Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Do I Do This To Myself???

Every few months or so I decided its time to give up diet cola, and I do so good, I go for months and months without drinking any or very very few Diet Cokes or Diet Sundrop.  Well then I always slip, I always think it will a great idea to have one, then another, then another, until I'm drinking 3-4 a day and not getting my water in.

Well, it has happened again.  I am giving up my diet Cokes.  Why??!?!?!?!?  Why do I go back every time?  Now I just have to start all over again with the headaches and the caffeine withdrawal.  If I could just drink them sparingly and not have to give them up all together I would be OK, but for some reason I just cannot have them in moderation.  For some reason I always go back to them full force.

I am a firm believer in never give up anything.  Not completely at least.  I eat French Fries, in moderation, Potato Chips, in moderation, etc. but for some reason I cant drink Diet drinks the same yet again, I will be giving them up.  Have no fear, I will probably relapse again and have yet another blog post about it in 3-6 months, but here goes...AGAIN!

Right now I'm trying to fight off the headache and I haven't even given it up completely yet.  I'm trying the weening method this time to hopefully ward off the headache.  ITS NOT WORKING.


Fat2Fitgirl said...

you can do it!!!

Brigitte said...

I heart my Diet Dew. I love Diet Sundrop when I can get it. Where do you live that you have even heard of Sundrop? :) I'll drink more water the rest of the day as long as I can have the soda.

Elizabeth said...

well, i'm trying to give up diet coke starting this past sunday. so far so good, i only drink a couple a week at most, but i reallly look forward to them and savor them. so....we'll see how it goes. really trying to suck down the water. however, i do drink slightly sweetened tea at night.

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