Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Me

I don't have much to share with you this Not Me Monday brought to you by the lovely MckMama.  For starters I am not like 15 hours late for this blog hop, never.  I am right on schedule.  Well let me just tell you about my Not Me Week.

1.  I DID NOT make fun of my hair on last weeks Not Me Monday and my hair has NOT revolted.  It will no longer participate in cute hair functions.  It is either crazy out of control or flat as a flitter.  So for that reason I have picked a new style.  I'm thinking new style and new color....why not I think it is about time for a change.

2.  I DID NOT get to go to Zumba tonight....this was my way of telling you guys.  I was so excited that one of the girls I work with was willing to cover me for about 45 mins so I could go.  It kinda made my night, just a little Zumba fix is all I need, better than any drug.

3. I DID NOT laugh hysterically in my house alone this weekend over a Facebook comment made by a friend which then turned into a 45 minute public conversation on Facebook.  NOT ME!

4.  I DID NOT try to convince about 14 people to go swim tonight at the gym only to have them walk in a notice that the pool is empty, no water at all.  I even told a few to dive right in.  This prompted me to get flipped off once (it was a joke.)  What a reaction....Picture to follow soon.

5.  Finally I did not make up rules in Zumba tonight about the front row having to be perfect, 0 mistakes, and then proceed to make a fool of myself on the front.  I don't think I got any of the dances right my defense I was so freakin excited to be in there I wasn't thinking clearly!

Hope you all had a great Not Me Week.  Now I have to get on here and read what others didn't do this week.

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Vicky said...

Bahahaha........... Love them all...

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