Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Here, I'm Here, I'm Here

Wow...I have been trying to get on here all day to post and the longer the day goes the more stuff I have to say.  I really needed to post last night and then this morning and again tonight.  So be patient with me because I can already feel like this will be a very long post.

For starters, I have to big time brag on my workout buddy last night.  We started our workout just a bit after 10pm and left the gym after midnight.  Because we did not do our cut workout on Monday I had this wonderful idea that instead of doing that nights workout twice we would do both Monday and Wednesday's workout back to back.  Same number of circuits just different muscle groups halfway through.  Wowowowowow!!!!  This was a horrible idea!  I think there should be a disclaimer in the book about this....there just might be.  Halfway though the workout we did sprints, 9mph, then had to continue on to the next circuit that had hill climbs.  Everything about this was hard and it was the first time since the first workout that I thought I was going to puke mid-workout.  That being said, after much sweat and a few curses from me, we did the entire thing.  No cheating, no easy way out.  I know my body was hurting when it was over and I'm sure hers was too.

I have to share a little tid bit from her today.  She sent me an email that said, "I may hate you....."  Now in all fairness she did say some really nice things too and was jazzed to buy a pair of pants today that were smaller than normal.  Woo Hoo, smaller pants make the world go round.  I figure that is nicer than the comments I got when we first started doing stairs, I was actually called "stupid" and "crazy" after those but these people just keep on coming back.  They are stronger and their butts are higher so ha ha!  Call me stupid now! :)

Anyway, I got to bed about 2 am.  When I got home I had tons of around the house stuff to get done.  I thought about just going to sleep but that really wasn't an option.  I had to pack for today, which if I may say so myself was a task in and of itself.  I pack lunch and dinner, shower, dishes, this and that and everything else you could possibly think of....I really didn't want to have to wake up early to do anything.

Well as soon as my eyes opened this morning it was "off they go!"  I had appointments, meetings, emails and phone calls to make, workouts, another meeting....just one of those days.  I will have to brag for just a moment and say that when it finally came time to slow down and work at the gym (which I don't do on Thursday night), I was about 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  Whew.  So now after a crazy day, I am sitting at a computer to tell you about my day. 

For the most part today I have to say I did really good on my diet.  I opted out of my packed lunch for a Subway break with a friend and it was fantastic.  Something about eating a sandwich that someone else makes is so much better, plus I get my sweet onion sauce.  I cheated on the lunch with a cookie, but I am pretty sure I took care of that cookie with my Zumba workout.  Zumba kicked my tail today.  It was a hot and sweaty workout for sure.  I wore a bra tank top to this workout today in an effort to not have to wash as many clothes and I think that was a critical mistake.  It was a little bit cooler but I discovered when I have to clap my hands above my head my jiggly parts under my arms keep jiggling for about 30 seconds after the clap.  And I just had to stand there and watch it in the mirror....gross!

Now that my crazy day seems to be winding down I am looking more and more forward to my swim.  My whole day has been a little off so I thought I would just finish it off with something I never do on Thursday night.  Tomorrow is stair/run day and due to more scheduling conflicts and the fact that it has been almost two weeks I am doing my long run tomorrow.  I hope it goes good, I really really want to have a great long run.  My short ones have been getting better and better, but I haven't had a long one in so long I'm a little bit scared of it.

So that was my day.  I am out of breath just typing about it....not to mention I am typing really hard and fast like I'm still on a deadline.   Looking forward to the pool tonight.  Hope you all got in a good workout today.

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