Monday, August 30, 2010

So Much Better

When I was at my heaviest weight I really tried to not let my size have any affect on what I could and could not do.  I was still active, maybe slower but active.  I played back yard ball, shopped with friends, flew on commercial flights without having to buy 2 seats, I did normal stuff. 

One time I didn't fit into a seat on a Roller Coaster and it was really embarrassing but really how embarrassed can you get.  I managed to get over 300 pounds all by myself, that's the kind of thing that happens.

Well, as I have lost weight I have discovered some things that are so much better when you lose weight.  A few examples....

5.  Walking up a flight of steps.  You know the feeling of not being able to catch your breath but you don't want everyone around you to know you are struggling to breath after a flight of 10 steps so you force yourself to breath normally and nearly faint from lack of oxygen.

4.  Not having to be so Bold.  When I was bigger I always wore bright prints and lots of crazy makeup or jewelry.  I think it took the focus off of my size.  Now the sleeker the better, I'm still on my quest for a new look.

3.  Sleeveless.  I wore sleeveless even at my heaviest.  I was not under the impression that if I always wore sleeves that I would fool people into thinking that my arms were thin.  They weren't blind they could see the rest of my body.  But now sleeveless still doesn't look the greatest but there is a little muscle definition now and not only overwhelming flab.  So much better.

2.  Taking a Bath.  I am a bath tub lover.  I take showers because they are convenient and quick but the moment you get to sink your body into a tub of warm water is magical.  I took baths at my heaviest but they are so much better now.  My butt fits into the bottom of the tub and not mashed up against the sides.  Water all the way around.  So much better.

1.  Extreme sports.  So I haven't participated in many extreme sports in my life but I have been in a few.  I have bungee jumped a few times but once I put on the bulk of my weight I was no longer under the weight limit and could not participate.  Well my sisters went skydiving a year or so ago and after they went I decided that I wanted that to be the reward for losing 100 pounds. 

Now that I am close to that mark we have been talking more and more about it and I find myself thinking about it all the time.  This is something that I have wanted to do for years now and I am officially under the jump weight limit, but I'm not going until I reach the magic number. 

These are the little things I have to think about after having a crummy diet day, or weekend, whatever the case may be.  Sometimes I think them to myself and other times I have to share with the group.  I figure you just had to read about my horrible weekend so now you can know the things that are SO MUCH BETTER!

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Ali said...

Great post. I was the same as you. I sort of never saw myself as really fat as I could still do most things. Wore sleeveless stuff, etc. Its like I lived in a world full of skinny mirrors that fool you into buying clothes at shops. You have done so well losing close to 100 pounds! cant wait to read about the bungee that you will end up doing very soon!

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