Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 3 Weigh In

From what I have seen so far, we have had some really good weight losses and some not so good weeks.  I know it is horrible to try so hard to get a good weight loss and still not have any luck on the scales.  I have some updated already and waiting on the rest.  I will let you know when they are all in.

For me I had a pretty decent week.  I am down 2 from last week.  That gives me a total of 12 for the 3 weeks.  I don't think I can lose 18lbs in my last week but I am really going to try for 8-9.  I should be getting bigger numbers but I am not at all disappointed with 2.  That is a big weight loss and a sustainable weight loss.  I am happy with  my number! 


Starting Weight: 234
Week ONE: 230
Week TWO: 228
Week THREE:  225
Total Weight Loss so Far: 9

She was super siked about her 3 this week.  I was super siked for her even thought she didn't make it to steps this morning.


Starting Weight: 219
Week ONE: 216
Week TWO: 215
Week THREE: 215
Total Weight Loss so Far: 4

She is weighing in again tomorrow because she forgot this morning.  This was yesterdays weight.

Starting Weight: 234
Week ONE: 229
Week TWO: 226
Week THREE: 229
Total Weight Loss so Far: 5


Starting Weight: 228
Week ONE: 222.5
Week TWO: 220.5
Week THREE: 220.7
Total Weight Loss so Far: 7.5

Ok I'm not changing her weight for a gain of .2.  She is doing great with this challenge.

Starting Weight: 165
Week ONE: 159
Week TWO: 157
Week THREE: 158
Total Weight Loss so Far: 7.6

Amber was very very disappointed this week.  She met all her targets with food and exercises and her scales didn't catch up to her.  Just hoping for a big week next week cause I know this girl works hard.


Starting Weight: 233
Week ONE: 229
Week TWO: 228
Week THREE: 226.6
Total Weight Loss so Far: 6.3

Shedding a few more before Gastric Bypass....see you can do it!


Starting Weight: 188
Week ONE: 184
Week TWO: 184
Total Weight Loss so Far: 4


Starting Weight: 171
Week ONE: 169
Week TWO: 165
Total Weight Loss so Far: 6


Starting Weight: 161
Week ONE: 159
Week TWO: 158.5
Total Weight Loss so Far: 2.5

Starting Weight: 175
Week ONE: 168
Week TWO: 166
Week THREE: 166.5
Total Weight Loss so Far:8.5

I don't have a number yet for Liz but she was not thinking it would be good this week.  She has done great so far.


Starting Weight: 237
Week ONE: 232
Week TWO: 227
Week THREE: 226.5
Total Weight Loss so Far: 10.5

Angela was a little bit upset about her half a pound but is excited for her schedule to get back to normal.  She said she does much better on a routine.  I'm proud of your half a pound. 

Starting Weight: 186
Week ONE: 184
Week TWO: ????  Who Knows
Week THREE: 177
Total Weight Loss So Far: 9

Starting Weight: 141
Week ONE: 137
Week TWO: 134
Week THREE: 133
Total Weight Loss So Far: 8

She had a tough week emotionally but still managed to lose a pound.  So proud!

Starting Weight: 270
Week ONE: 270
Week TWO: 267
Week THREE: 267
Total Weight Loss So Far: 3


Starting Weight: 301
Week ONE: 292
Week TWO: 288.2
Week THREE: 281.1
Total Weight Loss So Far: 20.3


Starting Weight: 166
Week One: 164
Week TWO: 159
Week THREE: 159
Total Weight Loss So Far: 7


Starting Weight: 166
Week One: 163
Week TWO: 163
Week THREE: 162
Total Weight Loss So FAR: 4

Starting Weight: 230
Week One: 226
Week TWO:226
Week THREE: 225
Total Weight Loss So FAR: 5

I love that there are so many trying so hard out there to lose weight.  Maybe we wont lose 30 in 30 but we are defiantly getting off to a good start.  Like I said I don't think 18 pounds in one week is possible but I'm gonna keep working out like it is.  I was gonna put my all into this contest and by golly that is what I am doing.

This morning was the first morning we had steps so early.  When I plopped out of bed I didn't think I ws going to be able to do anything at that time, but I was able to get into it after the first couple of trips.  I was pretty sure my heart was going to explode.  After steps I went on a run, the day 1 of marathon training.  I ran with a new running buddy today and it was a really nice run.  She is a 60 time marathon runner....yes that is no typo, 60 freakin marathons.  She was a good one to run with.  She let me set the pace and had walk breaks when I needed them.  As far as I'm concerned she can run with  me anytime.

Tonight I start the final week of my Cut workout.  This has been one of the most challenging workouts I have ever done.  I love a good circuit workout but this one has kicked my butt.  I hope I can find another one like it.  Maybe this time I can find one that keeps my workout buddies from puking.  HAHA

So this was a good start to Week 4.  Keep it up guys we are close to the finish line but not the end of our journey.  Just cause the 30 in 30 is coming to an end does not mean we will be done losing weight.

Ill keep updating until we have them all.


Renegades said...

Good job to everyone on their loses. Good job for trying if the scale didn't go the way you wanted!

Elizabeth said...

so proud of the progress!!
and proud of you starting your training! i told you she was an awesome coach! i'm so mad that i was sick this morning.

Vicky said...

your toenails look beautiful!!!

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