Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Bumblebee

Last night during out crazy insane however easier than Monday's workout last night I had to eat my own words.  I have developed this intolerance to quitting.  I hate when people say I cant.  I think our bodies are so much stronger than most people ever give themselves credit for.  If you truly try something without the notion that you can quit more than likely you can succeed.  But for most of us, myself included failure is become the norm so even when we are in the situation to succeed we somehow sabotage ourselves.  When I first started my weight loss this time I was sure that I could lose weight but every time I was the slightest bit successful I always seemed to backslide.

For this reason I have taken a huge step...I am trying to never use the phrase, "I CAN'T."  I know during a workout that I can do one more or whatever it is.  I may be tired and my body might hurt but I can do it. 

Well last night in the 4th of what seemed like 80 circuits we had to hold a reverse plank and do 10 leg lifts, 5 on each side.  We did it the first time no problem and then when it came time to do it again I said the words, I can't.  After hearing them come out of my mouth I was disgusted.  I knew I could I just didn't want to because it hurt and I was tired.  Well in the milliseconds after I said the words I thought about all the times I have said to someone, "Bumblebees cant fly." (This is where the title comes from) 

The idea that a bumblebee cant fly has kinda become my motto over the last few months.  I was told years ago by a favorite teacher that Bumblebees scientifically cannot fly.  Their wings are to small to support the weight of their bodies, but somehow every single day bumblebees fly around.  I have no idea if this is true or not and I don't really care.  Its a powerful thought that just because they SHOULD NOT be able to doesn't mean they CAN'T.  Just recently every time someone tells me they cant do something, whatever it is, I just simply say, "Well, Bumblebees can't fly."

With all this being said (you know sometimes I ramble), I did my 10 leg lifts, through pain and pure determination I did them.  Next time you think you might need to quit, just remember Bumblebees cant just might help you get through one more set or one more mile.

So when you start seeing my little bumblebee pop up places just remember.

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Mrs. Coffman said...

Awesome message!! When I'm working out and I feel like I can't go on i tell myself "I'm strong and beautiful" cheesy I know but it works I will be adding "bumblebees can't fly" to my motivation list : )

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