Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Good Workout A Lot Of Complaints

I woke up early, AGAIN, this morning to go for a run.  Well this wasn't actually the long run I was hoping for, it was a speed training workout.  It was with my usual running buddy, my sometimes running buddy, she runs way earlier than I do, and a new guy and the guy that was leading the training. 

I got a good workout overall but I was really hoping to get my long run in.  I just don't want to go back out today and do a long run.  Today was the first time in a long time that I have felt like the little fat girl that no one took serious when I walked in to workout.  It kind of pissed me off!  I know I am strong and capable to keep up in an intense workout.

I said it kinda pissed me off but it really made me mad.  Anyway, we did a lot of speed drills, sprints and even some where you have to lay on the ground, the wet dewy ground, and flip a tractor tire.   Once I proved that I could do the workout it was fine, but I was fired up at the beginning of the workout.  I'm better now!!!!

(Yes I did edit this post because I was feeling bad about what I had said....It was a good workout I was just wearing my feelings on my sleeve and I'm much better now)
Anyway, once we finished I just had to get a picture.  We were nasty with sweat and mud (from the tire) and grass and dew from the ground.  It just proved how great a workout we got....and this is the first time you get to see the woman that I have been running with for weeks now.  I could have gotten a better picture if I had taken it before the workout but it was too dark to take a picture.  Anyway, this is how we usually see each other everyday, I bet she has normal clothes but I wont believe it till I see it.

I wish you could get the full effect of the nastiness from this picture, but this will just have to do.  These are the two girls that make me think I can actually run a full marathon.

I am going to take a little nappy this morning and then go out for a run this afternoon.  I don't really want to workout again today but I need to get my mileage in for the week and I need one long run for the week.

So good night (in the middle of the morning) Ill try to get back on here again today but no promises.

Get out there today and do something......


Dianne said...

These girls are AWESOME! And Em, you are NOT the fat girl that can't keep up! Enjoy your nap and have a great run later :-)

Emily said...

Thanks Dianne, I am feeling much better now, I was exausted when I wrote my post this morning, Im feeling much better now.

Elizabeth said...

it was different, that's for sure! i need a long run too....guess i'll just try to hit a lot of 5 milers this week. took a 2 hour nap after we got back from nashville! was sooo sleepy after such an early morning.

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