Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well the Sucky Day Ended Up Pretty Good

Thanks for letting me get on here and vent a little bit last night.  I had kind of a tough day but I was much better once I got home. 

Well, after I posted I threw away my jeans that I had on and started going through my closet.  I tried on all the clothes in the closet and was able to chunk a few.  Then I went to that dreaded pile in the guest bedroom...out of sight.  (I had them sitting on my recliner but it kinda hurt my feelings every time I looked at them because I knew they didn't fit)  So I started trying on all the clothes in the pile.  Some of them fit, some of them still didn't, and I think one pair is a size 4 because I couldn't get it past my calves.

So after going through my clothes I have about 5 pairs of jeans, new jeans (cause they are new to me) and a new pair of capris.  So maybe I can cheat and get away with not having to buy new clothes for a while.  Ha!

We got out and ran the stairs this morning and had a great turn out this morning.  We are a pretty easy going group...some did 8 trips some did 5 and that works.  Do what you can and try to be better each time.  We are all doing better than all the people sleeping in bed.

After stairs this morning I had to go for another run.  It was a really good run this morning.  I had to take a few more walk breaks than Monday but I still ran the majority of the run.  My favorite part used to be when it was over but now that I am actually running with others the whole trip is more fun.  I kinda forget the pain in my knees and hips and simply get side tracked talking about something totally unrelated to running.  It is something I wish I had done months ago, but I was scared.  You just have to admit it when your scared. 

Anyway, I have my Cut workout tonight since I skipped last night.  Knowing how sore I am from Monday's workout I am not really looking forward to it yet.  But when its time to do it I will be ready, hopefully.

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