Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Day, Another Workout, Another Weigh In

I had another busy day today but nothing like my day yesterday. But today I have not been in my office at all so I was not able to post. I had a good day overall today. My food was not the best, but it was my Mom's birthday so I enjoyed the day with her. We went out to lunch and dinner and I had a ginormous piece of chocolate cake. I wish I could have done better especially since I weigh in tomorrow.

I am so excited about the weigh in tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how everyone did. I know the probability of anyone actually losing the 30 is farfetched but some of these guys have done great. And we will keep going...I don’t know if I ever told you all but some of the girls have decided continue on with weigh in Wednesday.

I am really looking forward to my run in the morning. I was really frustrated after Mondays run and I am determined to make tomorrows run better. I want to go farther and faster. I just want tomorrows run to be great. I am also going to present the idea of running a few more trips around the steps tomorrow. We usually run about 8 trips but I think we can do 10 tomorrow. Not as many breaks and a little bit quicker run. I think we can do it.

I’m going to get into bed now and hope for a good night’s sleep. I really really really am hoping for a great run tomorrow and a good weight. Good luck to you all....don’t forget to send your weight!

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BreukelensFinest said...

Wow I have gotten so much inspiration from reading your blog! I too am on my weight loss journey and am trying to lose 100 in a year. Its amazing to me that you are excited for a weigh in! I haven't gotten to the point where I'm not afraid of the scale yet!! lol

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