Saturday, August 14, 2010

Do You Remember Me?

I promise I am not trying to avoid you.  I haven't been in front of a computer that I could blog from since I left my office yesterday.  I have been a busy little girl today.  Well I am finally home ice on the knees and feet up.  It feels pretty good right now.

Last night I got the chance to swim after work last night.  While swimming last night I thought of a tip that I have been using for a few years now but never thought to share.  When I am swimming especially long swims, I tend to lose track of how many laps I have swam.  I use pennies to count my laps.  I take a stack of 16 pennies, that's one half mile, and every time I get to the end of the pool I move one penny from the stack and start a new one.  If I move all pennies from one pile and back I know I have swam, swum (I don't know) a mile.  No more obsessive counting in the pool and trying to keep track.  The reason for pennies is because they are flat and wont roll around the edge of the pool.  You should try it sometime.

Well let me tell you about my day.  This morning was my long run for the week, and as I told you last week the goal was 10 miles.  Well I was determined to make this distance.  Maybe it was too soon in my training to go so far but I did it.  After about mile 8 I was hurting terribly, mile 9 was mostly walking but I did manage to run some of it so I could count it in my mileage.  Now my muscles are  (waisted ha ha A that's just for you) kinda hurting...hence the ice on the knees and soon to be on the ankles.  I have to thank all the local businesses that gave us water during our run today.  I think they felt sorry for us....when you come in huffing and puffing and begging for water they usually give it to you.  They will look at you funny but they give it up.  I'm thinking next weekend maybe doing the same 10 miles but see if we cant better the time and take a few less walk breaks.  Every week a little better...that's the goal.

I have to brag on my precious running buddy today.  We had 4 running this morning...two of us going the long distance and two doing a shorter run.  Well my buddy that was running the long haul was too good to me today.  I was hurting bad and thought I wanted to quit, but she said I should just do one more mile and if I still wanted to stop we could go back.  That was all I needed for a second wind.  But then towards the end or the run when I needed a walk break she was so good to take a long walk break with me.  I think she still wanted to run a little bit more but she so kindly walked with me.  I think that's why I want to do this same run so bad again.  I want to do better so she can get a better 10 mile run it.

I think one reason I struggled a little this morning was because I broke one of the cardinal rules of running.  I jumped out of my bed and out the door and didn't eat breakfast.  Bad Decision.  I needed energy this morning, especially for such a long run and stupid me I didn't eat any thing.  I wont make that mistake again.  When my run was over I had a breakfast and intended to eat the rest of the day....I have been starving all day long.  Now I'm just trying to catch up on liquids and let the food thing go for the day.

After the run I went to my Zumba class.  I was exhausted but this will be the last one that I will be able to go to for a while.  I will do my best to get to them when I can but I just had to go today.  My body was hurting after that especially bad but it was a killer workout morning.  I was incredibly impressed that my body lasted as long as it did.  I am amazed that when I really put my body to the test it usually succeeds, it may hurt but I get through.  I am positive that if people would really push themselves they would be surprised of what their body could do.

After all the working out it was time for work.  I worked all afternoon and then the exciting part of my day began.  We officially kicked off football.  It was football time in TN.  I was running late to the game but luckily they were late getting started so I made it for kick off.  When football starts that means we are getting close to cold weather and college football Saturday.  I am so excited.

So it is now 10pm and I am home resting.  I didn't run last week on Sunday but I am thinking I may put in a few miles tomorrow to keep from getting to tight on the day off.  Last week I struggled through my Monday run so I'm going to try running a little bit tomorrow to see if that helps. 

I will be off to bed in a bit but just keep checking back because I have spent a lot of the day writing post in my head.  They should be up soon, maybe!

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Elizabeth said...

sooo glad you finished your goal run! hopefully in a few weeks i can go the whole distance with yall!

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