Friday, August 13, 2010

Swimming Time

As I sit here at work and watch the seconds and milliseconds click off the clock all I keep thinking is "how long is this night going to last?"  I swear it feels like time standing still.  I am looking forward to my pool time tonight.  I am going swimming for the simple fact that the pool will be closed next week and I will miss it terribly if I don't get in just one last time...and there is the underlying reason HOT TUB!

My day today has been pretty uneventful.  I have been awake since 5, work since 9 and just kinda blah! today.  My meals today have been pretty good, with in my calorie range...its all the little extra things that I have eaten that have hurt me today.  My work had a Open House today so my besties at work brought me a piece of the World's Greatest Coffee cake to Job #2 and then the lady that made the cake delivered me a piece.  So yes I have had 1 1/2 pieces of cake just simply because I'm not through with the second one yet.  Don't worry, I'm eating it too.  I have to pack in the calories tonight for energy tomorrow...that sounded believable right?!?!?!?!?

I am really looking forward to my run tomorrow.  I was so relieved to finally have a good one this morning that I cannot wait for the next one.  I think this is slowly becoming an obsession.  I guess its probably good that it is an obsession since I filled out all my paperwork for the marathon (I didn't mail it yet, don't worry H I will let you know when I do.)  I guess that means I have committed to it.  I guess I have been committed to it this entire time but just not willing to admit it.  So God willing I will be running my first full marathon in December.  Oh holy cow that scares me so much!!!!!  You all know I love a challenge and a lady that runs with me sometime but workouts with me a lot said that if I signed up she would do it too.  I went ahead and printed off the form for her too.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I love when people say things like that because I will so hold her to it.

So to all of you out there that have been honking at me on the road in the morning, thanks!  It really is nice that you recognize me and care enough to honk and even throw out a cat call every now and then.  One guy actually leaned out of his window to yell....that was so sweet.  After a few miles its the little things that mean a lot.  :)  If you haven't seen me yet, I'm the 225 lb. girl in the extremely tight pants, soaking wet sweaty mess that is laboring to breath and looks like she could fall down at any moment, that's me!

Hope you all have a good night...check back in tomorrow and see how far we run.


Dianne :) said...

You are an inspiration! Keep up the good, no G R E A T work, Em :-)

fussyrunner said...

I don't know who that crazy lady is that said she'd run the marathon too. Why would anyone say something like that???? And now you're calling her on it? Wow!

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