Monday, August 9, 2010

Yeah...Finally Relaxing

Well I promised I would post my day for you and I had the intentions of doing that earlier tonight, but when I got to work tonight the Internet did not work so I had to wait until work was over to post.  So as promised I here goes the may want to put your seat belt.

My morning started off with a bang.  I got up early, which I am beginning to enjoy (don't tell) and ran the steps and then went for my run.  I enjoyed the steps but I struggled through every single step of the run.  I don't know why it was so difficult this morning but I ended up having to take more walk breaks than normal.  This is also the reason I am loving my new running buddy.  She was so patient with me this morning.  I still got my mileage in and in a pretty good time but it was tough this morning.  It makes me look more forward to my Wed run...I am determined to make it a better run. 

I got home and started my day and baby it hasn't quit since then, I had an appointment this morning before 8, mulched a yard and so on and so forth.  I finally got home and got into the shower.  For some reason you shouldn't be that nasty before 9 am. 

I had work at the gym tonight and like I said, no Internet, which didn't matter much because I was busy most of the night. I ended up hanging up on my mom twice and my bro in law twice because I got a customer and didn't want to be the horrible front desk worker.  You know the one that pisses you off because they wont get off their cell phone and help you.

I did get to go up to my Zumba class this afternoon.  I knew I needed to get back to the desk so I was in a hurry to get done.  Well and hour is an hour is an hour and just because I went in warp speed didn't make the class go by any faster.  I ended up getting a great workout because my intensity level was through the roof.

 I am finally home with my bowl of cereal in hand watching a little TV getting ready for bed.  I feel like if you held your breath while you were reading this post you  might understand how most of the day felt.

One more day till the final weigh in.  I'm looking forward to it and cant wait to see every ones final results.  I was having high hopes for my weight but I didn't eat well today so I hope I didn't screw up my weight for the week.  HOPEFULLY, just hopefully I will have hit the 100 lb mark at the final weight in.  I know its a long shot but I am still hopeful. 

Good night to you all...I have to get this butt in bed because tomorrow is shaping up to be just like this one.

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