Friday, August 20, 2010

Ohhhhh It Was The Best So Far

I know I have said that a couple of times now but it just keeps getting better, faster, easier, longer. etc.  My run this morning was great.  I just knew when I plopped out of the bed at 5 it was going to be a bad day.  There was no logical reason to be awake at that time of the morning.  I wasn't even out of the bed before I started cussing my alarm clock across the room.  I put one there because I cant reach it.  It will keep going off til I get out of bed to assault it.

Anyway, it was cold and dark this morning which was a nice change from hot and muggy.  The steps went well, faster than normal for the same amount of steps. That is a good sign.... We actually had a few new faces this morning which was nice and missed some that have been coming.  I know they will be back, who can resist running up and down steps time and time again.  Well off to the run.  I was feeling really good about the run.  We usually make it about a mile and a half before the first walk break.  Well I know I was feeling good so I wanted to go a little bit further than normal.  We kept setting distances to stop and walk but then would run past them.  I finally had to ask my running buddy to tell me a story (she is really good at that.)  So she started a story that would last for a while and it gave me something to do other than think about running.  It worked perfectly.  About half way through her story we hit the 2 mile point and got to take a walk break.  It was such a great feeling of accomplishment to make it non-stop for that distance. 

When I say walk break I don't mean we walk a half a mile or anything, its usually 30 seconds to a minute.  Today the walk breaks were even better...they were very short and seemed like just a few steps, and they were much further apart than normal.  Oh, and the entire run this morning was longer than the days before.   I said this was a good one!!!!  OK so I gush just a little bit but today was one of those days were it seems like it is worth it to wake up at 5am (don't tell anyone I run with that I said that, then I wont be able to complain) because I am starting to see more and more progress in my running.  (ahhhhhh deep sigh)

The rest of the day I am actually taking easy because tomorrow I have my long (very long) run.  I don't think I will be getting in a PM workout tonight.  I am choosing to go watch football instead of being a gym rat....lets just face it I am already a gym rat.

And I swear I will not dwell on the haircut thing but I have a few funnies for you.  My sisters liked the hair, whew, and the rents were ok with it.  My niece told me I needed to lay it back down....precious being that she is little and one nephew didn't know what to say....I think he said it didn't look like me.  Eureka! exactly what I wanted.  I was worried about what the boss man.  You know the hawk is not so much office business as usual but he liked it.  Another big whew.  The only ones who seem not to like it are the little old ladies, I get that look of shame like the grandma gives you....but I can take it.

Oh and more news.  My Zumba class that I have complained about for a week is fixing to start being offered during lunch 2 days a week so I will get to come!!!!!  That makes me a very very very happy girl.  I get to get my Zumba in again.  Once a week was just not enough, especially when I had to watch all my Zumba peeps come in and go to class and I had to sit in the corner and watch all the fun but not get to participate.  So I think that deserves a big FAT Wooooo Hooooooo!

I could have summed this post up in about 2 sentences, I am having a good day!  I hope you are all having a good day too!  But that is really not my style.

Check back tomorrow and hopefully I can report another great run....hopefully.

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Nissi said...

you are my workout guru! inspiration!

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