Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Braggy Brag

I hate to be the braggy braggy girl but I have some more good news to share.  I have slowly been getting into jeans that I was not able to put on before.  Well today I got into a new pair.  I never noticed until I went to the bathroom and saw the tag (I really had no idea before) but the pants I have on today are a size 16.  I have been slowly seeing the size go down but this could be one of my favorite ever. 

This eventually means I can wear clothes from normal size stores, not all plus size stores.  I know some stores will still be too small but its just the idea that the Gap sells a size 16.  When I started losing weight I was in a size 26.  This just feels great.

Ok away from the pants.....

Today I have no workout scheduled.  None at all.  I slept in a little this morning and tonight I'm going to a football game.  So no workout today, it is officially a Rest Day.  I think I need it too.  My ankle was a little bit tender this morning when I woke up but as I have been moving around it feels much better.  I think just a few more days it will be fine, but we all know I'm not taking a few days off so today will have to do.

I am already looking forward to my workout in the morning, but not so forward to the weigh in.  I made the mistake of getting on the scale this morning and was not happy at all with the number.  I was way up...way way up.  I don't really know why.  I admitted to being bad on my food this week but with the crazy insane workouts this week I should at least be the same.  Hopefully I am just holding a little extra fluid and it will all be resolved in the morning.

Don't forget tomorrow is Weigh In Wednesday....come see how we do and if your willing weigh in with us.  Good Luck tomorrow.


Traci said...

That is AMAZING!!!! Huge kudos to you for fitting into a new size. Oh, isn't that the best feeling, ever?! Especially when you can shop at the normal clothing store. That's huge. Don't worry too much about the scale. Sometimes when we do a crazy workout schedule it throws our body off a tiny bit. It should go back down. Are you getting enough water to counteract those workouts? So proud of you. Great job!

Mrs. Coffman said...

Awesome job on the pants!!! I'm happy for you can't wait for that to happen to me : ) I wouldn't stress about the scale sometimes when we dont eat the best or eat salty foods our bodies retain water or maybe its muscle from those workouts!! Thanks for being an inspiration : )

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