Friday, August 6, 2010

Overdramatic...Well Just a Little?

So my last few days I have been having those completely over dramatic thoughts that I know when I think them are just foolish.  Like....

I could have dislocated my shoulder...or I could just be sore.

My right Quad is ruptured....or I could be sore.

I thought I was going blind in my right eye...just eye gunk. 

Basically, I have been a little bit of a baby this week.

My workout this morning didn't disappoint.  We worked our little tushies off.  Afterwards, I thought I was going to have to run by myself cause one of my runners was in a hurry.  Well she decided to run anyway so we had a pretty speedy run, probably the best so far (I don't know for sure because I left my watch in the car.)  As of this morning I have ran 15 miles this week in hopes of finishing the week with 20.  We are running again in the morning and then Sunday is a Rest Day.  Those could become my favorite 2 words ever.

I'm still so proud of my workout buddies that are running steps.  This is such a hard workout but it makes it so much more fun with someone to talk to and cut up with...and misery really does love company!

I have done great with my workouts this week but I have struggled with food.  I have noticed on the days that I run I am starving by about 10 o'clock.  I am really hungry when I get home from the run but I have been trying not to eat then. 

Well I am trying a new system...I am eating a small something (cereal and milk) before I go out in the morning.  I have to eat something but not to much or it will make me sick.  Then after the 5 miles I go home and eat a protein rich breakfast (egg omelet).  Yes you counted correctly...I am officially eating two breakfasts.  This used to be all at one time but I am just splitting it up.  I hope this will help me not to starve by lunch time.  Usually when I am super duper hungry I eat something that I shouldn't instead of the sandwich I pack.  Then once I screw up lunch I think well I just mark this day off and start all over.  Well its that kind of thinking that made me fat in the first place. 

I'm gonna give this a go for a few weeks and see if it helps...if not, new plan.  I hope this helps because I'm tired of ruining my calorie deficit over a pack of Fries.  I want the results from my workout!  Maybe I just need a little more willpower to stop the French Fry from traveling to my lips.  Nobody is force feeding it to me. 

I don't have a planned workout tonight and I think I am going to take advantage of that and go home and get in bed.  I am still getting up early in the morning to run to beat the heat but at least tomorrow I can get back in bed when it is over, but heaven knows I'm to fired up afterwards to lay down.  Right now tomorrow looks like a whole day off of work, but in my business that can change in an instant.  Here's hopin'.

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Elizabeth said...

i have found eating two breakfasts is best...still watching calories. but i have a piece of toast with some kind of nut butter before a run (milk and cereal don't work in my belly) and then eat something when i get home, like oatmeal. then i still have to have a snack before lunch!

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