Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Trying to Leave You Hanging

I didn't have the ability to post last night because I was stuck in a house that has no Internet access.  How in the world do people survive without Internet service? I stayed at the rents last night so this is really the first time I have had computer access since yesterday morning. 

I had a pretty good day yesterday, I did good with my eating, not great but good and I had a crazy good workout.  I did My Cut workout and was in a complete sweat by about the first 2 minutes in.  Today my triceps are sore so I guess that is a good thing.  When I finished my Cut workout I had to get in some cardio so I was going to run a mile on the treadmill.   I hoped on the treadmill and started a pace that was a little bit faster than I normally run but I thought why not its only one mile. 

I could really tell these steps are helping my stamina because I was thinking I would take a one minute walk break at half a mile.  Well the half a mile mark came and I still felt good so I kept going.  I thought I will walk at 3/4 mile but I was still feeling good.  I ended up running the entire mile (which I know I can do, I do it 4 days a week) at a faster pace than I ever run.  It was a nice finish to my workout.  It was one of those accomplishments that is little but helps you see some progress.

Last night I was tired and ready for bed, but for some reason I could not go to sleep.  I should have slept like a baby, its the first night I have had air conditioning on me in months.  I was kinda scared that I was going to oversleep for my run this morning.  I laid in the bed till almost 2 am trying to fall asleep.  Well when the alarm went off at 6 I got out of bed and put on my running clothes and just could not get moving.  I finally laid back down, completely dressed, and slept for about 45 more minutes. I think the air conditioning gave me laryngitis because I had a scratchy throat this morning. I did make it to the steps this morning and I will just squeeze my run in after the Cut workout tonight.  Sometimes you just have to get the sleep over the workout.

The steps this morning were a great workout.  We changed things up again just a little bit and then had a little race on the last one.  We were trying to finish the last set in 1 minute.  Lets just say that was when the real huffing and puffing started.  This will be the last set at a decent hour because next week we move to 5:30 steps because school is starting back.  Ohhhh I know it is better (cooler) to get them in and I will enjoy waking up in the mornings and being done with my workouts early but it is hard to think about waking up at that time.  I will start running the steps first then off to run on solid ground.  I will be back home and be able to take a nap before work.  Ha Ha.

Just a few more days to the end of Week 3.  I know my weights have not been where they should be this week but I am still working hard as ever to lose this 10 pounds.  I don't want to call it the last 10 because there are plenty to lose after it, but I want to hit this milestone really bad.  I also cant wait to see how the rest of the players are doing this week. 

You keep working hard out there peeps and lets put up some good numbers!!!!

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Elizabeth said...

can't wait to get back in the groove! see yall monday morning at 5:30 then unless i hear otherwise!

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