Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today Really

I'm having one of those days that I cannot seem to get out from in front of the computer.  Most days I cant find the time to get to it and actually post about anything but today I have been on here all day long.

I have no appointments today until late so I'm trying to catch up on paper work and I'm doing some research.  Just all those things most people do at work.  I really am just counting down the minutes until I get to go to the gym.  I have Zumba tonight and I am super excited about it.  Then I have to leave the gym, appointment, and come back and do my Making the Cut workout.  I am excited to have the Zumba before so I can get my cardio in and not have to do the 15 mins of cardio after the workout because after I need to lay down for a while and recover.

Yesterday I got to workout alone so I got to carry my book around the gym and not get looked at funny by the other workouters.  But today I have to go while there are people there so I'm sure Ill be getting some funny looks today.  I don't really mind that much.  Most people at the gym know me and know that I am on a mission to lose 30 in 30 so the looks don't bother me that much.  But today I will not get to make the agonizing noises that I made last night.  And I assure you that there are lots of noises that come out of my mouth.  Some of them are the noises that are forced out that cannot be controlled and the others are the "Ahhhhs!" and the "Ohhhhh!" that make you feel better when you cannot hold a plank for another second.  And on a side note:  I hate it when my workout says "until muscle exhaustion" because I'm one of those people that always thinks I can do one more.  After every rep I can do 1 more.  I did triceps pulls last night for about 6 minutes, just doing one more.

So, get ready Zumba girls...I made the request that we do all the songs as fast as they will go so we can get a good workout. 

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