Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not So Good

My day today went great, but my eating was not so good today.  I did good until dinner when I ate Mexican, and I didn't over do it, but its so full of sodium and I'm scared I'm going to hold weight from it.  I did get in a workout in the pool today but never got my run in so I am afraid that I have ruined my good weight loss for the week in one day. 

I had been down quite a few pounds this week and I will be kicking myself if the scales don't represent it on Monday.  I have tomorrow to make up for it but man.....why do we do such stupid things to ourselves like this?  I know I'm not the only one out there that does stuff like this, that's why I said we.

I have to squeeze a workout in tomorrow, I was on track to be able to get a good hard workout in and now my day has gotten full and I have an hour and a half to really make it count. 

My swim today was pretty amazing...I haven't gotten that workout in a while.  I love to swim but I never feel like it is as good of a workout as others.  I swam laps and did some kick board work and it really helped with my soreness.  Then I got the luxury of the hot tub, and I love the hot tub.

I also got a little nappy this afternoon which helped me have a little more energy for my night out.  Sometimes a 1 hour power nap is all you need to rejuvenate.

So tomorrow is a full day and I'm trying everything in my power not to have to get up early to workout but that is really looking like the only option that I am going to have.  One more day to the first weigh in for our 4 week challenge.

Good luck girls....I hope you have a great weight loss this week.

Update:  I want to say one more thing since this post and your comments...I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner tonight.  It was great food and great company.  Normally it doesn't bother me when I eat Mexican food and when I'm up a pound or two but being in this challenge I really want to be able to lose the 30 lbs and just hate little slips.  I'm not normally this neurotic about my food.


Fat Girl vs. World said...

You didn't say whether you enjoyed the mexican food or not...
I mean, in the grand scheme of things would you be okay with little weight loss, or maintenance, or even a little gain if the food was (1) what you wanted (2) satisfied your hunger?

Emily said...

Thanks, I wasnt looking at it like that...yes I really enjoyed the food and company. Just feeling a little guilty afterward.

Anonymous said...

I'd just recommend enjoying these kinda things in small doses and in moderation. Moderation is something that I think the world is highly lacking in. Don't Beat yourself up Em. We all think we do things that are horrible.

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