Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trying to Not Be Jolly

When I came to you this morning I was a little bit upset about the 1 pound gain...and I think with good reason, but now I'm in a much better mood.  I am feeling great after my run this morning, and just seem to be getting in a better and better mood the more the day goes on.  We set out on a 7 mile run this morning after steps.  The run itself ended up being about 6 miles overall but it was....I know you'll be shocked to hear of the best yet. 

I felt great through most of the run, very few walk breaks, some crazy big hills, and still felt great when it was done.  My run this morning and the steps total to about 8 miles.  We have to do our long run this week on Friday and we are aiming for 10 again but we might just use our 2 mile stair run in the mileage count.  After today's run I think I can run forever.

I ate spaghetti last night for supper, not something I typically do.  I really limit my carbs at dinner time and pack in the protein.  Well last night I wanted spaghetti so I pumped out an excuse that since I was going to run so far in the morning I needed to carbo load.  Let me just clarify that was only an excuse.  I think carb loading is really only useful for big time, serious marathon/Ironman participants, but now that I had such a good run after my spaghetti I think I will start eating it 3 nights a week before my running days.  Woo Hoo!  That makes me a happy little camper!

Anyway, I'm kinda on cloud nine.  Good run and when I got to work I discovered that I had not gained quite a pound.  I was actually up .4 from last week.  I still think it should have been down but Ill take it.  My clothes fit better I can run 8 miles, Ill just take the freakin .4 and work even harder.

I'm heading out to an open house today that is an Ice Cream Social.  I love it when free day and Ice Cream social happen on the same day.  I will enjoy my ice cream so much better knowing that it is cheat day.

Ill try and get back to you today......hope you all have a good one!  Get out there and do something today!

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Elizabeth said...

call me crazy...but i always had good long runs after eating pizza the night before! i'd have pizza on friday night and then run long saturday morning. i used the "necessary fuel" excuse!

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