Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I got a great workout in today with the stairs this morning and once I got to the gym tonight to work I though I would go through my book and see what the workout for tonight was.  Well Hello! guess what?  I don't have circuits tonight.  I get to take night 3 off from the torture.  Don't you worry out there, I will be getting a workout in tonight just not what I thought I was going to have to do.

I talked this morning about the workout on the stairs and how it was great and I enjoyed it.  The longer the day has gone on and the more my body hurts I think it is possibly the best workout Ive gotten in a while.  My arms are sore from pulling up the steps, my legs are tender for the obvious reasons, it was free, no membership fees and it was quick.  That could meet all my criteria for a good workout.  I'm excited to go back again and do just a little bit more, maybe take the big steps for a few times.

My struggle so far in this program seems funny but it is legit.  I log my calories everyday...well I haven't changed my eating very much for this program so I didn't think I would have a problem with my calories.  I like to say anywhere from 1200-1600 calories a day, depending on the day and I never go below 1200.  Below is just dangerous.  So for the last two days I have not met my 1200 calories.  I thought my foods were planned out right but they obviously are not so I have had to do some tweaking today.  Well in my tweaking I managed to take in 1590 today.  I am striving for 1200-1400 throughout this program and so far I am unsuccessful.  We will go at it again tomorrow and hope for the best. 

I have gotten some emails today from players was telling me they were down a few pounds, good for you.  Some were mad because they weren't.  Mandy said, "Day 2 was easier than day one!  I did the gym at lunch, and then we went swimming for an hour and a half.  Then arms and abs, the fell into bed.  I was too tired to think about snacking."

I have two that have contacted me to say they have lost 3lbs or better.  I had one lady tell me she will not be weighing until Monday because she sometimes let the scale dictate what kind of day she is going to have.  I kinda like this theory so I don't think I will be weighing in between weekly weigh ins either.  I don't really care if you weigh or not but I find my readings more accurate if its not everyday.  Ive heard that you can have a 5lb difference in only water weight from day to day. 

You guys are rocking it out there!!!

Some of you that follow along know that everyone is following their own diet plan, nothing set in stone that everyone is following together.  I already cant wait for the first weeks results. 

Check back tomorrow for more updates.


Elizabeth said...

can't wait to try the stadium myself! my back was a little sore form last night!

Renegades said...

My sister-in-law is helping me with my exercise plan we walked 4 miles tonight. I hope I can move tomorrow. :)

Emily said...

I hope you can too. 4 miles is no easy trot. Good luck with your weight loss....Im so happy your reading.

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