Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Whole Mile

Well I am still taking it easy but this is the last day.  I took today easy accidentally.  I was unable to go to Zumba this afternoon which made me a little bit sad.  But I did get in my pool workout tonight.  I really do like to swim but I am kinda getting tired of this already.  I know that swimming is a good workout and my body reminds me that is indeed true....but there is something about getting a sweat that just makes the workout seem better.

Anyway, after 5 whole days off I will be running tomorrow and I am very VERY much looking forward to it.  I have decided to not run steps in the morning but I will be running on flat ground.  I figure that I am going to try everything to figure out what has caused this pain and do away with it.  I will still be going to steps in the morning and just walking around to get my legs warm for the run.  I hope it is a great one that does not hurt at all so I can do it again on Friday.  Basically, I will be doing it again on Friday so I hope it does not hurt for that reason.

I had one of those days today where I was hungry all day long.  I did not deprive myself of any food today because of the bad weekend thing....I ate my solid meals today.  I think all of my meals are stuck in my teeth because I never got full all day long.  I was just empty in my belly!  Usually I will have a bad weekend and then cut my calories way back on the weekdays and then starve but I did not do that this week.  I want food!!!!!! 

For that reason I am calling in early bedtime so that I can stop thinking about all the things I want to eat and dream about food and being full.

Wish me luck on my run tomorrow.  It's time to SWEAT baby!

Monday, August 30, 2010

So Much Better

When I was at my heaviest weight I really tried to not let my size have any affect on what I could and could not do.  I was still active, maybe slower but active.  I played back yard ball, shopped with friends, flew on commercial flights without having to buy 2 seats, I did normal stuff. 

One time I didn't fit into a seat on a Roller Coaster and it was really embarrassing but really how embarrassed can you get.  I managed to get over 300 pounds all by myself, that's the kind of thing that happens.

Well, as I have lost weight I have discovered some things that are so much better when you lose weight.  A few examples....

5.  Walking up a flight of steps.  You know the feeling of not being able to catch your breath but you don't want everyone around you to know you are struggling to breath after a flight of 10 steps so you force yourself to breath normally and nearly faint from lack of oxygen.

4.  Not having to be so Bold.  When I was bigger I always wore bright prints and lots of crazy makeup or jewelry.  I think it took the focus off of my size.  Now the sleeker the better, I'm still on my quest for a new look.

3.  Sleeveless.  I wore sleeveless even at my heaviest.  I was not under the impression that if I always wore sleeves that I would fool people into thinking that my arms were thin.  They weren't blind they could see the rest of my body.  But now sleeveless still doesn't look the greatest but there is a little muscle definition now and not only overwhelming flab.  So much better.

2.  Taking a Bath.  I am a bath tub lover.  I take showers because they are convenient and quick but the moment you get to sink your body into a tub of warm water is magical.  I took baths at my heaviest but they are so much better now.  My butt fits into the bottom of the tub and not mashed up against the sides.  Water all the way around.  So much better.

1.  Extreme sports.  So I haven't participated in many extreme sports in my life but I have been in a few.  I have bungee jumped a few times but once I put on the bulk of my weight I was no longer under the weight limit and could not participate.  Well my sisters went skydiving a year or so ago and after they went I decided that I wanted that to be the reward for losing 100 pounds. 

Now that I am close to that mark we have been talking more and more about it and I find myself thinking about it all the time.  This is something that I have wanted to do for years now and I am officially under the jump weight limit, but I'm not going until I reach the magic number. 

These are the little things I have to think about after having a crummy diet day, or weekend, whatever the case may be.  Sometimes I think them to myself and other times I have to share with the group.  I figure you just had to read about my horrible weekend so now you can know the things that are SO MUCH BETTER!

Dreading This Post

Well, I have not posted since Friday or Saturday and to be honest I am not looking forward to posting tonight.  I took the weekend off of exercising to possibly help my Achilles tendon out a little bit.  Well by taking the weekend off of working out I apparently think that gave me the right to take the weekend off of my diet as well.  Basically I'm eating crow today, why not? Ive eaten everything else this weekend, and just admitting that I ate horribly and don't even have any good workouts to show for it.

I am disappointed in myself a little bit.  I used the birthday excuse, had too many pieces of cake, ate too late at night...basically I did EVERYTHING WRONG diet wise this weekend.

That being said, I really doubt I will have any weight loss this week and will probably gain again, for the 3rd week in a row.  Ah!!!!!!  I am just mad that this week it is my fault that I gain.  Here's hoping that my weight doesn't sky rocket!  I am doing better today and getting back on track.  I have already planned my meals out for the week and I am currently putting together my modified workout plan.

My weekend of rest helped my foot some....It felt much better this morning when I woke up and felt better most of the weekend.  So I did steps this morning and it was excruciating pain.  I called my ortho doc and he doesn't see patience for Achilles pain so I called one of my local docs here and asked him who I should see.  He let me come into his office on such short notice and gave the leg a look.  He could see the big knot on the side but does not think it is my Achilles, he thought it was a flexor muscle located to the side of the Tendon.  That was good news....the bad news is I have to modify my workouts.  For the next couple of weeks I will be spending a lot of time in the pool and I am going to skip steps on Wednesday and just run on solid ground and see if that is any better.  Basically, I have to try to find workouts that don't hurt until it just doesn't hurt anymore.

I would take the whole week off from running but I have officially gotten to the point where I think I love it.  I don't want to miss my runs.  And I have my very very first 10k this week and I really want to do good in it so I will be running this week as long as it is not too much pain.

I hope you guys are not disappointed in me for failing miserably this week.  Please don't be because I am incredibly disappointed in myself.  I promise I will do better, not more gains....enough is enough....and every other motivational thing that should inspire me to do better.  The BIG goal is still 100lbs even though I have been retreating from it for a few weeks now. 

Hope you all did better than me this week....but if not you can join the "WE CAN DO BETTER" Train!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Trying to Be a Big Girl

Just a little bit of complaining today:

This morning when I got out of bed at 5:00am (yes, I will continue to tell you what time it was because it is a ridiculous time of day) I made a conscious effort to try to stretch out my Achilles, I learned that from the extensive studying I did on the Internet last night.  Well, it was unsuccessful.  When I started steps this morning I struggled with going down the steps.  The up hurt a little bit but not anything like going down.  I kept thinking that it would get better the more warmed up I got.  I made it through my 8 trips around but they were pretty slow, I was just trying to get through to the run.

We took off on the run after the steps.  I made sure that I told my running buddy that I was hurting so she wasn't surprised by the speed of the run today.  She actually examined my leg before we ran....we came to the conclusion that the run was still a good idea.  Well we got in a total of 9 miles today which was great but it was a lot more walking than normal.  I started by walking up the hills and about mile 4 I realized that the uphill didn't hurt it was the downhill part of the run that hurt worse. 

Now that the run is over and I had a good 30 minutes of ice it feels much better.  And thanks to the post yesterday I got a wonderfully informative email from a reader who is a friend of my workout buddy and also a runner and she gave some helpful information.

So tonight I get the night off from vigorous exercise and I will have to miss the workout in the morning so I get 2 days of complete rest for the injury.  Hopefully in this time I can get a little better before the next actual run.  I am going to try to put on my Big Girl Panties and deal with it, OOOOORRRR go to the doctor, whatever the need may be.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Oh what a good swim tonight...

First let me say, I have to be awake in less than 6 hours and should be in bed but I just had to share some funnies from my swim tonight.

Let me start with I think my goggles are too small.

Notice the red circles around the eyes, it was not as good on film as it was in person but it hurt!

I knew before I went in the hot tub was closed, but as far as I knew it was just missing a drain cover, so I was still going to get in.  To my surprise this is what I saw when I walked into the pool area.

Seriously, no water in the HOT TUB!!!!!  Tears!

After all my complaining I should say this was a great swim, just over half a mile in about 25-30 minutes.  I don't know what time I got in.  That was one of my best times ever.  So great swim, no hot tub.  :(

In An Attempt

Now that I have made my declaration to not over train I thought it was only fair for me to share my list, yes list, of injuries that I have since that post.

First there is the phantom pain in the abdomen that I have spoken of before.  Pretty sure that was appendicitis but after realizing that my appendix is on the other side I will officially call it ab pain.  After 2 days of hurting I was sure that I was one of those random people who had organs on wrong side and that my appendix was just traveling around in my abdominal cavity.  Guess not.  It is feeling a bit better than it was and is only hurting during really extreme workouts and certain movements, so pretty sure its just a strained muscle.

Wednesday I began to have a new pain, new to me completely.  My Achilles tendon has been giving me some pain.  It hurts pretty much all of the time.  This is only day 3 of the pain and I have been looking at information about this tendon online.  Self diagnosis.....that is never dangerous.  Most everything I have read says that an increase in mileage often causes this kind of pain, and it is really likely in women, between the ages of 18-30.  Man, I was just a poster child for this injury.

Then there is the shoulder catch that has flared back up.  I guess this is what I get for making fun of my workout buddy for so many nights about her shoulder hurting.  She kept telling me it hurt when she ran, well there are lots of things that hurt when you run and a shoulder is not one of them.....(eating crow and no longer making fun!)

I am a firm believer in the 7 day pain strategy.  If it hurts for more than 7 days then I will go to the doctor.  If I went every time something hurt I would be paying a fortune in medical bills for soreness.  I am a little over dramatic when it comes to pain and I'm always scared that if I go to the doctor they are going to put me in a cast or on crutches and then I don't know what I would do.  Right now I'm looking forward to ice and Alieve and bed.  That cures more than doctors sometimes.

Anyway, that is my list of ailments right now, just give me 5 minutes and I'm sure I can come up with something else that hurts. 

I'm Here, I'm Here, I'm Here

Wow...I have been trying to get on here all day to post and the longer the day goes the more stuff I have to say.  I really needed to post last night and then this morning and again tonight.  So be patient with me because I can already feel like this will be a very long post.

For starters, I have to big time brag on my workout buddy last night.  We started our workout just a bit after 10pm and left the gym after midnight.  Because we did not do our cut workout on Monday I had this wonderful idea that instead of doing that nights workout twice we would do both Monday and Wednesday's workout back to back.  Same number of circuits just different muscle groups halfway through.  Wowowowowow!!!!  This was a horrible idea!  I think there should be a disclaimer in the book about this....there just might be.  Halfway though the workout we did sprints, 9mph, then had to continue on to the next circuit that had hill climbs.  Everything about this was hard and it was the first time since the first workout that I thought I was going to puke mid-workout.  That being said, after much sweat and a few curses from me, we did the entire thing.  No cheating, no easy way out.  I know my body was hurting when it was over and I'm sure hers was too.

I have to share a little tid bit from her today.  She sent me an email that said, "I may hate you....."  Now in all fairness she did say some really nice things too and was jazzed to buy a pair of pants today that were smaller than normal.  Woo Hoo, smaller pants make the world go round.  I figure that is nicer than the comments I got when we first started doing stairs, I was actually called "stupid" and "crazy" after those but these people just keep on coming back.  They are stronger and their butts are higher so ha ha!  Call me stupid now! :)

Anyway, I got to bed about 2 am.  When I got home I had tons of around the house stuff to get done.  I thought about just going to sleep but that really wasn't an option.  I had to pack for today, which if I may say so myself was a task in and of itself.  I pack lunch and dinner, shower, dishes, this and that and everything else you could possibly think of....I really didn't want to have to wake up early to do anything.

Well as soon as my eyes opened this morning it was "off they go!"  I had appointments, meetings, emails and phone calls to make, workouts, another meeting....just one of those days.  I will have to brag for just a moment and say that when it finally came time to slow down and work at the gym (which I don't do on Thursday night), I was about 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  Whew.  So now after a crazy day, I am sitting at a computer to tell you about my day. 

For the most part today I have to say I did really good on my diet.  I opted out of my packed lunch for a Subway break with a friend and it was fantastic.  Something about eating a sandwich that someone else makes is so much better, plus I get my sweet onion sauce.  I cheated on the lunch with a cookie, but I am pretty sure I took care of that cookie with my Zumba workout.  Zumba kicked my tail today.  It was a hot and sweaty workout for sure.  I wore a bra tank top to this workout today in an effort to not have to wash as many clothes and I think that was a critical mistake.  It was a little bit cooler but I discovered when I have to clap my hands above my head my jiggly parts under my arms keep jiggling for about 30 seconds after the clap.  And I just had to stand there and watch it in the mirror....gross!

Now that my crazy day seems to be winding down I am looking more and more forward to my swim.  My whole day has been a little off so I thought I would just finish it off with something I never do on Thursday night.  Tomorrow is stair/run day and due to more scheduling conflicts and the fact that it has been almost two weeks I am doing my long run tomorrow.  I hope it goes good, I really really want to have a great long run.  My short ones have been getting better and better, but I haven't had a long one in so long I'm a little bit scared of it.

So that was my day.  I am out of breath just typing about it....not to mention I am typing really hard and fast like I'm still on a deadline.   Looking forward to the pool tonight.  Hope you all got in a good workout today.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trying to Not Be Jolly

When I came to you this morning I was a little bit upset about the 1 pound gain...and I think with good reason, but now I'm in a much better mood.  I am feeling great after my run this morning, and just seem to be getting in a better and better mood the more the day goes on.  We set out on a 7 mile run this morning after steps.  The run itself ended up being about 6 miles overall but it was....I know you'll be shocked to hear this...one of the best yet. 

I felt great through most of the run, very few walk breaks, some crazy big hills, and still felt great when it was done.  My run this morning and the steps total to about 8 miles.  We have to do our long run this week on Friday and we are aiming for 10 again but we might just use our 2 mile stair run in the mileage count.  After today's run I think I can run forever.

I ate spaghetti last night for supper, not something I typically do.  I really limit my carbs at dinner time and pack in the protein.  Well last night I wanted spaghetti so I pumped out an excuse that since I was going to run so far in the morning I needed to carbo load.  Let me just clarify that was only an excuse.  I think carb loading is really only useful for big time, serious marathon/Ironman participants, but now that I had such a good run after my spaghetti I think I will start eating it 3 nights a week before my running days.  Woo Hoo!  That makes me a happy little camper!

Anyway, I'm kinda on cloud nine.  Good run and when I got to work I discovered that I had not gained quite a pound.  I was actually up .4 from last week.  I still think it should have been down but Ill take it.  My clothes fit better I can run 8 miles, Ill just take the freakin .4 and work even harder.

I'm heading out to an open house today that is an Ice Cream Social.  I love it when free day and Ice Cream social happen on the same day.  I will enjoy my ice cream so much better knowing that it is cheat day.

Ill try and get back to you today......hope you all have a good one!  Get out there and do something today!

Weigh In Wednesday


Well I come in today with mixed emotions.....my weight this morning was 231.0.  That is up 1 whole freakin pound.  For that I am a little bit agitated....on the other hand my clothes are all fitting better for that I am happy.  It seems that my body is getting smaller but the weight is going up.  Go figure!  I'm not really mad about the 1 lb. gain but I just don't understand it.  So now, 7 pounds away from the 100 pound mark.  So much for that promise of 6 pound weight loss this week.  I'm not promising 7 for next week but I am going to do my best to get there.  I may have to change some things up this week to see some different results on the scale.


Starting Weight:  166

This Week:  155

Another 2 lbs this week....GREAT JOB!!!

Starting Weight:  165

This Week:  158

No loss this week and she kicked up the workouts....I understand honey....sorry.


Starting Weight:  234

This Week:  225


Starting Weight:  186

This Week:  178

You should know better than eating a Mexican Buffet the day before a weigh in....but she did kick it this morning at the steps....I can tell a huge difference.

Just click below and let us see how you did this week!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Don't Know What to Do With Myself?!?!?!?

Well in an attempt to not over train I am at home on 6:45 pm, and I have no idea what to do with myself.  I am so freaking excited about it. 

Last night we did our workout but we skipped the Cut workout.  I'm not much for excuses but my workout buddy came to the gym with bug bites all over her body.  She didn't feel great so we opted for a different workout.  We did a leg workout with some serious concentration on the core.  Then finished off with 9mph sprints for 5 minutes.  Over all it was a great great workout but a little bit easier than the normal cut workout.

Today I did the first lunch time Zumba class and let me just tell you it was intense....I don't know if it was the time of day or the fact that I got to go to Zumba but I was just full of energy.  By the end of class I was just nasty with sweat and got a great workout.  I'm pretty sure I smelled a little bit for the rest of the day but I'm ok with that.  I'm going to have to buy jumbo sizes of body spray but surely I can cover it up until I get to shower!  Then I got my little swim in tonight, nothing taxing just a few laps in the pool.  I have to share a little victory that happened today.....for the first time in a long time I saw myself in a bathing suit and I was pleased with what I saw.  I was looking in the magical mirror in the dressing room, the one I am sure the gym special orders so that we all look slimmer after our workouts.  Anyway, that was big for me....I usually see 500 things that I don't like so tonight was a nice change.  Just had to share!

Anyway, I am looking forward to and a little scared of my weigh in tomorrow.  I have been a good little girl tomorrow but I hope that the scales are in agreement with me.  Check in tomorrow for Weigh In Wednesday and see how I/We do.  I'm hoping for a good one tomorrow.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Let Me Just Tell You.....

Let me just tell you about my day.  It has been one of the most uneventful days I have had in a while.  I know that I have a weigh in coming up in 2 days so I have been really good with my food.  Ok so I ate a few French Fries on Sunday afternoon, but for the most part its been lots of fruit, some veggies, sandwiches for lunch....just an all around balanced diet.  My workouts this week have struggled a bit.  Don't get me wrong, I have been a gym rat again this week but I feel like missing my long run really hurt my workouts.  Then there were a few missed night workouts because of football and other things, that's just part of life.....Like I have said 1,000 times I don't have the luxury of putting real life on hold to be on a diet, furthermore, I don't really want to.

Basically, I know I have gotten the workouts in, I just feel a little bit fat today so the idea of getting on the scale on Wednesday are kinda freaking me out.  I have done good but I don't know if I have done 6 lbs good.  I just don't know if I can take another bad week.  If I have another bad one I will have to use the dreaded word, "plateau."  I have lost weight in the fashion of 20 lbs at a time then maintain, so I have not really seen a bad plateau and I'm scared my body is catching on to what is going on and putting a stop to it. 

I know I can change some things to make it a little better.  I have been watching my calorie burn like a hawk the last few weeks but I have not been great on the calorie counting.  Its such and easy thing to do but if you let it slip there are always a few calories that slip through, and who knows how many a few are.  I will do better with that.

I was nervous today about getting to go to Zumba, I was just sure I was going to miss it, but at the last second my worker friend came through so I could stop being angry at her and rush up to class.  Boy, was it full tonight.  It was a good workout, but it was the first time today I could really feel the hurt muscle in my belly.  (Side note:  Its kinda nice to pull a muscle there, at least I know there are muscles under there)  All the twisting, jumping, and flailing around was beginning to hurt.  It was over soon enough so I think Ill be alright.  The one I'm more worried about is the Cut workout tonight.  I just know it is going to HURT!

Other than going to Zumba and setting up a few appointments I have done nothing today except sit on my butt and work.   I'm almost willing to take the pain of the cut just to get my tail out of this chair. 

I had the idea brought up the other day of over training, and I had never really thought about it.  I get in 4 morning workouts a week, these are the running workouts.  At least 2 afternoon workouts sometimes 3, and then 2 late night workouts when I get off.  I was trying to squeeze a few more in there.  None of them are extraordinarily long but just where I can fit them in in my schedule.  Well with the schedule at my gym changing I know there are 2 more that I can make that are on my easier days.  I am going to try to fit them in on days they don't conflict with work.  So in an attempt to not over train I am deciding to take my Tuesday night class off and fill it with swimming.  I already swim with a young lady for about 45 mins. on Tues. nights so I think I'm going to let that be the only workout on Tuesdays.  And then of course, Sunday OFF, completely off, no cross training, not nothing.  I will eat my donut at church and then take a 3 hour nap and do nothing for the rest of the day. 

I know this sounds like a crazy amount of time at the gym but it is really on 3 days of extreme workouts (and they are mostly before and after work), Tues. Thurs., and Sat. are pretty light.  And don't make me repeat my schedule for Sunday....

Ill try to get back on tonight and let you know how the Cut goes tonight....I have a good feeling about this one.  No tears and no puke....thats the goal. 

Why Do I Do This To Myself???

Every few months or so I decided its time to give up diet cola, and I do so good, I go for months and months without drinking any or very very few Diet Cokes or Diet Sundrop.  Well then I always slip, I always think it will a great idea to have one, then another, then another, until I'm drinking 3-4 a day and not getting my water in.

Well, it has happened again.  I am giving up my diet Cokes.  Why??!?!?!?!?  Why do I go back every time?  Now I just have to start all over again with the headaches and the caffeine withdrawal.  If I could just drink them sparingly and not have to give them up all together I would be OK, but for some reason I just cannot have them in moderation.  For some reason I always go back to them full force.

I am a firm believer in never give up anything.  Not completely at least.  I eat French Fries, in moderation, Potato Chips, in moderation, etc. but for some reason I cant drink Diet drinks the same way....so yet again, I will be giving them up.  Have no fear, I will probably relapse again and have yet another blog post about it in 3-6 months, but here goes...AGAIN!

Right now I'm trying to fight off the headache and I haven't even given it up completely yet.  I'm trying the weening method this time to hopefully ward off the headache.  ITS NOT WORKING.

Still Trying to Get My Long Run

Now that the weekend is over I am officially not getting in my long run for the week.  I still finished the week with about 20 miles but I really wanted to get 8-9 in over the weekend.  On Saturday I came to you a little upset but I am so over it now.  I must have just been a little sensitive so early in the morning.  Anyway, I got a nice little nap had lunch and needed to mow the yard before I could go out and run again.  Plus, I had to get the shoes dry.  They were sopping wet after the workout.

I got the first two of those things done and as I was finishing mowing the yard it started to pour down rain.  I was pretty sure I was going to get struck by lightening while I was mowing.  Well, call it an excuse or whatever you want but I don't run in the rain anymore.  Not after this....

I could have gotten on the treadmill for a while but now that I have started running outside I find the treadmill extremely boring.  So I opted out of running on Saturday.  I did nothing and I mean nothing entertaining on Sunday....I had to work.  Work on Sunday afternoon really puts a wrench in the whole day.  I missed my afternoon nap, most of my cooking time, and the sheer laziness of Sunday and running around in my underpants.

So this morning I was full of energy and ready to go run.  Why shouldn't I be, the last really hard workout I had was Friday night (or Saturday morning....whatever you want to consider 5am.)  The stairs were the same as normal, not to hard not easy, just a good solid 2 miles of running up and down and up and down.  We went for a run after steps, and this morning it was a new crew.  My usual running buddy couldn't make the run today so I ran with another girl that has been running some and a completely new girl who was scared to run.  Well we did great.  We made a 5k distance in less than 40 minutes, good for her first time I thought.  She is in really good shape, but a little doubty this morning.  SEE I TOLD YOU YOU COULD DO IT.  She may hate me tomorrow for it but I don't really care!

So this week I will actually get to attend some Zumba classes, like today (hopefully) and then the Cut workout tonight.  I am going to have to take it just a little bit easy because I think I have a pulled or strained muscle in my stomach.  Until it gets me down it gets to keep going, but I don't want to hurt myself either.  But it didn't seem to hold me back to much this morning so maybe I'm just being a bit dramatic.  That would be a first, Me??!??!?!?  Dramatic?!?!?!??!

Have a good one today.....What are you going to get in for a workout today?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Good Workout A Lot Of Complaints

I woke up early, AGAIN, this morning to go for a run.  Well this wasn't actually the long run I was hoping for, it was a speed training workout.  It was with my usual running buddy, my sometimes running buddy, she runs way earlier than I do, and a new guy and the guy that was leading the training. 

I got a good workout overall but I was really hoping to get my long run in.  I just don't want to go back out today and do a long run.  Today was the first time in a long time that I have felt like the little fat girl that no one took serious when I walked in to workout.  It kind of pissed me off!  I know I am strong and capable to keep up in an intense workout.

I said it kinda pissed me off but it really made me mad.  Anyway, we did a lot of speed drills, sprints and even some where you have to lay on the ground, the wet dewy ground, and flip a tractor tire.   Once I proved that I could do the workout it was fine, but I was fired up at the beginning of the workout.  I'm better now!!!!

(Yes I did edit this post because I was feeling bad about what I had said....It was a good workout I was just wearing my feelings on my sleeve and I'm much better now)
Anyway, once we finished I just had to get a picture.  We were nasty with sweat and mud (from the tire) and grass and dew from the ground.  It just proved how great a workout we got....and this is the first time you get to see the woman that I have been running with for weeks now.  I could have gotten a better picture if I had taken it before the workout but it was too dark to take a picture.  Anyway, this is how we usually see each other everyday, I bet she has normal clothes but I wont believe it till I see it.

I wish you could get the full effect of the nastiness from this picture, but this will just have to do.  These are the two girls that make me think I can actually run a full marathon.

I am going to take a little nappy this morning and then go out for a run this afternoon.  I don't really want to workout again today but I need to get my mileage in for the week and I need one long run for the week.

So good night (in the middle of the morning) Ill try to get back on here again today but no promises.

Get out there today and do something......

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ohhhhh It Was The Best So Far

I know I have said that a couple of times now but it just keeps getting better, faster, easier, longer. etc.  My run this morning was great.  I just knew when I plopped out of the bed at 5 it was going to be a bad day.  There was no logical reason to be awake at that time of the morning.  I wasn't even out of the bed before I started cussing my alarm clock across the room.  I put one there because I cant reach it.  It will keep going off til I get out of bed to assault it.

Anyway, it was cold and dark this morning which was a nice change from hot and muggy.  The steps went well, faster than normal for the same amount of steps. That is a good sign.... We actually had a few new faces this morning which was nice and missed some that have been coming.  I know they will be back, who can resist running up and down steps time and time again.  Well off to the run.  I was feeling really good about the run.  We usually make it about a mile and a half before the first walk break.  Well I know I was feeling good so I wanted to go a little bit further than normal.  We kept setting distances to stop and walk but then would run past them.  I finally had to ask my running buddy to tell me a story (she is really good at that.)  So she started a story that would last for a while and it gave me something to do other than think about running.  It worked perfectly.  About half way through her story we hit the 2 mile point and got to take a walk break.  It was such a great feeling of accomplishment to make it non-stop for that distance. 

When I say walk break I don't mean we walk a half a mile or anything, its usually 30 seconds to a minute.  Today the walk breaks were even better...they were very short and seemed like just a few steps, and they were much further apart than normal.  Oh, and the entire run this morning was longer than the days before.   I said this was a good one!!!!  OK so I gush just a little bit but today was one of those days were it seems like it is worth it to wake up at 5am (don't tell anyone I run with that I said that, then I wont be able to complain) because I am starting to see more and more progress in my running.  (ahhhhhh deep sigh)

The rest of the day I am actually taking easy because tomorrow I have my long (very long) run.  I don't think I will be getting in a PM workout tonight.  I am choosing to go watch football instead of being a gym rat....lets just face it I am already a gym rat.

And I swear I will not dwell on the haircut thing but I have a few funnies for you.  My sisters liked the hair, whew, and the rents were ok with it.  My niece told me I needed to lay it back down....precious being that she is little and one nephew didn't know what to say....I think he said it didn't look like me.  Eureka! exactly what I wanted.  I was worried about what the boss man.  You know the hawk is not so much office business as usual but he liked it.  Another big whew.  The only ones who seem not to like it are the little old ladies, I get that look of shame like the grandma gives you....but I can take it.

Oh and more news.  My Zumba class that I have complained about for a week is fixing to start being offered during lunch 2 days a week so I will get to come!!!!!  That makes me a very very very happy girl.  I get to get my Zumba in again.  Once a week was just not enough, especially when I had to watch all my Zumba peeps come in and go to class and I had to sit in the corner and watch all the fun but not get to participate.  So I think that deserves a big FAT Wooooo Hooooooo!

I could have summed this post up in about 2 sentences, I am having a good day!  I hope you are all having a good day too!  But that is really not my style.

Check back tomorrow and hopefully I can report another great run....hopefully.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Quick

Sorry for such a short post earlier.  It took a little bit longer to get my hair done than expected so I was afraid I was going to be late for a meeting that I had to attend.  I was just trying to get something up here.

As far as my day goes I really don't have much to tell you.  I had a killer workout last night but today I did not get a chance to workout.  No morning workout on Thursdays and my meeting let out about 15 minutes before the gym closed.  So no workout today, nothing at all...which means in the morning I should have tons of energy for my run.  Hopefully at least.

I'm looking forward to my run in the morning.  I feel like I have been lazy this week cause I missed 2 days of workouts.  But the next 3 days I should be able to get in some crazy good workouts. 

I hope you all did better than I did today.  Check back tomorrow.

The Transformation Is Done

I know I said this would be in the same post but I have to show you all my new hairdo.  I am in an incredibly big hurry so I will be back tonight, I just had to share!!!!!

I love it!  It was exactly what I wanted....a whole new look.  I just cant stop smiling and I figure that is a good sign.

My Bumblebee

Last night during out crazy insane however easier than Monday's workout last night I had to eat my own words.  I have developed this intolerance to quitting.  I hate when people say I cant.  I think our bodies are so much stronger than most people ever give themselves credit for.  If you truly try something without the notion that you can quit more than likely you can succeed.  But for most of us, myself included failure is become the norm so even when we are in the situation to succeed we somehow sabotage ourselves.  When I first started my weight loss this time I was sure that I could lose weight but every time I was the slightest bit successful I always seemed to backslide.

For this reason I have taken a huge step...I am trying to never use the phrase, "I CAN'T."  I know during a workout that I can do one more or whatever it is.  I may be tired and my body might hurt but I can do it. 

Well last night in the 4th of what seemed like 80 circuits we had to hold a reverse plank and do 10 leg lifts, 5 on each side.  We did it the first time no problem and then when it came time to do it again I said the words, I can't.  After hearing them come out of my mouth I was disgusted.  I knew I could I just didn't want to because it hurt and I was tired.  Well in the milliseconds after I said the words I thought about all the times I have said to someone, "Bumblebees cant fly." (This is where the title comes from) 

The idea that a bumblebee cant fly has kinda become my motto over the last few months.  I was told years ago by a favorite teacher that Bumblebees scientifically cannot fly.  Their wings are to small to support the weight of their bodies, but somehow every single day bumblebees fly around.  I have no idea if this is true or not and I don't really care.  Its a powerful thought that just because they SHOULD NOT be able to doesn't mean they CAN'T.  Just recently every time someone tells me they cant do something, whatever it is, I just simply say, "Well, Bumblebees can't fly."

With all this being said (you know sometimes I ramble), I did my 10 leg lifts, through pain and pure determination I did them.  Next time you think you might need to quit, just remember Bumblebees cant fly....it just might help you get through one more set or one more mile.

So when you start seeing my little bumblebee pop up places just remember.

Oh Getting Nervous and So Excited

OK the haircut is just a little while away and I am getting really excited and a little bit nervous.  It is a major change from what I have right now.  I'm going to keep updating this same post for you guys when the hair is done.

Before (aka the Hair Catastrophe)

Ohhhh finally time for the hair cut....

It takes a long time to change the look, but I think it was worth it.

It started here....

I wanted to stop here but I was assured that I needed to keep going.

Now time to chop it all off....all except the faux hawk.

The man responsible!!!!

The final result.  I was a little bit scared, I tried not to look while he was cutting but I just couldn't stand it.   Before it was all over with I had my hands all through it.

Hope you like!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today Changed Quick

Well this morning was my early morning workout day and it was a doozie this morning.  The steps were harder than normal, I actually caught myself walking more than I normally do.  I got in my 8 trips and then walked a final one just to cool down a bit until everyone got done.  Then it was off to the road.  This morning I was shooting for a little bit further than normal today because that is how this training program that I am on goes.  The mileage goes up week after week after week. 

Well during the first 1.5 miles I was sure I was going to die.  It was a hard run.  I couldn't breath and my legs were burning.  I don't know if I just needed to run it out or what but after the first mile and a half I was much better.  The last part of the run was actually much easier.  From that point on the walk breaks were mini breaks and just a few steps instead of 1 or 2 minutes. 

Once we reached our final destination one of the girls had another .8 miles to run so I was up for that.  Like I said it got easier today...as crazy as that sounds.

When I got home I got the sad news from my scale that I was up 2 lbs from last week.  I was not surprised by it but still a little disappointed.  My food was not great this week but my workouts were phenomenal so I thought I could make up a few extra calories but guess not!

I had my breakfast and then fell asleep on the couch.  That never happens...I must have really needed it.  Last night I didn't go to bed at a reasonable hour knowing that I had to be awake at an unreasonable hour.  I thought it was more important to cut up the watermelon that has been sitting in my fridge for a day and a half instead of sleeping.  Anyway I overslept on the couch and when I woke up I had a splitting headache.  Like an I need to puke, stop jackhammering in my head kinda headache. 

I thought I might be a little dehydrated so I have been pounding water in my body for the rest of the day today and my head is much better.  Ironically enough at work today they are jackhammering so I'm guessing I will have a headache again before I go home...:)

I have my cut workout again tonight.  I hope this one goes better than Monday.  Actually Monday was entertaining and effective we just kinda lost it at the end.  Tonight we will do better....maybe?!?!?!?

If I have the energy I will come back to you tonight and tell you how it is....if its anything like Monday night I will probably wont be able to lift my fingers and type. 

In this already long post I will just go ahead and throw out a shout out.  I had a friend bring me a new pair of pants today.  She read yesterday about the size 16 so she brought me a pair of shorts that she does not like that are from....(dum dum dum) the Gap!  I'm really excited as always to get some new clothes.  It just seems like I'm going through them quickly right now so I like to get new ones.  So thanks for the pants.

Next week the goal is 6 lbs or more.  I am really going to buckle down this week because I really want to be able to say that I have lost 100lbs, not almost 100lbs.  It is a milestone that I am tried of being close to and I just want to achieve.  Wish me luck!!!

Until next time.....

Weigh In Wednesday

Well this morning I was not too shocked at what the scales had to say to me.  I was up two pounds this morning which just pushed me off my goal of 100lbs by 6 instead of 4lbs.  Its OK though, I am vowing to lose 6 pounds this week.  I really want to celebrate 100lbs with you guys next Wednesday.

I have had some of my players from 30 lbs in 30 days want to continue on to lose more weight so I told them they could continue to send in weights.  Many said they wanted too but I only have a few weights so far.  I know they will send them all day so I will continue to update as they come in.

These people started 4 weeks ago so that is their starting weight and I will continue to use that as their starting weight.  I have to give these girls credit, they are willing to share their journey and their real weight to anyone out there reading.

Starting Weight: 186

Today's Weight:  177

Total Loss:  9
Starting Weight:  165

Today's Weight:  158

Total Loss: 7

Starting Weight: 234

Today's Weight:  225

Total Loss:  9

Starting Weight:  228

Today's Weight:  218

Total Loss:  10

Starting Weight:  166

Today's Weight:  157

Total Loss:  9

Now for any of you blogger out there that would like to take the leap and Weigh in with us here's your chance.  I am setting up a linky service below for you to post your weight loss on your blog and then link it back to me.

All you need to do is grab the button on the sidebar and put it somewhere in your post.  Make sure you link back to my blog (you can just call me FatGirl) somewhere (if you need help doing this just comment and I will let you know how), and post your weight.  You can talk about your week, your struggles and successes.  This is an honor code thing, nobody will know if you lie, but DON'T!, we just want to follow your progress as well as ours.  So link up and hop along.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Braggy Brag

I hate to be the braggy braggy girl but I have some more good news to share.  I have slowly been getting into jeans that I was not able to put on before.  Well today I got into a new pair.  I never noticed until I went to the bathroom and saw the tag (I really had no idea before) but the pants I have on today are a size 16.  I have been slowly seeing the size go down but this could be one of my favorite ever. 

This eventually means I can wear clothes from normal size stores, not all plus size stores.  I know some stores will still be too small but its just the idea that the Gap sells a size 16.  When I started losing weight I was in a size 26.  This just feels great.

Ok away from the pants.....

Today I have no workout scheduled.  None at all.  I slept in a little this morning and tonight I'm going to a football game.  So no workout today, it is officially a Rest Day.  I think I need it too.  My ankle was a little bit tender this morning when I woke up but as I have been moving around it feels much better.  I think just a few more days it will be fine, but we all know I'm not taking a few days off so today will have to do.

I am already looking forward to my workout in the morning, but not so forward to the weigh in.  I made the mistake of getting on the scale this morning and was not happy at all with the number.  I was way up...way way up.  I don't really know why.  I admitted to being bad on my food this week but with the crazy insane workouts this week I should at least be the same.  Hopefully I am just holding a little extra fluid and it will all be resolved in the morning.

Don't forget tomorrow is Weigh In Wednesday....come see how we do and if your willing weigh in with us.  Good Luck tomorrow.

I Can Officially Report

I went to my hair dressers studio this morning and I officially have an appointment to get this mess cut off my head.  I figured if he could actually show me what it looked like he would be more likely to fit me in...and it worked! While going over what was wrong with it we came to the conclusion that I have not had a haircut since February, that could be part of the problem.

So this time I am doing something different, not a little bit different, I'm going for a whole new look.  I am ready to get rid of this FatGirl haircut that I have had since 8th grade.  It has changed a little bit over the last few years but for the most part it has been the same.

I'm not showing you what I have in mind, you will just have to wait, but I am really excited and a little bit scared.  Its a really big change, but that is exactly what I need.  Ill be sure and post when its done.

I Only Wish

Let’s just jump right into this one. Tonight’s workout was one of the craziest, hardest, and possibly the funniest workouts I have ever had. I am pretty sure that I do not have the ability to explain how funny this workout was but I am going to give it a shot.

Circuit One: This was the easy part, a few presses and flies, a crazy amount of squats followed by a sprint. The second time through was still pretty easy. Nothing to stressful on number one.
Circuit Two: This was when the sweat started flowing and the body started shaking. This particular circuit was full of planks and pushups. There was a neat little pushup involved in this circuit where you were in a squat bent over in push up position. It was like the birthing position upside down, but the pain involved by this push up have got to be similar.

When this circuit was finished my mat looked like it had been rained on. The sweat was pouring at this point.

Circuit Three: This was the shoulder portion of the workout. Muscle failure really started to set in here and this was the point where I began to think that doing each circuit twice was the worst idea ever. This is also when the shirt was removed. It was just getting in the way and kept riding up. At first my little tank was ok because I still had the ability to hold in my stomach muscles so the flabby wasn’t hanging out everywhere....that soon changed.

Circuit Four (aka HELL): This is where it got fun. For starters this is the first time in the workout where they used the phrase "until muscle failure." There were triceps rope full downs and bench dips. This was when my buddy started mocking the book. She actually said the phrase, "They want me to do this till muscle failure and then do 20 bench dips." Now I know that sounds pretty standard when you read it so you need to do this. Make a kissy face with your mouth then out loud repeat that quote as if you were taking to a two year old. This is how she was talking to me at this point.

We also had to jump rope for one minute and my partner in her delirious state started belting the words to the song on the radio and dancing like a fool. She was seriously concerned after the workout that the security cameras would catch her and that the Zumba teacher would be fired and she would be hired on the spot. I’m pretty sure there was no real chance of that happening any time soon.

At this point I was fighting every natural urge to use some really ugly curse words. They were bubbling up in my mind and I was struggling to only use the vanilla words. The grunting got louder and more frequent at this point.

This was the point that we decided that doing each circuit twice was stoopid! But during one of the 30 second breaks we decided that we would just have to grow a pair and finish what we started. This is also the moment that it went from muscles failure to organ failure. I no longer had the ability to hold in my stomach muscles and it was almost impossible to lift my arms!!!!

Circuit Five: One of these exercises required us to lay on our backs, needless to say we were not motivated to move from this position, we took six 30 second breaks between circuit 4-5. In the middle of one of these exercises we broke out into spontaneous laughter. It was sheer exhaustion and the fact that our bodies were failing us.

The workout finally ended...finally after much whining and tears and laughter. As we were walking out of the gym my workout buddy's leg just buckled, it just gave up and stopped working.

I was able to convince her to be in a post workout picture, these are some of my favorites...you get a real sense of how tough the workout was.

Ha Ha, this photo rocks my world just a little bit. I was so happy she posed for this one with me....made the entire workout worth it.
This was a crazy hard workout but we challenged our bodies and although they seemed to fail us in the end we were able to finish, two reps of each circuit, we didn’t quit! Good job honey...I hope you muscles are not wasted in the morning. I think mine already are!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Me

I don't have much to share with you this Not Me Monday brought to you by the lovely MckMama.  For starters I am not like 15 hours late for this blog hop, never.  I am right on schedule.  Well let me just tell you about my Not Me Week.

1.  I DID NOT make fun of my hair on last weeks Not Me Monday and my hair has NOT revolted.  It will no longer participate in cute hair functions.  It is either crazy out of control or flat as a flitter.  So for that reason I have picked a new style.  I'm thinking new style and new color....why not I think it is about time for a change.

2.  I DID NOT get to go to Zumba tonight....this was my way of telling you guys.  I was so excited that one of the girls I work with was willing to cover me for about 45 mins so I could go.  It kinda made my night, just a little Zumba fix is all I need, better than any drug.

3. I DID NOT laugh hysterically in my house alone this weekend over a Facebook comment made by a friend which then turned into a 45 minute public conversation on Facebook.  NOT ME!

4.  I DID NOT try to convince about 14 people to go swim tonight at the gym only to have them walk in a notice that the pool is empty, no water at all.  I even told a few to dive right in.  This prompted me to get flipped off once (it was a joke.)  What a reaction....Picture to follow soon.

5.  Finally I did not make up rules in Zumba tonight about the front row having to be perfect, 0 mistakes, and then proceed to make a fool of myself on the front.  I don't think I got any of the dances right tonight....in my defense I was so freakin excited to be in there I wasn't thinking clearly!

Hope you all had a great Not Me Week.  Now I have to get on here and read what others didn't do this week.

Change in Schedule

Well now that the 30 days is over my schedule is changing up quite a bit.  After the torture I went through with the Making the Cut workout I was sure I was not going to do that again.  Well I liked the results from it so much I am sad to say that I will continue to do it.  I will modify it a bit, 3 days a week instead of 4 and each circuit twice.  That makes it a little bit harder each time but since I'm doing it less often I guess that will work.

I love the circuits that are in this book even though I'm pretty sure at some points in the workout I am going to die.  I figure that at the end of any workout if the fear of death is present it must have been a good workout.  My workout buddy is going to do these with me late at night.  Hopefully soon she will not think she is going to puke halfway through.  That is the goal at least.  Then we both want to finish off the workout with a little core work.  Core work is good for your body weight loss or not.  It makes you stronger and at a less risk for injury in everyday life, it also helps with running and gives you that flat tone stomach that everyone wants.  I figure its just a good idea all the way around.

My lazy day yesterday proved not to be the reason for my sucky run last Monday because today my run was great.  We started on the stairs this morning and they were majorly hard, there was trash left over from ballgames so not only were we running steps but dodging bottles and other stuff.  On the very first trip around I twisted my ankle.  You know that feeling when you first roll the ankle over, you are pretty sure it is broken and you just cant go on...well I had that for about 3 seconds but once I took a few steps I figured I was going to be ok and just kept running.  It is just a bit tender still but I think Ill make it. 

After steps we went on the running section of the morning.  We had a newby come run with us today and she did a great job.  She kept right up with us and pushed through all the way to the end.  This run was one of the best I have had so far.  Just over 3 miles and a half a mile cool down.  We ran the entire thing with 2 walk breaks and one mini walk break, I almost don't want to count that one cause all I had to do was tie my shoe.  Anyway, at the end of the run I separated myself just a little bit so I could have a strong finish. (I only did that cause there were 3 of us, you never leave anyone behind, see I'm learning!!)  I wasn't sprinting but I had a kick left and I wanted to take advantage of it, so about the last .2 mile I kicked it on and it was a nice way to finish.

On the run today I had both legs and lungs under me...usually one of the 2 is failing by the end.  It feels good to see the progress.  Coming off a long run this weekend I was just sure I would struggle through the entire run but it felt great.  After my long run over the weekend I finished the week with just over 26 miles.  I thought that was great and then I realized that I would have to run that entire distance in one day instead of one week.  Ahhhhhh it is almost too much for my mind to get around.  The runs are getting longer but as long as they keep progressing I will be alright.

I signed up today for my first ever 10k.  I know that sounds a little bit funny since I have already ran a half-marathon but this is a distance run that I have never done before.  I'm thinking this could be my distance.  On our run this morning my running buddy asked me what my goal was for the 10k, so we talked it over and came up with a time that would be good.  The first goal is finishing (without dying), then the time goal is 70 minutes.  That is just under a 12 minute mile pace.  I have been running that for a few weeks now so I hope to do a little better but I think that is a good goal.

I just had to share already this morning because I usually get on here and complain because it was hard or hot or my left fingernail looks funny but today it was good, so I thought I would share.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Lazy Day

So the idea of going for a run today was basically a really good IDEA!  It never happened.  I would say I wanted to but I really didn't.  I got home from church and curled up on my couch and took the best little nappy I could get.  It was nice.  I never even put my running shoes on.  They are still perched on the back of the couch in their go to position.

I have been a little lose with my diet over the last week since the end of the 30 in 30.  I am ready to get back on track with my food.  I feel guilty when I eat horrible and my body doesn't perform the way it needs too.  With all the workouts I need to feed my body quality food, not junk.  So I am ready to get back to my food, my daily calorie allowances, my packed lunches and no more drive thru.  Ehhhhhh, I hate when I do bad and know better.  That being said I do not feel guilty about the 2 pieces of coffee cake. 

The workouts have still been pretty good, actually they have been the best I have had in a while.  I am ready to get back on track with both the food and the workouts all at the same time.  I think my training could be the best ever if I could get it all together at the same time.

My legs are a little bit sore from the long run this weekend but not to bad.  It mostly only hurts when I stand up or go down stairs.  Those are the only 2 things that really hurt.  I am ready for the steps and the run in the morning.  My daily runs start getting a little bit longer this week so more miles more miles.  I have steps bright and early in the morning so I'm going to retire for the night.

Hope you all did good over the weekend...if not tomorrow is a new day.  Night!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Goal Reached and It Has Nothing to Do With Weight

I almost cannot believe it...but as of yesterday my blog officially hit 30,000 views.  I cannot believe it.  You guys are great to follow along and you keep me going every day.  You make me want to work harder every single day so that I have something to report.

I don't know that I would have ever done some of the crazy things I have done if it weren't for you all and I greatly appreciate you following along.

I hope you keep coming back!

Do You Remember Me?

I promise I am not trying to avoid you.  I haven't been in front of a computer that I could blog from since I left my office yesterday.  I have been a busy little girl today.  Well I am finally home ice on the knees and feet up.  It feels pretty good right now.

Last night I got the chance to swim after work last night.  While swimming last night I thought of a tip that I have been using for a few years now but never thought to share.  When I am swimming especially long swims, I tend to lose track of how many laps I have swam.  I use pennies to count my laps.  I take a stack of 16 pennies, that's one half mile, and every time I get to the end of the pool I move one penny from the stack and start a new one.  If I move all pennies from one pile and back I know I have swam, swum (I don't know) a mile.  No more obsessive counting in the pool and trying to keep track.  The reason for pennies is because they are flat and wont roll around the edge of the pool.  You should try it sometime.

Well let me tell you about my day.  This morning was my long run for the week, and as I told you last week the goal was 10 miles.  Well I was determined to make this distance.  Maybe it was too soon in my training to go so far but I did it.  After about mile 8 I was hurting terribly, mile 9 was mostly walking but I did manage to run some of it so I could count it in my mileage.  Now my muscles are  (waisted ha ha A that's just for you) kinda hurting...hence the ice on the knees and soon to be on the ankles.  I have to thank all the local businesses that gave us water during our run today.  I think they felt sorry for us....when you come in huffing and puffing and begging for water they usually give it to you.  They will look at you funny but they give it up.  I'm thinking next weekend maybe doing the same 10 miles but see if we cant better the time and take a few less walk breaks.  Every week a little better...that's the goal.

I have to brag on my precious running buddy today.  We had 4 running this morning...two of us going the long distance and two doing a shorter run.  Well my buddy that was running the long haul was too good to me today.  I was hurting bad and thought I wanted to quit, but she said I should just do one more mile and if I still wanted to stop we could go back.  That was all I needed for a second wind.  But then towards the end or the run when I needed a walk break she was so good to take a long walk break with me.  I think she still wanted to run a little bit more but she so kindly walked with me.  I think that's why I want to do this same run so bad again.  I want to do better so she can get a better 10 mile run it.

I think one reason I struggled a little this morning was because I broke one of the cardinal rules of running.  I jumped out of my bed and out the door and didn't eat breakfast.  Bad Decision.  I needed energy this morning, especially for such a long run and stupid me I didn't eat any thing.  I wont make that mistake again.  When my run was over I had a breakfast and intended to eat the rest of the day....I have been starving all day long.  Now I'm just trying to catch up on liquids and let the food thing go for the day.

After the run I went to my Zumba class.  I was exhausted but this will be the last one that I will be able to go to for a while.  I will do my best to get to them when I can but I just had to go today.  My body was hurting after that especially bad but it was a killer workout morning.  I was incredibly impressed that my body lasted as long as it did.  I am amazed that when I really put my body to the test it usually succeeds, it may hurt but I get through.  I am positive that if people would really push themselves they would be surprised of what their body could do.

After all the working out it was time for work.  I worked all afternoon and then the exciting part of my day began.  We officially kicked off football.  It was football time in TN.  I was running late to the game but luckily they were late getting started so I made it for kick off.  When football starts that means we are getting close to cold weather and college football Saturday.  I am so excited.

So it is now 10pm and I am home resting.  I didn't run last week on Sunday but I am thinking I may put in a few miles tomorrow to keep from getting to tight on the day off.  Last week I struggled through my Monday run so I'm going to try running a little bit tomorrow to see if that helps. 

I will be off to bed in a bit but just keep checking back because I have spent a lot of the day writing post in my head.  They should be up soon, maybe!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Swimming Time

As I sit here at work and watch the seconds and milliseconds click off the clock all I keep thinking is "how long is this night going to last?"  I swear it feels like time standing still.  I am looking forward to my pool time tonight.  I am going swimming for the simple fact that the pool will be closed next week and I will miss it terribly if I don't get in just one last time...and there is the underlying reason HOT TUB!

My day today has been pretty uneventful.  I have been awake since 5, work since 9 and just kinda blah! today.  My meals today have been pretty good, with in my calorie range...its all the little extra things that I have eaten that have hurt me today.  My work had a Open House today so my besties at work brought me a piece of the World's Greatest Coffee cake to Job #2 and then the lady that made the cake delivered me a piece.  So yes I have had 1 1/2 pieces of cake just simply because I'm not through with the second one yet.  Don't worry, I'm eating it too.  I have to pack in the calories tonight for energy tomorrow...that sounded believable right?!?!?!?!?

I am really looking forward to my run tomorrow.  I was so relieved to finally have a good one this morning that I cannot wait for the next one.  I think this is slowly becoming an obsession.  I guess its probably good that it is an obsession since I filled out all my paperwork for the marathon (I didn't mail it yet, don't worry H I will let you know when I do.)  I guess that means I have committed to it.  I guess I have been committed to it this entire time but just not willing to admit it.  So God willing I will be running my first full marathon in December.  Oh holy cow that scares me so much!!!!!  You all know I love a challenge and a lady that runs with me sometime but workouts with me a lot said that if I signed up she would do it too.  I went ahead and printed off the form for her too.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I love when people say things like that because I will so hold her to it.

So to all of you out there that have been honking at me on the road in the morning, thanks!  It really is nice that you recognize me and care enough to honk and even throw out a cat call every now and then.  One guy actually leaned out of his window to yell....that was so sweet.  After a few miles its the little things that mean a lot.  :)  If you haven't seen me yet, I'm the 225 lb. girl in the extremely tight pants, soaking wet sweaty mess that is laboring to breath and looks like she could fall down at any moment, that's me!

Hope you all have a good night...check back in tomorrow and see how far we run.

Pity Party Part II

Ok, I'm not quite over the whole Zumba thing, yet, but I am feeling much better about it.  I had my little pity party last night about it and I'm working on how I'm going to get to go maybe one or two times a week.  That little fat girl inside me said "go home, no more workouts tonight, just sit on the couch and sulk," so that's what I did. I want to go every time its offered but that is just not going to be an option.

I am happy to report that I finally had a good run this morning.  I have struggled through it all week long but today my body felt great.  We got the steps and the run in and then walked a half a mile to cool down.  It made me feel better to get a good run in, I was getting discouraged at the beginning of the week but now I'm kinda fired up again. 

Long run in the morning tomorrow....oh lets get ready.

I'm sure Ill have some more to tell you today so keep checking back.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ohhhhh What to Say

Alright, I'm coming to you tonight just a little bit sad. 

I found out tonight that my Zumba class is being changed to a new day and time.  It just so happens that the time and days that it changed to are the same afternoons that I work at the gym.  What are the odds that the same nights that I work would be the same nights Zumba.  I know things don't always work out the way you want them too but I am really upset that I am not going to be able to do my Zumba.  Don't worry I will try to work something out to where I can go but I cannot take off an hour of work every single time I work to go do a workout....it just doesn't work that way you know.

As you all know I love this class and well I became my favorite of the entire week.  I even debated whether or not I was going to talk about it on here.  My teacher is so sweet and I don't want to hurt her feelings by talking about it, but this is where I come to vent.  Most people don't care that my workout class was moved.  I just don't even know what to say....maybe I catch it on the weekend rotation on the days that I don't work.  Uhhhhhhh I am so frustrated (and sad.)

I still have some really good classes to choose from.  I am just dumbfounded to my core. 

Anyway, Zumba was a good workout tonight and I get to do my steps in the morning and my run.  I have found myself looking forward to the days that I get to go out and run.  I honestly never thought those works would be typed.  It is such a good workout and its one of those that you can see progress.  When I lift weights I don't always see the change in my body but when I run from day to day I am able to run just a little bit further or a little bit longer.  Of course there are bad days but I like to be able to see the progress. 

I am going to bed a little bit early tonight because I have to be up at the butt crack of dawn  but who am I to say "no" to early bed time.  It doesn't happen all that much so I gladly take it when I can.

Nighty night.

Fat to Fit Time

This is one of my favorite blog hops of the week...a chance to find other peoples blog who are also trying to lose weight and get healthy.  I just love following others.....

Im always late on this one because of the time difference but I still try to get my post on.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Internet is Up

What up I can post from work tonight....we are ONLINE!!!!!!



I thought I would go ahead and try to post today before I head off to job #2 because of the whole Internet issue (there is none.)

I went to steps and for my run this morning.  Like I said last night I was determined to make this one better.  Well it was better but it was still really tough today.  It was hot and we did a little more on stairs than we did on Monday so that really took my legs from me.  But as we headed off to run I was still going to make it a better run.  And it was....we got over 5 miles between the run and the steps.  I did have to take walk breaks today one really really long one, but we ran further than before in the beginning.

The funny part happened when the run was over.  My running buddy said this weekend we could do 10 miles.  At the time that was not hard to believe.  I was all gung ho, but after I got home I got to thinking about it.  Oh my goodness, that is soooo far.  But when I look at the ultimate goal 26.2 miles it is really just a fraction of the distance.  So I guess on Saturday I will be headed out for 10 miles.  Holy Crap!!!!

When I got home from my run I weighed...first I took off the 30lbs of clothes that were completely soaked in sweat and weighed.  I ate my free day breakfast, which was delicious, but I also had a huge bottle of water, a Gatorade and a Diet Coke.  I was floating and too full when I got done.  I actually was almost sick.  It was just too much food and drink in my belly.  I laid down on the couch and tried to make my belly feel better.

So I got to work this morning after a little bit of a nap.  When I left yesterday I told them I would be here "relatively" (which means 15 mins late) "close to" on time (that's 15 more.)  Well I got here finally and have been working ever since.

I have one shameless plug today...after my chaffing incident last Saturday.  I actually bought a product called Anti-Monkey Butt.  It is a powder and it feels really great.  It is smooth under my arms and I haven't had my pants eating my stomach since I started using it.  I bought the Lady Anti-Monkey Butt.  You should try it if you have the same problem.

I had to put the picture up because it is funny to look at.  I cant believe I bought it but this is brilliant marketing!

This Made My Heart Happy on a Wednesday Morning

I just saw a video about this this morning and I was touched, so of course I had to share.

I don't know how I missed it, they have a commercial.

A Little Late

Sorry my post is a little bit late today, but here we go.  This is the final results for our 30lbs. in 30 days.  After today we will still weigh in and post it on the blog.  Not everyone wanted to continue on but some still wanted to play along and I have had others (bloggers and followers) that missed the start of the contest.  So next Wednesday instead of Week 5 we will have Weigh In Wednesday. I will officially be opening up (or at least trying to) McLinky for other bloggers to play along and I will continue to post my own and some of the other players on here.

I don't know why the picture is all jacked up today but I love what it says.

For my final weigh in today I came in at a whopping 228.6.  Yeah!  It wasn't the 6-8 that I hoped for but I got into the 220's and I am now officially 4 lbs away from the 100 pound mark.  I have worked for this goal for what seems like forever.  I hit the 75lb mark forever ago but then back slid a little bit but now I finally feel like my head and body are both in the right spot.  Here's hopin'.



 The girl that took these pictures said "she needed a picture of my butt so you could see my baggy pants"  So I let her take it....and these are the ones that fit. I think they look good!

As for the others...this is what I have so far and I will update throughout the day.


Starting Weight: 234
Week ONE: 230
Week TWO: 228
Week THREE:  225
Week FOUR/Final: 225
Total Weight Loss: 9


Starting Weight: 219
Week ONE: 216
Week TWO: 215
Week THREE: 215
Week FOUR/Final: 215
Total Weight Loss so Far: 4

Starting Weight: 234
Week ONE: 229
Week TWO: 226
Week THREE: 229
Week FOUR/Final: 226.6
Total Weight Loss so Far: 7.4


Starting Weight: 228
Week ONE: 222.5
Week TWO: 220.5
Week THREE: 220.7
Week FOUR/Final: 216
Total Weight Loss so Far: 13

Starting Weight: 165
Week ONE: 159
Week TWO: 157
Week THREE: 158
Week FOUR/Final: 158
Total Weight Loss so Far: 7.6


Starting Weight: 233
Week ONE: 229
Week TWO: 228
Week THREE: 226.6
Week FOUR/Final: 225
Total Weight Loss so Far: 8


Starting Weight: 161
Week ONE: 159
Week TWO: 158.5
Week THREE: 158
Week FOUR/Final: 156.5
Total Weight Loss so Far: 4.5

Starting Weight: 175
Week ONE: 168
Week TWO: 166
Week THREE: 166.5
Week FOUR/Final: 166
Total Weight Loss so Far: 9


Starting Weight: 237
Week ONE: 232
Week TWO: 227
Week THREE: 226.5
Week FOUR/Final: 226.5
Total Weight Loss so Far: 10.5

Starting Weight: 186
Week ONE: 184
Week TWO: ????  Who Knows
Week THREE: 177
Week FOUR/Final: 176
Total Weight Loss So Far: 10

Starting Weight: 141
Week ONE: 137
Week TWO: 134
Week THREE: 133
Week FOUR/Final: 129
Total Weight Loss So Far: 12

Starting Weight: 270
Week ONE: 270
Week TWO: 267
Week THREE: 267
Week FOUR/Final: 270
Total Weight Loss So Far: 0


Starting Weight: 301
Week ONE: 292
Week TWO: 288.2
Week THREE: 281.1
Week FOUR/Final: 280.2
Total Weight Loss So Far: 20.3


Starting Weight: 166
Week One: 164
Week TWO: 159
Week THREE: 159
Week FOUR/Final: 159
Total Weight Loss So Far: 7


Starting Weight: 166
Week One: 163
Week TWO: 163
Week THREE: 162
Week FOUR/Final: 162
Total Weight Loss So FAR: 4


Starting Weight: 230
Week One: 226
Week TWO:226
Week THREE: 225
Week FOUR/Final:
Total Weight Loss So FAR: 5

Still waiting on a few more but I wanted to be sure to post because still no Internet in the afternoon.  Hope you all will check back and I will update the ones missing as they come in.

Overall we have lost a total of 122.2 lbs .  That is pretty impressive.  No one lost the full 30 but most everyone lost a sustainable amount of weight.  1-2 pounds a week is great for losing and keeping off the weight.  I knew when I started this challenge that it would be hard for anyone to lose 30 lbs but I also knew that if we set the goal high that people would try hard maybe harder than if I had said 10lbs.  This way everyone challenged their bodies to new limits and maybe learned that they can do so much more than they think they can.
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