Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday

Well this morning I was not too shocked at what the scales had to say to me.  I was up two pounds this morning which just pushed me off my goal of 100lbs by 6 instead of 4lbs.  Its OK though, I am vowing to lose 6 pounds this week.  I really want to celebrate 100lbs with you guys next Wednesday.

I have had some of my players from 30 lbs in 30 days want to continue on to lose more weight so I told them they could continue to send in weights.  Many said they wanted too but I only have a few weights so far.  I know they will send them all day so I will continue to update as they come in.

These people started 4 weeks ago so that is their starting weight and I will continue to use that as their starting weight.  I have to give these girls credit, they are willing to share their journey and their real weight to anyone out there reading.

Starting Weight: 186

Today's Weight:  177

Total Loss:  9
Starting Weight:  165

Today's Weight:  158

Total Loss: 7

Starting Weight: 234

Today's Weight:  225

Total Loss:  9

Starting Weight:  228

Today's Weight:  218

Total Loss:  10

Starting Weight:  166

Today's Weight:  157

Total Loss:  9

Now for any of you blogger out there that would like to take the leap and Weigh in with us here's your chance.  I am setting up a linky service below for you to post your weight loss on your blog and then link it back to me.

All you need to do is grab the button on the sidebar and put it somewhere in your post.  Make sure you link back to my blog (you can just call me FatGirl) somewhere (if you need help doing this just comment and I will let you know how), and post your weight.  You can talk about your week, your struggles and successes.  This is an honor code thing, nobody will know if you lie, but DON'T!, we just want to follow your progress as well as ours.  So link up and hop along.

1 comment:

Renegades said...

Some weeks as hard as we try their are gains. Ick. However, it's just maintaining the want and desire to get back on the diet and continue on the journey.

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