Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Whole Mile

Well I am still taking it easy but this is the last day.  I took today easy accidentally.  I was unable to go to Zumba this afternoon which made me a little bit sad.  But I did get in my pool workout tonight.  I really do like to swim but I am kinda getting tired of this already.  I know that swimming is a good workout and my body reminds me that is indeed true....but there is something about getting a sweat that just makes the workout seem better.

Anyway, after 5 whole days off I will be running tomorrow and I am very VERY much looking forward to it.  I have decided to not run steps in the morning but I will be running on flat ground.  I figure that I am going to try everything to figure out what has caused this pain and do away with it.  I will still be going to steps in the morning and just walking around to get my legs warm for the run.  I hope it is a great one that does not hurt at all so I can do it again on Friday.  Basically, I will be doing it again on Friday so I hope it does not hurt for that reason.

I had one of those days today where I was hungry all day long.  I did not deprive myself of any food today because of the bad weekend thing....I ate my solid meals today.  I think all of my meals are stuck in my teeth because I never got full all day long.  I was just empty in my belly!  Usually I will have a bad weekend and then cut my calories way back on the weekdays and then starve but I did not do that this week.  I want food!!!!!! 

For that reason I am calling in early bedtime so that I can stop thinking about all the things I want to eat and dream about food and being full.

Wish me luck on my run tomorrow.  It's time to SWEAT baby!

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