Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 2 Day 1

Well I have officially completed the first day of Week 2.  I had my Cut workout tonight and it was a doozie.  I just am not understanding how normal exercises can be so hard when they are all paired together.  I had a friend come with me tonight and I really thought she was going to puke.  It was actually kinda funny because I remember the first one that I did, I was pretty sure that I was going to puke too.  I have actually gotten past that point but it is still hard.

The worst part of this workout was Circuit 5.  It was 5 30 second sprints at 9 mph.  It was so fast I the treadmill was whistling.  It hurt!!!!!  I continued to sweat for the next 20 minutes after we were done. 

I had to go to the Wal-Mart after my workout, I like going late because its not so crowded.  I had to go because otherwise I would not be able to eat tomorrow.  No eggs, bread, fruit, meat....I was out of everything.  I have to fix food for tomorrow then off to bed. 

Have a good night....and lets get ready for another good week.

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Renegades said...

This is our week 3 day one and after weighing in and only losing two I've realized I have got to stay on the food wagon. The falling off is what kicks my butt on weigh in day.

Good luck to you this week!

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