Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 2 After Dark

Week 2 is in the books.  I am so proud of my players for committing to the weight loss and working so hard to achieve it.  They have stepped out of their comfort zone and are trying new things to lose weight.

I still have a few out of town that will be weighing in through the week but other than that everyone else has weighed in.  We did lose 2 contestants today but we will still power on and continue our contest.  I will update until I have everyone...Ill let you know when they are all in.

Let me tell you about my day.  Today was my cheat day and I ate all the things that I have wanted through out the week, but today I tried something a little different.  I had my biscuit for breakfast...that is portion control if I have ever seen it.  All the yummy deliciousness in one little biscuit.  For lunch I ate Mexican, got my salsa for the week.  Oh it is sooooo my favorite.  I ordered exactly what I wanted, flouta and salsa.  No need to get cheese dip or beans when what I really wanted was salsa and chicken.  I also wanted ice cream really bad today.  It was cold and creamy and I needed it to hit the spot.  Instead of ordering a large with extra candy (that was the fat girl days) I ordered a regular M&M ice cream treat and I ate half.  I actually didn't even eat half, but I ate until I had constructed the 7 perfect bites and then threw the rest away.  I knew I would not stop eating if I had it sitting in front of me.  Supper was a norm..sandwich and baked chips.  I also got a chocolate bar, I didn't eat it yet, that's my midnight snack.

I wanted to get the food that I wanted without really overdoing my calories or eating to the point of misery.  I was satisfied.  I also got some great workouts....this morning was a short run, then stairs.  The stairs were tough today.  Then Zumba this afternoon and The Cut tonight.  Three workouts in one day, that's pretty good.  My Cut workout tonight seemed easier than normal and I thought I was getting better, but the sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach makes me know that it is still as hard as ever.  My muscles might hurt from that tonight.  Some of the exercises I couldnt pronounce much less do.  It was, wow!

I am so proud of the players....last week we lost about 90lbs and well I dont know yet this week but I am excited to see the numbers.  Thanks for playing everyone.

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