Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Can Officially Report

I went to my hair dressers studio this morning and I officially have an appointment to get this mess cut off my head.  I figured if he could actually show me what it looked like he would be more likely to fit me in...and it worked! While going over what was wrong with it we came to the conclusion that I have not had a haircut since February, that could be part of the problem.

So this time I am doing something different, not a little bit different, I'm going for a whole new look.  I am ready to get rid of this FatGirl haircut that I have had since 8th grade.  It has changed a little bit over the last few years but for the most part it has been the same.

I'm not showing you what I have in mind, you will just have to wait, but I am really excited and a little bit scared.  Its a really big change, but that is exactly what I need.  Ill be sure and post when its done.


Renegades said...

Go for it! I added some chunky color to mine and have gotten so many compliments, when the day of I almost backed out.

Change is good.

Fat Girl vs. World said...

Photos or it didn't happen!!!

Mrs. Coffman said...

Awesome!!! So excited to see how it looks. I'm always afraid when I make hair changes but when I get them done I'm always wishing I would of have done it earlier but if you dont like it its fixable and it will grow back : )

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