Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Getting Nervous and So Excited

OK the haircut is just a little while away and I am getting really excited and a little bit nervous.  It is a major change from what I have right now.  I'm going to keep updating this same post for you guys when the hair is done.

Before (aka the Hair Catastrophe)

Ohhhh finally time for the hair cut....

It takes a long time to change the look, but I think it was worth it.

It started here....

I wanted to stop here but I was assured that I needed to keep going.

Now time to chop it all off....all except the faux hawk.

The man responsible!!!!

The final result.  I was a little bit scared, I tried not to look while he was cutting but I just couldn't stand it.   Before it was all over with I had my hands all through it.

Hope you like!

1 comment:

Nissi said...

i love hair cuts! its a great way to make life interesting! good luck!

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