Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Told Ya!

Ok I told you I wouldn't be here today, I knew my day was going to be like this.

My dad started off pretty terrible...I had to do orientation today and it was so boring.  When I got to work I had a pile of stuff sitting on my desk.  It was one of those days with one thing right after the other.  Actually it was one thing just before the other ended.  I felt like I was behind all day long.  Well, I was able to get all my stuff (most of my stuff) done by 4, which is workout time.

I had my Zumba class tonight.  We have not had class for a week and I was sooooo ready to dance.  Well my teacher was finally back and she came back with presents.  We got some of the cutest little bracelets and candy!

How cute is this!

Well I did my Zumba and went to the pool but my swimming friend was sick today so I just got in and swam alone.  Half a mile in the pool and 10 mins in the hot tub really helped my muscles.

I am so feeling my workout from last night.  I am hurting bad tonight.  I have been sore all day, trouble sitting down, standing up, pretty much hurting when I am completely still.  I am sore through my legs and butt.  Oh the tush!  My workout buddy from last night cannot lift her arms up.  This is the first time in the last 3 weeks that this workout has made me really really sore.  I have had some muscle aches but nothing like this.

I feel a little bit bad about it but I am skipping my first Cut workout tonight.  I really don't think my legs can hold me up for much longer.  I'm only putting it off for a night, I will do it tomorrow night and use this as my off night this week. 

Now that I have gotten all the yuck complainy stuff off my chest I think I can share some good things.  I have been a little bit disappointed with the small number in my weight loss but I have been noticing that my clothes were getting bigger.  I bought a T-shirt the other day and it was an XL, only 1 X baby!!!!  Today I have been able to tell a huge difference.  I wore my blue jeans today, you know the one pair that fit, and they were just hanging on for dear life.  I could not keep them up.  I held the waist band as the day went on because they kept growing and growing.  They actually fell off of me when I was walking into the house, I had my hands full and couldn't grab them.  I also thought I ripped the waist band in my tight pants during my workout tonight.  They were falling down too and tight pants never fall down.  I had to get another pair of those again tonight XL.  I was pretty excited.  Maybe those 2 lbs this week all came from my waist.  Ill take that seeing as the first 40 came off my feet.  I'm going to go through some of the free clothes that have been given to me over the last few months and see if some of those will fit tonight.

I have so much more stuff to do tonight around the house but I am using the time blogging and icing my leg as an excuse to not get up.  Hopefully in the next half hour I will be able to get up and get this stuff done.  I have to get up early again tomorrow for steps and a run. 

I'm probably not going to post again tonight...early bedtime and recover time for this FatGirl tonight.  Sweet dreams all....see ya in the morning (bright and freakin early)


farmgirl19 said...

I noticed a difference today in class. Looking skinny!!

Chantel said...

I found your blog a few weeks ago and have been following your progress! I am so proud of you, you inspire me daily! Keep up the good work!!!!

Renegades said...

This week I also noticed a down size and I was so excited. Congratulations to you!!

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