Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today Changed Quick

Well this morning was my early morning workout day and it was a doozie this morning.  The steps were harder than normal, I actually caught myself walking more than I normally do.  I got in my 8 trips and then walked a final one just to cool down a bit until everyone got done.  Then it was off to the road.  This morning I was shooting for a little bit further than normal today because that is how this training program that I am on goes.  The mileage goes up week after week after week. 

Well during the first 1.5 miles I was sure I was going to die.  It was a hard run.  I couldn't breath and my legs were burning.  I don't know if I just needed to run it out or what but after the first mile and a half I was much better.  The last part of the run was actually much easier.  From that point on the walk breaks were mini breaks and just a few steps instead of 1 or 2 minutes. 

Once we reached our final destination one of the girls had another .8 miles to run so I was up for that.  Like I said it got easier crazy as that sounds.

When I got home I got the sad news from my scale that I was up 2 lbs from last week.  I was not surprised by it but still a little disappointed.  My food was not great this week but my workouts were phenomenal so I thought I could make up a few extra calories but guess not!

I had my breakfast and then fell asleep on the couch.  That never happens...I must have really needed it.  Last night I didn't go to bed at a reasonable hour knowing that I had to be awake at an unreasonable hour.  I thought it was more important to cut up the watermelon that has been sitting in my fridge for a day and a half instead of sleeping.  Anyway I overslept on the couch and when I woke up I had a splitting headache.  Like an I need to puke, stop jackhammering in my head kinda headache. 

I thought I might be a little dehydrated so I have been pounding water in my body for the rest of the day today and my head is much better.  Ironically enough at work today they are jackhammering so I'm guessing I will have a headache again before I go home...:)

I have my cut workout again tonight.  I hope this one goes better than Monday.  Actually Monday was entertaining and effective we just kinda lost it at the end.  Tonight we will do better....maybe?!?!?!?

If I have the energy I will come back to you tonight and tell you how it is....if its anything like Monday night I will probably wont be able to lift my fingers and type. 

In this already long post I will just go ahead and throw out a shout out.  I had a friend bring me a new pair of pants today.  She read yesterday about the size 16 so she brought me a pair of shorts that she does not like that are from....(dum dum dum) the Gap!  I'm really excited as always to get some new clothes.  It just seems like I'm going through them quickly right now so I like to get new ones.  So thanks for the pants.

Next week the goal is 6 lbs or more.  I am really going to buckle down this week because I really want to be able to say that I have lost 100lbs, not almost 100lbs.  It is a milestone that I am tried of being close to and I just want to achieve.  Wish me luck!!!

Until next time.....

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