Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Give Up, I Gave In!

Well it finally happened. I have tried really hard to refrain from complaining about the heat in my house. I know I was not very successful at that but I tried. Well tonight I gave in. I made it to August without air conditioning but when I got home tonight I saw this...

Don't judge me, I got a new unit and  a new control panel and no I haven't painted the wall where it was changed yet.

92 Degrees is just too hot for anyone. It’s hard to recover from a good workout when you can’t get cool. Don't worry I didn't go crazy or anything, I think I can function at 78 degrees but I'm not opposed to putting it lower than that. It could be at 60 before the night is over.

Ok while I'm on the picture roll I thought I would share a few more.  At the gym where I work we have a little gumball machine that sells Peanut M&M's.  This is one of my favorite candies so when I need a taste of something sweet I can go to this machine and get a nice little treat.  Well today I really had a craving so I went to the machine and put in my little quarter.  I was as excited as a 3 year old at one of those gumball machines. 

This is what I got.  I was so disappointed when I checked to see my "prize."  I think I was hoping for an entire bag to fall out.  Seven M&M's satisfied the sweet tooth but man I was hoping a king size bag would fall out.

And while we are on the idea of M&M's I just have to show you my bookmark.

Let me just say I have been reading this book for months and this has been the bookmark for a while but I seem to be being stalked by M&M's today.

See I told you I had some funny pictures tonight.  I hope they are as funny to you as they are to me, but these were really cracking me up today.  By the way if you are wanting to have a good book about running I really suggest this book.  The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your Training  It is a great and entertaining read.  I feel like I could be friends with this writer.

Hope you enjoy this picture journey through my day...I enjoyed writing about it.

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