Saturday, August 7, 2010

Goodness The Entire Day was a Workout

This morning I went for a run.  It was one of the best I have had in a while.  We got a total of 6.5 miles and it was a tough one but felt great.  As we got closer to the end I had to take a few more walk breaks but for the most part we were under 12 minute miles. 

After running I got to go to the local coffee shop and have a good cup of coffee and a biscuit.  I got to rest a bit after the run but then home to mow the lawn.  It was still early enough that is still wasn't too hot but it was getting warmer.

Then I had one more job to do before the day could be done.  Another landscaping job, this one for a client.  My nephew and I worked the flower beds and the lawn.  It was about noon at this point so the sun was beaming down.  I didn't realize it at the time but I got sun burnt.  It was hot hot hot.  By the time we finished all I wanted was water and a shower.  We were filthy.

Proof:  I know you love pictures of my feet.  How gross are those.

So I finally got a shower (which was the greatest thing ever) and I learned that things I have read about running are so true.  I have always been told to use body glide because of chaffing.  Well I run in tight pants so that I don't have that problem, so I thought.  Well my legs aren't chapped but my underarms are.  The constant rubbing did not agree with me.  Also I was told to wear body glide along my waist band for the same reason, it will rub against you and cause a  problem.  Basically, your clothes will eat you.  I was unaware of this one until the nice cool water of the shower ran against it.  I yelled out loud when it hit my stomach.  Next time I will know better and put this stuff everywhere.

Other than a little chaffing I feel pretty good after my crazy day.  My body is not hurting (yet) from my run this morning.  I got a little nappy and a little ice on my legs and feeling good.

There are just a few more days until the weigh in, remember its not Monday like the other weeks it will be Wednesday.  I am hoping for a great number this week after running 20.5 miles this week as well as a crazy workout schedule.  I am trying really hard not to weigh before Wednesday so my number will be a surprise too.

Good luck to the rest of the girls in the contest I hope you are all having a good week.  To the rest of you...come back and check in tomorrow, I always have to much to say.


Elizabeth said...

i'm jealous! you can run farther than me at this point! wanted to come since the weather was so much better but i opted for bed instead!

Di :) said...

Did you run with Erin? I just love her! Mike and I did 1.5 miles this morning...gonna hit it again in the morning. Looking forward to the weigh in!

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