Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Me...Not Me

Oh on this beautiful Monday morning I have so many things to tell you...of course I didn't do any of them.

In the absence of Not Me Monday I have just compiled a list of the things, so they span back a couple of weeks.  I don't know if NMM was not up or if I simply forgot to check and see.  But anyway...thanks MckMama for opening up this blog hop.

For starters I didn't scream out in fear as a possum nearly ate me on my own front porch...not me.

I also DID NOT finally turn on my air conditioner after the temp spiked to a whopping 92 degrees in my house. (I'm still really happy about that one)

I also DID NOT started naming all my hairstyles.  They are
"Cute Curls"

"Crunch Curls" (these are not cute).
 These curls usually follow a workout!

"The faux pony tail"

"The I don't really care what my hair looks like but I really do"

"The I think it looks kinda sophisticated when its straight," which soon turns into "Wow! It is frizzy after 3 minutes of being straight"....
and my most favorite of them all, the "I really do not give a crap what it looks like, I am hot and I don't want it to touch me anywhere" (this hairstyle takes 18 bobby pins and pony tail holder and a headband)  I have been sporting this one for about a week now.

I DID NOT put ice on my knees this morning on top of my running pants only to have them freeze to the sweat that was soaked through the pants.

I DID NOT attempt to dress up a tee-shirt and shorts today with a pearl necklace...cause it looked nicer!

I DID NOT enter the MckMama computer give away and then proceed to tell all my sisters to enter so I would have a better chance.  Come on how cute was that little computer.

I DID NOT pack both my lunch and dinner before work so that I would be able to make healthy choices for food and then leave the stupid lunch box in the fridge as I ran out of the house! (I am pretty sure its the lunch box's fault)

Finally, I DID NOT run so many miles last week that I have chaffing marks on my stomach, my boobs (yes that doesn't hurt at all) and my armpits.  But I did run enough miles for that to happen....that I DID do!

Hope you all had a week full of things you didn't do...Ill actually post about the day a little later on.  I have been swamped and going since 5:30 this morning so I have to get a little bit caught up before I get back on here.....but don't worry, Ill be back.

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Mommy2Four said...

Cute not me post... I feel ya on the curls! When I got my hair cut, I begged for a style I could just get out of the shower without having to do anything with it!

Wanted to say though, you look AWESOME! I've lost 100 pounds in the last year, so I'm right there with you! I was going to have lap band surgery, but had to try losing under the care of a doctor first for insurance to cover it, and, well, it

Anyway, you look super! Congrats!
(ps... do you have "loose skin" problems? It's driving me crazy... working out doesn't seem to fix it! Anything work for you?)

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