Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Long Day

This day has been great as far as my workouts but I didn't do so good on the food.  Most of the time when I have lots of workouts I tend to be more hungry.  I didn't eat any junk just too much.  I was only planning on swimming a few laps tonight but after I ate too much tonight I went ahead and swam a while.

I actually swam for 30 minutes which was just over half a mile.  I lost count of my laps on the first or second one so I just started counting again.  I am tired tonight so that apparently makes me stupid.  I cant count to 18.

I am finally home after the crazy working out and working today that this is as far as my dirty laundry made it.

I don't know who I think I am...I don't have a maid that comes in and cleans up after me so I should have just taken them to the dirty laundry.  Now that's one more trip that I have to take tonight.  Also, that is my living room floor, not the bedroom.  I could deal with dirty clothes on the bedroom floor over night but not the living room.  Ohhhhhh the insanity.

So I am heading off to bed for some quality sleep.  I have a day tomorrow that kinda resembles today.  I tried to put a new event in my calendar and my blackberry started vibrating and shouting "NO MORE!"

Have a good night....Ill see you back here tomorrow!

1 comment:

creatingsarah said...

You've been so busy! Hope you got a great nights sleep and thanks for the comment! (:

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