Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Only Wish

Let’s just jump right into this one. Tonight’s workout was one of the craziest, hardest, and possibly the funniest workouts I have ever had. I am pretty sure that I do not have the ability to explain how funny this workout was but I am going to give it a shot.

Circuit One: This was the easy part, a few presses and flies, a crazy amount of squats followed by a sprint. The second time through was still pretty easy. Nothing to stressful on number one.
Circuit Two: This was when the sweat started flowing and the body started shaking. This particular circuit was full of planks and pushups. There was a neat little pushup involved in this circuit where you were in a squat bent over in push up position. It was like the birthing position upside down, but the pain involved by this push up have got to be similar.

When this circuit was finished my mat looked like it had been rained on. The sweat was pouring at this point.

Circuit Three: This was the shoulder portion of the workout. Muscle failure really started to set in here and this was the point where I began to think that doing each circuit twice was the worst idea ever. This is also when the shirt was removed. It was just getting in the way and kept riding up. At first my little tank was ok because I still had the ability to hold in my stomach muscles so the flabby wasn’t hanging out everywhere....that soon changed.

Circuit Four (aka HELL): This is where it got fun. For starters this is the first time in the workout where they used the phrase "until muscle failure." There were triceps rope full downs and bench dips. This was when my buddy started mocking the book. She actually said the phrase, "They want me to do this till muscle failure and then do 20 bench dips." Now I know that sounds pretty standard when you read it so you need to do this. Make a kissy face with your mouth then out loud repeat that quote as if you were taking to a two year old. This is how she was talking to me at this point.

We also had to jump rope for one minute and my partner in her delirious state started belting the words to the song on the radio and dancing like a fool. She was seriously concerned after the workout that the security cameras would catch her and that the Zumba teacher would be fired and she would be hired on the spot. I’m pretty sure there was no real chance of that happening any time soon.

At this point I was fighting every natural urge to use some really ugly curse words. They were bubbling up in my mind and I was struggling to only use the vanilla words. The grunting got louder and more frequent at this point.

This was the point that we decided that doing each circuit twice was stoopid! But during one of the 30 second breaks we decided that we would just have to grow a pair and finish what we started. This is also the moment that it went from muscles failure to organ failure. I no longer had the ability to hold in my stomach muscles and it was almost impossible to lift my arms!!!!

Circuit Five: One of these exercises required us to lay on our backs, needless to say we were not motivated to move from this position, we took six 30 second breaks between circuit 4-5. In the middle of one of these exercises we broke out into spontaneous laughter. It was sheer exhaustion and the fact that our bodies were failing us.

The workout finally ended...finally after much whining and tears and laughter. As we were walking out of the gym my workout buddy's leg just buckled, it just gave up and stopped working.

I was able to convince her to be in a post workout picture, these are some of my favorites...you get a real sense of how tough the workout was.

Ha Ha, this photo rocks my world just a little bit. I was so happy she posed for this one with me....made the entire workout worth it.
This was a crazy hard workout but we challenged our bodies and although they seemed to fail us in the end we were able to finish, two reps of each circuit, we didn’t quit! Good job honey...I hope you muscles are not wasted in the morning. I think mine already are!


Vicky said...

I must admit that I was shocked to learn who your work-out buddy was!!! That is so awesome!! No wonder she could keep up with y'all on the stadium steps....

Vinny said...

Wow, that workout sounds insane! What's it called?

Great blog BTW. :-)

Emily said...

Its the Jillian Michael's Making the Cut circuit. It is crazy insane but such a good workout...and it doesn't make you sore the next day. Two bonuses!

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