Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally Sitting Down

Wow what a day....

I am finally sitting at my desk and hopefully long enough to get this post typed up.  Yesterday night I had my CUT workout, and honestly after the Monday workout I was not looking forward to it.  Monday was by far the hardest workout I have done so far on this program.  Well last night I was just preparing for another super hard workout.  It ended up being about 50 times easier.  Even my workout buddy that has been doing them with me for the last 2 weeks thought it was easier.  She didn't even need to puke last night.  Big step!

Well this morning I was back up early to go show some property.  At 8 am it was already about 104 degrees outside and I was showing property in my "new" jeans that fit and a tank.  By the time I got out of the showing my shirt was soaked through with sweat.  That is always a great first impression for customers.  "Please buy a house from me and I will try not to perspire all over the contract." 

My workout tonight is actually short.  I have Zumba and then Pump.  I haven't been to that second class in a while on Thursday night but since I have a night off of the Cut workout I though I could give it a go again.  And the fact that I can walk again without wincing and crying makes me think I might be able to handle it.

I think I have all the weights for the 30 in 30 this week.  There are some that never sent anything but unless they tell me they are out Ill just keep them without a weight for the week. 

I have talked to quite a few of my 30 in 30 people and we have come to a decision.  I asked if anyone was interested in continuing on and doing a weekly weigh in.  I thought one or two might say yes but I got a lot of people wanting to keep going.  So Wednesday will be the last weigh in for the 30 in 30 and then we will start Weigh In Wednesday.  This way people are still out there trying to lose weight (most of them succeeding) so we shall keep going.  I just love the support of these women and man and I am incredibly proud of them for their hard work and commitment.

I have an early morning tomorrow with steps and a hopefully I can wear myself out tonight at the gym and get a good nights sleep.

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