Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My workouts this morning went great.  I was up bright and early this morning to go running, and it went great.  I was able to keep up at a pace faster than I normally run.  I was really scared that I wasn't going to be able to keep up but it was a really great run.  Very very few walk breaks and none over a minute.  I was really pleased. It is defiantly more fun to run with people...I'm a convert.

Then we had steps after the run.  My legs were pretty whipped after the 3 mile run but I didn't want to quit before I finished.  So another mile in at the steps.  Whew!!!!  That was a tough morning.

It is now 11:00 am and I just now put on my make-up because I just now quit sweating.  I showered and got to work and sweated the whole way here.  I hope that means I am still burning calories.

Tonight I have a late night at work and then a few laps in the pool (that's code for HOT TUB!)  Then some sleep.  My body is running on empty right now.  And why is it that the more workouts or the better workouts are the ones that make you hungry.  I have a hunger right now that cannot be silenced.  I had my breakfast before the morning workouts and I just didn't think I would use up all those wonderful calories an hour and a half before lunch.

We had some newbies at the stairs this morning and I am so happy to see new people out there working out.  It is great to see people getting out there and moving.  They are taking control.

So I'm off to an early lunch today and I'm sure I will be back here before the day is over.   Hope you have a good one!


creatingsarah said...

Yay for trying something new and actually liking it! haha You're doing great, girl. You definitely just motivated me to get off my ass!

Traci said...

Great job!

I gave you a blog award!! Come on by to see.

Treadmill Mama said...

Good Job!! I hope to be a runner someday....

Bethany Patton said...

Sounds like a good day! Keep it up girl...rooting you on!

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