Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Morning All

Oh wait, it is 11pm and I am just now getting to the blog for the day.  Yesterday was so busy and so late that I actually slept in as late as I could this morning and then was packed full for the day so I didn't get a chance to post. 

Well Wednesday has become my craziest workout day of the week.  Starts with steps and long run, then late night workout.  And now that the late night workout has become INSANITY it keeps the day exciting.  And really it kind of makes me dread Thursday.  Last nights workout was one of the craziest things I have ever done.  I still love this workout and have not cursed the new guy yet, but I am definitely feeling it today. 

I did lunch time Zumba today and could hardly move.  My calves are wrecked, they literally hurt to the touch!  I made it through Zumba but to be perfectly honest I didn't try really hard.  I kinda played the cry baby and just did what I could.

The rest of the day and night have been full of cleaning the house and packing for my trip.  I am finally done and ready to hit the road.  Tomorrow morning, actually 6 hours from now, I have my last workout before vacation.  I am going to make it a great workout because I plan of doing some good eating for the next few days.  I will still be running on my vacation and get my workouts in but it will be a complete change of pace.  I just hope I can get through vacation without gaining any weight. 

I will do my best to post from the road but I cannot make any promises.  Honestly, they will probably be late or early post and probably only one a day.  But come next Thursday I will be starting my new challenge.

Night to you all!  Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The New Challenge: Fad Diets

Alright, Ive been talking about it for a week or so now and its time to let you in on the new Challenge, and how I came up with it.

I have been it a bit of a weight loss rut.  I have a good week with diet and exercise I lose a pound, a bad week I gain a pound but I am really just stuck at the 230 mark.  I have been flirting with it for about a month now, and I am tired of it.  Well, at the same time of my rut a few people close to me started trying these wonderful tricks that they read somewhere on "how to reduce belly fat", and "ways to lose 9 lbs before dinner."  Well I think we are tricked into some diet plans that have these great promises and some have great payoffs and some don't live up to what they are promising.  We are following plans that we have no idea what they really are and what they really do to our bodies.

For example, a friend of mine is drinking coconut oil to lose belly fat, and a girl that I know will take any diet pill in order to not have to diet or exercise. 

I am a food pyramid kinda person, eat a balanced diet, cut nothing out because you will burn out but my plan is not working out for me right now so lets change things up.

My goal is really 2 fold.  I want to try out some new diets, 5 or 6 popular ones, for a few weeks each.  I want to see which ones are legitimate diet programs and which ones have big promises and not much else.  I want to see which ones you could follow for a lifetime and which ones are just a lose 20 lbs quick and then gain it all back.

I asked some friends, "If you wanted to lose a few pounds what would you do?"  I got some popular answers, low carb, no carb, diet pills, weight watchers, and veg diet.  Then I went to the Internet and searched in Google, lose weight quick and various other diet type key words and came up with some good diets to follow.

For starters and my least favorite, I will be doing the Master Cleanse.  This was an answer I got a lot of on the Internet and in person.  Everyone has heard of it and lots have done it.  I will say I am not to excited about this one and I will not be doing it for very long because I think it sound miserable, but I am going to do it for 3 whole days.

Master cleanse:  This is a detox program.  You can expect to lose 10 pounds or so of waste that is trapped to the intestinal wall.  There are people that swear by this plan and other say it is bogus but none the less it is popular so Ill give it a try.

Next, I will go into the Special K diet.  This one has tons of commercials advertising it and an entire website dedicated to it.  The promise is 6 pounds in 2 weeks. 

Special K:  Eat 2 Special K meals a day, 2 Special K snacks, this includes Cereal (any type), Protein Shakes, Meal Bars and Snack Bars and a sensible dinner.  Receipts online.

After Special K comes No Carb/ Low Carb.  This was by far the most popular answer I was given when asked about a diet.  I was told Atkins, South Beach, Kimkins, etc.  So for this one I will be doing together.  I will start with a No Carb diet, I am thinking doing this portion for 1-2 weeks and then the addition of carbs in week 3-4.  This is my second least favorite after the master cleanse.

No Carb:  1-2 Weeks No Carb diet, 0-5 carbs a day.  All of these diets have a plan where you can really restrict carbs and gradually add them back as the plan continues.

Low Carb:  1-2 Weeks, Start adding some carbs back into the diet.  5-15 Carbs a day.

Vegan Diet follows low carb diet.  This one also has various names as well.  The Hallelujah Diet, Reversing Diabetes, etc.  This was not one of the most popular diets mentioned but I have known quite a few people that tried to follow it.  And there is even talks of healing powers to this diet.

Vegan Diet:  No animal products of any kind.  No meat, eggs, dairy.  Only fruits and veggies, but I do get carbs.  No diet cola on this plan, no processed foods at all.  I am not much of a meat eater, mostly birds for me, but the lack of dairy seems really hard.  No milk!

There are 2 more diets that will be followed, but I have not picked the order yet.  I have also not determined the time frame for the last 2 diets.  Weight Watchers and the Backwards diet.  I hope to follow all of these for 2 weeks each, but depending on my will power by the end they may just get to be one week experiments. 

Everyone knows Weight Watchers, count points.  The reason I want to try this one is because I want to know how easy or hard it is to follow.  I have people tell me all the time, ALL THE TIME, they lost 30 lbs on Weight Watchers, but they always put it back on.  I just want to know if it is hard to follow or hard to stick too.  People seem to have great success but is it a lack of willpower or inability to continue a hard plan.

The Backwards diet is exactly what it sounds like.  Dinner for breakfast, Lunch for Lunch, and Breakfast for Dinner.  The idea is our meals gradually grow throughout the day when in fact they should get smaller.  Eat like a King for Breakfast, Prince for Lunch, and a pauper for dinner.  It is going to be a little bit weird to eat my meals backwards because I am used to my meals like they are, but what a better way to break a rut than to completely change my routine.

I have had some really great friends that have helped me pick my diet plans and some brave ones that have offered to go on particular parts of the diet with me.  This way I can have a little bit of support for each portion of the experiment.  Those are some great friends!

So, this is the new plan!  Its a chance to really listen to my body and know how it is going to react to these different diet plans.  Which ones help my body function to its maximum potential and which ones leave me weak and unable to follow.  I will do everything I can to follow them to the letter.  I have printed off tons of literature and actually I have been reading the South Beach and Reversing Diabetes books. 

I know maybe it is a little bit selfish as well to get a jump start on my own weight loss again, but I have to do something new to get out of this rut.  We will be starting out next week on Thursday with the Master Cleanse, and I am not happy about that one.  As I start a new plan I will give you more details on the one I am starting. 

I hope you will follow along with me.  I will be brutally honest, I know that is a shock to you all.  Hopefully, just hopefully I can see some results (maybe even find a new plan for myself) and maybe just maybe talk some people out of trying some of the crazy plans out there that don't work. 

Wish me luck!

Today's Run

Well today's run was so much better than last week.  But it still was not the best.  I am still really hitting a wall at mile 8 and struggling to get to mile 10.  It just seems like I cannot do more than 10.  I don't know why I have such a block against anything over 10.  I need to be running about 12 or better right now in my training and I am not.

Well in the wake of 2 not so great running weeks my running buddy and I are taking a new approach.  I am lucky to have such a good running buddy (who knows what she is doing.)  We are going to do our next long run doing 4 minute run and 1 minute walk.  She thinks I have been going out without enough walk breaks in the beginning and becoming too tired by the end, so if I need it or not I will be taking a walk break every 4 minutes. 

I really hope this works out because I am officially signed up for a marathon in December and I am just going to push through, I just hope that I have good runs because this could be miserable if the runs suck for the next 3 months.

Here's trying a new approach and hoping that it works.

Weigh In Wednesday

Its back again.... and I have not been having great Wednesdays for a while.  Down this week 1.2 and pretty happy about that.  I have been noticing that I have lost inches even thought the pounds have not been coming off.  More exciting than that I am only 5 pounds away from my hundred pound and finally broke the 230 mark.

I forgot to mention earlier that there will be no Weigh in Wednesday next week.  I will be out of town and as many of you can see I really like to weigh on my scales that never move from the same spot on my kitchen floor.  So I will weigh at some point next week but it will not be on Wednesday.  Sorry.

Let me know how you guys did this week. Link up below!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

Well today has been a little bit relax, got in a great workout at lunch time and ate really well today.  Tomorrow is shaping up to be a crazy busy day.  Let me just tell you what is in store.

I will be starting the day off with steps and a long run (I am not hoping for a good one tomorrow, I am just going to make it a good one.)  A full day of work at both job 1 and job 2 and then the next installment of INSANITY.  I am ready to go run.  I feel like it has been forever since my feet have touch the concrete.  I hate that I missed Monday.  I will just have to make it up tomorrow.

On top of everything tomorrow I also have Weigh In Wednesday, hope you will play along, and I am hoping to let you all in on the new challenge.  I have just a touch more research to do but I think I can get it done tomorrow and be able to tell you about it.

You can go ahead and guess it, I am getting in bed because tomorrow is shaping up to be a doozie.  Check back to see how it goes.

Biggest Loser Week 2 (Really Should be Called Week 1)

Holy Crap, that is what I am talking about when I say I love Biggest Loser.  The first episode with 2 crazy workouts, Dr. H visits, and a weigh in.  Does it get any better than that?  Lots of puking, tons of sweating, and the tears just make me happy.  Is it a little disturbing that I get excited when they puke!!!!??!?!??!?  You know that is a good workout!

I knew I had a small obsession with this show but tonight I was having to miss it and then watch it taped later in the night.  I am always scared that someone is going to ruin it for me before I get home.  Well tonight was Football night so my mind was entertained until we started to drive home.  I started to tell them how excited I was to get to watch and continued to talk about this show for the entire 15 minute drive home.

I am so proud of my little green boy, I was just loving him before this episode and after tonight I think I may love him more...if that is possible.  I still don't have a really big draw to any of the women yet, but just give it time, I'm sure I will find one of them that I like.  There is only one that I don't really like right now.  For starters she is upset that she only lost 12 pounds.  Hell, I have been at 230 for weeks now, really, 12 pounds is awesome.  I know these boys are losing 30-40 lbs but 12 is freakin awesome!  Come on get real!  As I keep watching I really like pink girl Lisa.  She has the right attitude.  And a 16 pound loss, go get it girl!

Oh and just when I thought this episode couldn't get any better they threw in a challenge.  This is when I really get to pick my favorites.  I like to see how they compete.  (Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I am watching the show and blogging about it all at the same time.)  And as the challenge goes I like the orange girl, she said she wanted a chance and she got one, and proved it.  I kinda like this fight for your spot to not be eliminated. 

I am going to stop blogging now about this and not give away the ending.  I hate when people give away the end, so I will watch the rest in silence.  I already cant wait for next week.  Man this show is as addictive as Fast Food!  But this is one addiction that I don't want to give up!

Have a good night.

I Need Your Help!?!?!?!?

As the title says, I need your help!!  My new shoes, well about 3 months old now have been wearing out in a really weird spot, and I was wondering if anyone can tell me why they would wear out here.  They are the best shoes I have and I just cannot figure this out. 

The wearing is on the inside of the shoe...on the inner side of the ankle.  And its doing it in both shoes.  It is not hurting my feet, no blisters, no cuts.  They still feel great, I just don't understand.

Any Ideas?????

Still Raving

I think I may have jumped the gun on the positive review for Insanity.  I probably should have waited until the next day to see how I felt.

Well, I couldn't sleep last night.  I was so pumped up and happy from this workout.  It took me forever to fall asleep.  I was just happy!  Well I woke up this morning a little bit sore, but able to move.  That is more than I can say for some workouts that I have done in the past.

I just cant wait to do it again.  If you want to try it just click the link above and it will take you to the Amazon site to purchase.  It has really good reviews from what I have read.

Monday, September 27, 2010


I survived my first ever Insanity workout ever....

Actually, I should say WE survived the workout.

Ok, well I have to start with why I decided tonight was the night to try insanity.  After a long night last night, cleaning the house, organizing the closet, just household stuff, I finally got to bed about 1 am.  I don't ever stay up that late, especially on a night that I have to run the next morning. 

Needless to say, I overslept this morning and missed the steps and the Monday run.  This is the first time I have missed this workout, even when I was hurt I didn't miss.  I felt horrible that I overslept.  I missed the workout for myself and I let down all the women that I meet in the morning.  I just felt horrible about it.

I went to work like normal...still feeling kinda crummy about missing the run this morning.  I really needed that run.  Well I ate pretty crappy today and just decided that I had to get a great workout in tonight.  So it just seemed like the perfect time to do this workout.

I now officially understand how the workout got its name....INSANITY!  Cause that is exactly what it was.  It was crazy hard from the workout to the cool down.  Lots of grunting and groaning, sweating, and a little bit of crying.  (ok maybe no crying but I wanted to a few times) 

I like this one better than a lot of workout DVDs for a few reasons.  For starters the guy leading the workout, I don't know his name but I will soon, was encouraging.  He didn't yell at you through the workout and gave good tips throughout the workout like, "don't clench your jaw..."  I also liked that the people doing the workout looked like they were dying.  They were sweating and struggling through the entire workout as well.  I hate those videos when they get done the girls look like they could enter a beauty pageant.

After one workout I cannot wait to do it again.  Its as addictive as running, which I am still sad about missing this morning.  If you want my recommendation, I would try this workout.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Workout Weekend

I know its been a few days since I last posted but I have a good reason.  I had to step back for a moment and get my head on straight.  Basically I was a little bit down in the dumps because my runs were sucking this week and it was really frustrating.  After Wednesday's run I didn't have anything nice to say at all.  On Thursday I did that core class again.  You remember the one that I called hell last week.  Well, it didn't get easier yet, I'm pretty sure this week was harder than last week. 

This week we stayed in that wonderful plank position for about 45 minutes with lots of walking on our hands up and down stairs....Oh! holy crap it was hard.  I poured sweat during this class like never before....I actually had to move over from the spot that I was in because I was dripping sweat all over the floor.  I was so sore the next day and still today, but its amazing that I am sore in totally new places this week.  I just know this class is good for me. 

Then Friday was time to run again.  I was still a little nervous about going out to run.  I really needed to end this week with a good one.  Well I started on the stairs and was able to get in all 8 trips with no pain....the first time in 3 weeks.  WOOO HOOOO!  Then I said 2 mile run.  I know I needed to run about 6-7 on Friday but it was more important for my ego/well-being to just get in a good one, as short as it may have been.  And it was, a very very good run.  Friday night there was no workout, just work, and then this morning, no workout again, just work.  I may try to go out tomorrow and get a few miles in but not stressing out about it. 

I hate that I missed Boot Camp this week, but I really have a love/hate relationship with this workout.  Basically, I hate the hurt, but I love the results.

And I will give you an update on the project coming up.  I am hoping to have all my research done this week and let you know what it is....still totally top secret at this point.  I am going on vacation and hopefully will be able to start after vacation.  I know there are those really strong people that can diet on vacation....well I am not one of them and I am going to enjoy every second of my vacation, food and all.  I will however be doing my running on vacation.  Can you imagine anything better than running on flat sand instead of the Tennessee hills!?!?!?!?  Maybe a change of scenery will do me good.

Thanks guys for sticking in with me and coming back even though I didn't post for a few days.  I really am feeling much better now and think I can have a more positive outlook on my running again.  I talked to some running friends and they made me feel much better about the whole bad week situation.

Check back!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Product Review (Unpaid)

Ok, I tried the new DVD tonight and there were positives and negatives. Overall, it was a great workout, lots of sweat, lots of pain. Oh goodness....let me just break it down.

1. It was hard. Sweat pouring instantly..

2. It was a lot like the Cut workout I have been doing, same exercises just at a much faster pace with no 30 second breaks.

3. Does not require much equipment...a bench and hand weights, but the bench really wasn’t needed. You could do all the exercises on the floor if you had to. And it didn’t require much room. Some videos you can’t do in the living room because they require so much room.

4. It was quick, it seemed like it was over really quick. I actually missed the last exercise because I was looking at the box to see how long it lasted. I wasn’t sure I could handle much more....and it was over.


1. It was short. I know this one makes both categories. It could have been ultra intense with a few more circuits, but I’m not sure I could have handled much more. I guess you could do the entire thing twice for a more intense workout.

2. Again, this workout was a lot like the Cut workout, but only this one had the same exercises with Jillian yelling at you the whole time. (That one was courtesy of the workout buddy)

3. This workout made me use words that I try not to use, and I used them a few times. And it made me say horrible things to Jillian. It’s ok, I will do better next time because I know what to expect now. I actually said some really mean things to some of the other people working out in the video. She pulled that if this one person doesn’t complete the exercise then we all do it again....I hate that!

After one workout I would totally recommend this video to someone else. If my opinion changes on that anytime soon I will let you know but I think this one is going to make it into the regular late night workout routine. I am hoping to find a few workouts that we can rotate so that we do not get in a rut with our workouts.

You should give this one a try!

New Nighttime Workout

First off, if you see my nighttime workout buddy don't tell her what I am about to say.  She might just cancel if she knows whats in store for tonight.

We have a brand new nighttime workout...or at least a trial run at one.  A friend gave me a workout DVD that she said helped her lose 30 lbs and I have kinda been in a rut on my workouts so I took it with high hopes.  Just looking at the cover scares me a little bit.

It is a Jillian Michael's DVD named Shape-Up Front, and claims to be the 6 week bikini workout.  And I have just been dying to get back into my bikini. (Just typing that sentence made me laugh out loud)  But in all seriousness it looks like a pretty good workout.  I like it when the people in the pictures look like they are just moments away from death and sweaty hot messes.  And we all know I like it when its a Jillian product.  Hello!!!! BIGGEST FAN EVER!

The Biggest Winner - How to Win by Losing: Jillian Michael's Shape Up-Front (Abs, Thighs, Shoulders, Triceps, Chest, Hips, Nutrition)
Ill let you guys know how it goes and if we will continue to do it. And if it is as good as I hope it will be I will have pictures, hopefully of us lying on the floor looking good in our bikinis.

Long Run

Wednesday has become quite a big day for this FatGirl.  I have Weigh in Wednesday and a long run.  Well today the long run was not as long as last week but it was still quite a doozie today.  The goal was 10 mile run after the steps.

I did a few laps on the steps not too many and a few laps around.  I think I got about a mile total around the stadium.  Then off to the run.  I was feeling pretty good for the run today.  I really had high hopes that this one would be easier than last week because it was 2 miles less than last week.  It felt good for the first 5 miles, then mile 6 I had a nice little burst of energy.  I was running a pace that I never run and it felt really good.  About mile 7 I hit a wall...and it was a big wall.  This run was way more hilly than I like!  I made it to the end but we were a little bit short on our mileage, I chose to be done at this point, it was about 9.5 miles.  The other 2 finished the last mile and I walked it out.  My body was just aching.

I am happy with my mileage but I am also a little bit discouraged.  I know a 10 mile run is good, but this has been my worst week of running yet.  This is the first time I ever thought that I may not be able to do this thing.  I am going to keep going and getting more mileage in, but man this week has kinda hurt my feelings.  I want these to get easier and the short mileage has gotten better but these long runs are kicking my butt....every single week.

I guess this is the way things go...up and downs you know.  I'm going to keep trucking along, and hopefully 26.2 in December.

Weigh In Wednesday

Is it Wednesday again already?  It ok because I was ready for my weigh in this week.  I actually thought this week I was going to have a good weight loss this week.  Well, it wasn't great, but I am not discouraged by it.  My weight today was 231.0.  That was up .4 pounds from last week.  I know I am usually really upset with a weight gain but for some reason this one didn't bother me as much as they usually do.  This week I did pretty good with my workouts but did slack off a bit, so I am really not upset this week.

No one has sent me a weight yet for me to post, but if you would like to play along you can Linky up below.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Biggest Loser Week 1

Wow!  I am so excited my show is finally back on....but I would be lying if I didn't say I was a bit disappointed.  I was looking forward to meeting the new contestants, the butt kicking workouts, and the
Dr. H visits.  Well we spent the entire two hours meeting the new contestants. 

That being said, I was highly impressed with the preview for the season.  I cant wait to see what is next!

Don't worry I have already been able to pick some of my favorites for this season, but right now I don't know their names.  I liked the old guy from Atlanta, and the big football player.  Those were my favorites off the bat.  I cant pick the girls til I see how they workout....I don't really have time for the sissy girls, I like the ones that don't wear makeup and sweat, sweat a lot. 

I felt so bad for the ones that had medical emergencies in the first episode.  They wont get to be on the show...or so we think, and really lets take the worst of the fattest and not let them go to the ranch.  Aren't they the ones that need it the most.

OK, basically, with no more rambling, I am super excited for the season, just not loving the first episode.

My Excitement Overflows!

First of all, I would like to apologize for my post yesterday.  I was a little but frustrated and I don't think you should be allowed to post when you are in a bad mood.  I should have known better but well...I am feeling better today.

Today was the first time in over a week that I got to do Zumba.  The teach has been sick so no class or I was at work and couldn't go, it was just one thing after the other.  Well today I finally got to go and I loved it just as much and maybe even more that in the past.  I needed a really good workout after yesterdays terrible run and no afternoon workout.  Tonight I will get in a little bit of a swim and then off to Biggest Loser land.

I actually have a Biggest Loser date tonight.  One of my workout buddies and Biggest Loser enthusiast is coming over for a little dinner and lots of Biggest Loser.  No treadmill tonight, just sitting like a slug on the couch for 2 whole hours.  And yes I am calling it a date because I have not been on one of those in, well, forever and this is a nice pretend date.  Basically dinner with another person, that's a date right?

Tomorrow however, I do not get to be a little slug.  I have steps in the morning and then Wednesdays long run.  Tomorrow is 10 miles+2 miles on the steps.  After my frustration yesterday I just decided I am running the steps again until it hurts, then I will stop.  Hopefully I have given it plenty of time to heal and I won't have any more Achilles problems.  I am just hoping and praying for a good run tomorrow.  Then tomorrow night it is back to the Cut with my nighttime workout buddy!  We have been off for almost 2 weeks now and most of that is her fault.  She celebrated horses for a week and faired for another one.  I only canceled once....see not my fault.  I'm ready to get back to it.

I also have new project brewing in my brain.  I like to tell you guys so it won't be a surprise when it debuts but sometimes the ideas never get to a final project.  Just stay with me and maybe I will have a new project coming soon.

Thanks for coming back to me today after I was in such a mood yesterday.  Check back because I am sure there will be a late night Biggest Loser update!!!!!! So ready, 3 and a half hours to go!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ups and Downs Today

This is one of those you want the good news or bad new first? 

I don't really have good news or bad news at all, just frustration and excitement I guess is what you would call them.

This morning was morning run.  After a dicey drive to town because I was still half asleep I walked around the football stadium where we run steps and was just a little bit bummed because I didn't get to run them today.  I don't know why today it bothered me so bad that I didn't get to do it, but it did.  Then it was off to the running portion of the morning workout.  This run today was by far the worst I have had thus far.  It was a short run, nothing that I cannot do, but today it was hard and it hurt.  I told you I twirked my knee on Saturday and it just throbbed throughout the run. 

This next paragraph is my imagination at work:  I have been hoping (you know that unrealistic kind of hope) that maybe some company might want to sponsor me one day, like PowerBar or Gu, and they would want to pay my race entries and fly me all around the world to compete in events.  After the last couple of weeks I have had I'm thinking the only sponsors that would even consider me right now are The Orthopedic Center or BioFreeze.  I have spent more time hurting than anything else.  It kinda pisses me off to because I have really made an effort to take more days off to let my body recover....well not anymore.  These days off are just making my weight loss slower and I am spending more time hurt!

Then work today has been crazy, both Real Estate and the Gym.  I have been working non-stop since I took off my workout hat and put on my work hat.  Today is the first time in a long time I have thought about throwing my blackberry away.  I complain but I really am happy about this one, with the way the real estate market has been lately I am so gladly accepting a busy day.

After that rant its time for the excitement.  Tomorrow, at 8 o'clock/7 central, Biggest Loser premiers!  My excitement is overwhelming.  I do not have anything scheduled and have no intentions of scheduling anything now.  I will have plenty of time to get in a lunch workout, my Tuesday swim and make it home in time to fix dinner and watch TV.  For this 2 hours I will turn off everything, except the treadmill and watch my show.  I have just been counting down the days!!!!!!  SO EXCITED!!!!!!!  You know I will have a post about this on Wednesday.  I will probably have my favorites and least favorites in a matter of minutes, I usually do, and have so many opinions that I cannot keep to myself.  Really!??!?!?!?!?  I am absolutely crazy about this show! 

I think I may have found my match for my obsession with Biggest Loser.  I have a buddy that always text me during the show and we talk about the workouts and the contestant, but I have found a new friend that comes close to my level of excitement.  She called me one day to let me know that the new contestants were posted online.

Since I have had kinda a weird, up and down, exhausted day today I cancelled my late workout tonight in an effort to get a little bit of shut eye.  Hopefully I can catch up on a little bit of sleep, because as of this week, no more of these entire days off to reduce injury, phssshhh, that didn't really workout did it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Saturday! (Is it over yet?)

Well if you are like me your Saturday was packed full of events.  My day today stared off at 5am.   Actually it started about midnight last night.  I went to bed early last night because I had my early boot camp workout this morning.  Well at about midnight my brain decided that I was done sleeping and it was time to wake up.  I fought it as long as I could but finally just got up about 5.  I was going to run to my boot camp workout this morning.  It would have been a good 3.5 mile warm up, but it was really dark out side and lets just face it, I am still scared of the dark.

In hind site it was probably the best decision I ever made.  Today's boot camp was brutal.  I would compare it to having to drive bamboo stakes up your fingernails just for fun.  It started off pretty standard.  Running some sprints with high knees and fast feet.  Then we moved to jumping exercises.  I am not the best with the jumping.  I tends to hurt my knee a little bit.  Well I did this one exercise and as soon as I landed I knew something wasn't right.  I quickly moved to a modified version of the exercise and was fine. 

Then the fun part of the workout, we did freakin quarter mile sprints.  I had a guy that was my pacer and I couldn't keep up with him on my best day.  He literally ran circles around me.  It took me about another quarter of a mile to get my breath back.  This was probably the hardest workout we have done to date.  I don't know if it was the cold weather or the fact that I am still recovering from this little cold but man it was a doozie today.

Then I moved on to workout number 2.  I had to mow my yard.  It was starting to look like my house was abandoned.  If I had left it a day more I think my neighbors would have called the authorities.  Anyway, I had about an hour to mow the yard before Zumba so I was trying to hustle because I really wanted to make it to class.  When I finished with my yard I came in and discovered I was 10 minutes late to class.  As I rushed out the door I saw that class was cancelled.  I was a little upset that it was cancelled but a little bit relieved too.  I was tired and kinda glad I didn't have to go.

Workout #3:  I spent the rest of the afternoon in my sister's woods.  We have been cleaning it up for weeks.  I never knew what a good workout that just plain ol yard work could be.  I was dripping sweat from head to toe.  We stayed out there for a while and about 20 minutes before quitting time I just had to stop.  I kinda walked around for a bit and pretended like I was working but I had nothing left to give.  I finally took off the gloves and sat down...and it felt sooooooo good.

So now after finishing up the rest of the night at the county fair watching the bog (side note: I discovered that I do not like the scared me to death) and decorating a cake I am finally sitting down with ice and the tins unit trying to recover from the day.  I don't think I will be needing anyone to rock me to sleep tonight and I am just hoping for a good nights sleep tonight.  Tomorrow= day off from workout but I do have to work (yuck.)  Sleep tight.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Green Monster

As we all know, I was very very ready to get a Body Bugg....I watched it online for weeks, ogled it for months, and looked up product reviews for forever.  I finally got one!!!!  Well I have a new toy that I am kinda dying for.  Let me just tell you about it.

Totally ironic that the watch is green too!

This is the Garmin Forerunner 405 watch.  All of my running buddies have one of these things and at first I was totally happy with my $7 Wal-Mart watch....then I got to see all of the things this watch can do.  It tells you how many miles you have run, what your pace is, it beeps on the mile mark, and you can plug it into your computer and it will break down your run.  It does so many cool things, and I never thought I would need anything like it, and to be honest, I don't really need it, but I do want one. 

The green monster of jealousy has jumped over me, I am trying to get past it but every day that we run I have to keep asking how far have we been and what is our pace.  One day, maybe one day I will get to get a new toy!  By the time I get it they may sell it in pink....that would be great!

By the way, I put this little guy in my Recommended items in the Amazon bar on the left.  I know I don't have one but I have been able to see the cool things this watch can do and I know you would just love it if you got it.

The Morning Run

Well I am just thrilled about my morning run today.  I felt good for the entire run.  I think I could have kept going and going.  I don't think my running buddy was feeling as good as I was this morning but that is how it goes.  I struggled a little bit on Wednesday and she stuck with me.  I know my running buddy can run circles around me any given day of the week.

This morning was a slow short run.  We have crazy Boot Camp workout tomorrow and we were taking it easy today.  I am thinking about running to my Boot Camp workout tomorrow.  It could be a nice 3.5 mile warm up but I am not sure that I want to wake up that much earlier.  Its all about sleep!

I know I told you all yesterday about the pains that come along with running, but they really come with all workouts.  People will tell you about the knee and ankle you know...I complain about them all the time, but I have a new one for you.  Most people expect fat girls to chafe, but they always assume that the legs or under the arms are the spot that will be most effected.  Well I have a picture for you of something you could expect.

This is where my sports bra rubs my chest.  I have two wonderful little patches of rubbed skin right above my boobs.  Sorry about putting a boob picture I said most people wouldn't show you this particular injury, but I'm not most people.  I want you to get out there and run, but I think you should know some things to expect.  I also have this same injury around my waistband (there will be no belly picture of that one) where my pants rub.  Bodyglide and powder help but after you have been on the run for a while and the sweat just turns into salt the body protection seems to wear off. 

The run will be my only workout today, I might get in a little swim tonight, but I am not planning on it.  Just depends on how much I want to get in the hot tub.

I hope you all get out there and do something today...walk run skip or hop...just get out there and move!

Check back...I'm feeling like I have a lot of things to say today!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Long Day

Well today was another long day but not nearly as crazy as the last two.  Today I took the entire day off from working out.  It was not intentional, I was planning on Zumba but it got cancelled, so I enjoyed the day off.  I'm not even stressed out about it because the days off are so infrequent that I take them and enjoy them when they come along.

I know I talked about this the other day but I am ready for the fair to go away.  I enjoyed the food and the fun but now I find myself wanting to go back and eat it everyday.  Oh, I love my cotton candy but I am ready for it to be gone. 

I will let you know that I thought I was getting sick.....well I am sick.  I just have a cold but I am pretty sure it is the worst cold ever!  I think my medicine has finally kicked in and I am feeling much better now.  I will still be running in the morning, I just hope it goes well.  No excuses, gotta run, gotta train!  I will again be sitting out of the stairs but just running and walking around the track.

My Achilles are still sore (yes that is plural, both of them) especially when I run up the stairs but they are feeling better.  My newest injury is my hip.  I think it is just sore, like everything else.  I have so many people stop me and say I wish I could run.  I want you to know YOU CAN RUN, just know that it hurts.  It hurts bad, but it is so worth it when it is over.  I have enjoyed every single mile and cannot wait for the next run!

Time to hit the sack, getting ready to go again tomorrow.  Hope you have a good one!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Im Doing My Best the Last 2 Days (With a Little Bit of Weigh In Wednesday thrown in there)

I'm not trying to be that girl that starts a blog and then goes for days without updating.  I have actually been that busy and not able to post.

So lets go ahead and say since it is 4:15pm and I did not get any ones weight this week I am not going to linky up my Weigh In Wednesday.  Melissa, please comment in this post with your link so people can see how you did.  I did however weigh.  I am really sorry it took me this long to post.

This morning my weight was 230.6.  Yeah!!!!!   That was another loss this week.  I feel a trend, or at least I am hoping for a trend.  I knew my workouts were good this week and I was actually thinking I might have a better number than that...but then last night I went to the fair and ate every single thing that I wanted.  I only get to do that one night at the fair because it is sooooooo bad for you and I cannot afford to eat Carny food that many nights in a row.  Come on a $5 corn dog....really....but it was good!

Actually lets just start with yesterday and give you the entire 2 day update since it has been that long since I posted. 

Yesterday started out pretty ordinary.  I had a couple of appointments set up and lots of things that just needed doing.  I had to run errands but each place closes at particular times this week so you have to work a schedule around them.  I had lunch planned and then my meeting with a swimming buddy.  Well I was getting ready to go swim when I was informed that we were going to the fair.  I am a fan of the fair, have been since I was a child but as I have gotten older and more intense in my weight loss I have not loved the fair as much.  The little fat girl inside me wants to eat everything, cotton candy, ice cream, etc. So in an effort to not gain weight during fair week I set aside one night to eat everything I want and then that is it.  I am a good little girl the rest of the week.

Well, since I wasn't planning on a trip to the fair I didn't get to eat my pasta dinner that I had planned on.  Well missing my pasta dinner before the long run wasn't what I had planned on either.  Lets just say whole wheat pasta sticks to you a little bit better than a foot long corn dog and shaved ice. 

Fun times at the fair!

I was up late at the fair but able to get home in time to get to bed at a decent hour and be able to function at 5:30 this morning.  We headed out for our long the goal was 12 miles.  Well I am happy to report that I made the entire trip + .33.  It was a nice run this morning.  It was warm but not hot and being that it takes a good while to run that many miles it sometimes gets a little bit hot.   I was excited to get my distance but again towards the end I was just running on empty.  We walked a lot of the final mile and I find it hard to count that in my mileage, but my running buddy and Jeff Galloway have both convinced me that if I am on my feet and moving then I count the run and walk breaks.  So I am getting over it and counting it all.  A total of 12.33 miles, watch out marathon, here I come!

Lets just say that started my Wednesday off right.  Then it was hustle to the office, then hustle here and then to there.  It was one of those mornings that I kept running and never sat down until after 3pm.  I am happy to be here now and feeling pretty crappy about taking this long to get something up here.

I can already feel a little bit of soreness creeping into my joints.  On top of what I am sure will be soreness I am trying desperately to get a cold or allergies.  I am trying to convince myself that I will not be sick but I am failing miserable (pun intended) at this point.  I'm trying to decide if I am going to take the night off from exercising or not.  I really don't want to but I also don't want to over do the day either.  Ill decided eventually but I just don't know yet.

Hope you guys have had a good couple of days.  I know I have been missing you guys.  (And the promises)  I will do better....even if I am busy I will get some post up!

Blog Hop Time.....

One of my favorites of the week....go check out their stories as well.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Again

Well Monday morning is here again.  As sad as I am to see the weekend go away I am happy to be back to the action. This morning was a bright and early run, yet again, started off well.  I walked around the track while the others ran the steps which sucked but I want to run a marathon more than I want to run steps.

Well after the steps we went to go run and I really did not want to run today.  I sat at the gym for a little while and had a little giggle with my running buddies.  She and I both didn't want to go but we came to the conclusion that we would just run about 2 miles.  Just a short run.

Once we got going I felt great.  I felt like I could have gone about 30 miles.  We got 5 miles in overall and I feel pretty good.  Sometimes after the run I want to go lay down in bed but today I am just full of energy and ready for more.  Now my body is still as sore as can be and for the first time in a few weeks I have broken out the ice again, but I feel great.

This week the long run is on Wednesday and I just hope that I fell like I did today on Wednesday.  And pasta dinner Tuesday night....that's the best part of the long run!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

So Excited!

I know there are tons of things to be excited about right now.  The fair is in town, college football, etc.  Well I am most excited to take the day off tomorrow.

I have had a couple of three crazy workout days and I am ready for a break.  Thursday was the evil Core class, then the long run on Friday, then Boot Camp and Zumba this morning.  My body is fatigued and ready for some rest.  I always think you can workout soreness but I am pretty sure that my new sore is just building on top of old sore and making it worse. 

This morning Boot Camp lasted about and hour and a half, and baby it was intense!  It was filled with tons of sprints and jumps and one exercise that had me walking on all 4s with my butt stuck straight up in the air.  To finish off we cooled down with about a half mile run.  It was probably less than that but after the workout it seemed like the long run all over again. 

We had some new people show up to the boot camp today and its always good to see some new faces.  And it doesn't hurt much with those faces are male.  I seem to workout with mostly women all the time so this was a nice change of pace.  After boot camp I had a little break then off to Zumba.  I didn't do really well at Zumba today (maybe 65%) because I was tired but I went and burned a few more calories for the day.  After Zumba I spent some quality time in the Hot Tub.  I didn't even swim first...just Hot Tubbing it up for a little break.  Then work!

I was a little bit concerned that once I started working at the gym that I wouldn't want to come here but I realized that I have been here for about 9 hours today and I'm not tired of it yet.  I hope it stays that way. 

Oh during my break between workouts this morning I had the best breakfast.  A friend of mine gave me some farm fresh eggs the other day so I had a sandwich today with my new eggs.  I don't know if you have ever tried these before but I highly recommend them .  I like when people buy local and even though I didn't buy these I will be from here on out.  They were just yummy and not like anything I have ever eaten before.  I eat a lot of eggs in a week and these had such big orange yolks, not bright yellow like the grocery store.  I am not the most adventurous person when it comes to food (some have used the word picky) so trust me when I say they are delicious. 

Hope you all have gotten some great workouts today.....I know I did.

Check back for more!

Friday, September 10, 2010

How Many Miles?

Well let me just tell you.

This morning my running partner and I ran 11 miles.  This is what I needed.  I was pretty sure this morning at about mile 6 that both my legs weighed 800+ pounds.  The were killing me and I could hardly pick my feet up off the ground.  Granted I was in the middle of Mt. Everest (or a slight rise) and dying.  That was really my only eh moment during the whole run.  By the end my body was whooped and I was exhausted.  I was hoping for a 12 mile run this morning but I will take my 11 miles with a smile and my head held high!

My body was a little bit tired and sore (still looking for that truck) when I woke up so I was a little bit unsure if I was going to be able to get in a good run today, but sometimes the goal itself can keep you going even if the body is failing you.  I was hoping to get in a swim tonight, I even had my swim bag packed, but as I left my house I left it on the couch...INTENTIONALLY!  I could tell that if I did much more to my body today it would not want to be my friend and I like my life much better when my body is not against me.  I am looking forward to a night with no workout.

Tomorrow we have our speed training workout.  This is just another intense workout for the week.  At the rate I'm going this week I should be down 5-6 pounds by the next Weigh In Wednesday, and that would be a pleasure.  I hate to admit this but I think I am going to have to give up running steps 3 days a  week.  I am going to have to cut back to maybe one or two days.  My foot hasn't hurt in almost a week and then this week I started back to steps and it has started hurting again.  That is the only thing that I can think of that has been a constant cause of pain.  Zumba doesn't hurt it and running doesn't hurt it, only the steps.  I don't want to give them up because it is such a great workout but I am not willing to put off something I really want to accomplish for 29 steps.  It just may have to wait til after December.

Oh and remember that running friend that said she would run a marathon if I did.  She is running her 11  miles tomorrow.  Ha Ha.  And just today another girl that ran the Half-Marathon back in March said she might be interested in running it as well.  I just love it.  All these little runner people....Mama so proud.

I have started reading a new book today.  It has actually been sitting on my kitchen counter for a few months now while I finished my other book and this one is a little bit different.  It is Marathon by Jeff Galloway, you know the Marathon Guru.  The guy who if you want to run a marathon you go to him...yes that guy.  Well I'm just a few pages into it now but I will let you know what I think of it.  So far, so good. 

Well even thought that entire post was about running that has really been my whole day today so I think it is quite fitting.  You never know when I will have more to say so keep checking back.  Thanks for following along!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well.....I Thought I Was In Good Shape

Lets just say before this class tonight I thought I was a reasonably fit person.  And I knew this class was going to be tough but I had no idea it was going to be this hard.

This class was called "Core Power" I think.  It was an entire class done in the plank position walking up and down a bench, walking across the floor with these little sliders on your feet, and moved your feet in and out.  If you didn't control your body you would literally fall to the floor.  I know this because I spent a lot of time on the floor.  In between the plank portions of the workout it was high intensity plyometric exercises.  Wow!!!!

I wish I could have gotten a picture of my mat and bench after the class.  They were both soaked with sweat and every time I bent over more sweat was just pouring from my face.  At one point my sliders were not sliding across the floor because it was wet.  It was one of the most intense workouts I have ever had.  I will defiantly be going back for this one because I obviously don't have the core strength I thought I did.

The one upside to this class is that I realized my legs looked really good in my shorts.  I had plenty of time to look in the mirror as I laid on the floor. 

Now I have to go to bed and recover....I have a big long long run in the morning.  I am looking forward to it but kinda nervous about it.  Hope it goes good.

I Didn't Make It

This morning I woke up at 4:30.  I wondered around my bedroom trying to wake up.  After 15 minutes of wandering and only 4 hours of sleep I had to bail on the run this morning.  I really wanted to go but I just didn't get enough sleep.  I still have my afternoon workout today and hopefully early early bedtime tonight.  I know that I have a crazy long run tomorrow so I will need plenty of sleep tonight.

As far as the rest of my day has gone I have been at work all day.  I had the day where its my job to answer the phones all day and they have been a little bit slow.  I got so bored of sitting that I finally had to do something.   So I rearranged my office so that I could do something.  Ha....I think it was a pretty good workout if I do say so myself.

Other than work and the rearrangement I have not done much more today.  I am getting a little bit nervous about this crazy workout tonight.  I am ready for it, but not all the way yet.

Last nights workout was a pretty intense workout.  We didn't do our normal circuit because we were both pretty worn out but we did a arm circuit with some really intense abs.  And last night I proved to my workout buddy that I was a liar.  We were on the last circuit and I made the ab bench about 2 rungs higher than usual but told her it was the same.  I eventually came clean but she could do it....she did yell at me a little bit but she did it!  I yell back!

Ill let you all know how this afternoon workout goes.  I hope to see some of you there. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today Is Like the Energizer Bunny....It Just Keeps On Going

I was sooooooo please today with my weigh in.  I was happy with the fact that I actually lost this week, especially since I ate really bad over the weekend, but with the amount of work I did this weekend I was kinda due.  And the fact that I was up for 3 weeks in a row.  Basically I am ecstatic about the loss this week.  8 pounds to go!

My day started off pretty good with steps and a run.  I got to do steps with my running buddies but then I had to run ALONE (dum dum dum.)  You never know how much you need your running buddies until you don't have them.  I went off for the run today and the entire time I had to use a lot of will power to keep going.  I wanted to cut off on every single side street but I kept telling myself, at least make it to the next street then you can cut through.  Well when I got to the last cut through I could see the regular turn and I just kept going.  I was too close to turn off at that point.  So today I got in 5 miles all together.  I know I said 6-7 yesterday but I was a little bit lonely today.  I was so nervous about running with others at first and now I miss them so bad when I have to run alone.

Tomorrow I am going to run with them if I get up in time.  I have to work really late tonight so there is a chance that 5am will just come to early but I am going to set the alarm and as long as I don't break it when it goes off I will go run.  Then Friday I have the long run.  This would be the longest thus far, and it actually scares me.  We are shooting for 12 miles.  My running buddy has been setting up a plan for us because the one I have is just getting a little bit confusing.   Our long runs are not on the weekend and that is how every schedule is set up so we are doing our own schedule.  She told me this morning that we at least need to get in two 20 mile runs before the actual race day.  When she told me that I cried, threw up a little bit, fainted and then cried some more.  HOLY CRAP that is a lot of miles.  I can drive to my office and back 2.5 times and still be less than 20 miles.  I have to stop thinking about it like that!

For the rest of the day I have just been a little bit stressed and frustrated.  I dont really know why, but the whole day I have been BLAH!  I am looking forward to my workout tonight to get a little bit of this frustration out.  I think I need a good 10 minutes with the punching bag tonight.  Then its off to dreamland in hope for a run tomorrow morning. 

I hope you all get out there tomorrow and get a good workout in.  Try something new, you just might love it.  I know I have 2 scheduled and they are both going to be doozies.  One of the ones I have tomorrow is a class that I have been avoiding for 2 weeks now but I have to go....there is no reason that I shouldn't be doing it.  I actually have the time on Thursdays so why not fill it up with a new workout class right.  This is one that the teacher even admitted is hard for her to teach....and that scares me. 

Weigh In Wednesday


What are the odds that today's weight and the picture of the Weigh In Wednesday are the same thing.  But if you notice I did not use the same picture...notice the toe nails are different.  I am so happy to report that today I did get a loss this week.  I was beginning to be discouraged after 3 weeks with a gain.  I am now 8 pounds away from the 100lb mark and still pushing towards it more than ever.

No one else has sent me a weight this morning...and I don't know why.  They probably think it is Tuesday like I did.  If one of the girls hadn't reminded me this morning I wouldn't have weighed either.  Side note:  I also forgot to call my Bro-In-Law for his birthday because I thought it was tomorrow.  If they send it in I will update!

I hope you will all weigh in with us this Wednesday.  Post below...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Soooooo Sorry!!!!

I don't know what I was thinking but I am coming to you tonight to apologize.  I want you to know I have been reading and loving and responding to all of your comments.  I have been replying to the comments you guys have been leaving and I thought it was sending an email back to the sender, but I just discovered tonight that these responses have not been being delivered. 

So I am so sorry that these replies have not been received.  I have responded to nearly every single comment that has been made. 

Please forgive!  I will have to respond to them now on the comments page instead of sending an email back.

My Day My Day

Well after the long weekend it was finally time to get back to work.  I had a 3 day weekend for the first time in forever.  I cannot remember the last time I had 3 whole days off of work.  No answering phones on the weekends, no nights at the gym.  Its amazing and a little bit sad that I cannot remember the last time this happened.

Anyway, I was back at work today.  I don't think I put my best foot forward.  I was at work this morning early and went to workout at noon.  I went back to the office after work still in my workout clothes.  I didn't have any appointments this afternoon so I was able to sneak away with this one.  I got the chance to go home and get things together for the week.  Literally!  Then back to the gym tonight to swim with my swimming partner.

These are my workout clothes laid out for the rest of the week.  How efficient and overly productive is that?!?!?!?

I forgot today was supposed to be my day off.  I guess I took the day off from running but I didn't exactly take the day off from working out.  Tomorrow I get back to the pavement in my running shoes.  Tomorrow I am hoping for a long run.  I am thinking anywhere from 6-7 miles.  We again get to up the mileage this week.  I stay pretty much the same for 2 weeks then the daily running becomes more and the weekend running becomes insane.  My long run this weekend was a race so I didn't have to do the 10 miler that was planned.

We are now getting to the point in training where the daily runs are as long as the long runs used to be.  Whew.  I am kinda getting nervous about how long these runs are going to get.  However, I have been able to run the last few times with little to no pain in my leg.  That has been the best news ever.

So I would vow to take tomorrow off but I am looking forward to my run in the morning and circuit tomorrow night with my workout buddy.  I have missed her this week.  She has been Celebrating Horses this week and has not been working out so tomorrow morning bright and early she will be getting my text for a late night workout.  And now that I have blogged about her I think she will have to show!!!!!  Ha Ha!

Now its time to get a good nights sleep before what I have hopes is the best run ever in the morning.  Check back tomorrow for the run update.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wheres That Truck?!?!?!?!?!?

Welcome to the holiday weekend.  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday.  Don't you love holidays so you don't have to go workout....oh wait....that's right....we still workout.  When your marathon training there are few days off and they are scheduled in advance.

Yesterday morning I got up and went to what is now being referred to as Boot Camp.  I didn't get to stay for the whole thing because I have to be at church early.  I was extremely excited that I got to leave.  My body was sore and tired from the race on Saturday.

 Then I figured I might as well go get the run over with this morning.  I will get to go back to sleep this morning and wake up again like I got to sleep late on this holiday.  Maybe with a few more hours of sleep I can get rid of some of this soreness.

I am still on the lookout for the 18 wheeler that ran through my house on Saturday night and ran over me, then reversed and ran over me again.  I was asleep so I am pretty sure this happened multiple times with the way my body hurts. 

I could have easily been talked out of my run this morning but we went anyway.  I did the steps today for the first time in a week with very little pain in my leg but I could tell it had been a while.  I was sucking wind after the 2nd time around and never really caught my breath.  Then we went to run.  In all fairness I should probably call it a walk with a few run breaks.  We were both worn out pretty good.  We ran about 6 miles this morning overall and once we got into the run it wasn't as hard as the start had been.  Normally we run at least 1.5-2 miles before our first walk we made it to half a mile and stopped and walked.  But after that we ran most of the rest of it. 

I probably wont be back again today.  I am going to try to enjoy the rest of this fabulous holiday from the comfort of my couch. 

And while I am thinking about it I just have to give a little shout out.  At the race on Saturday morning I had a lady come up to me and tell me she was a fan of my blog.  I just love it when I find new people out there that are reading and following along.  So, HI Emily!  Thanks for reading.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Terrific 10k

This morning was the 10k that I have been excited about for weeks now.  I woke up again bright and early to get to the park for the run.  I was joined by two wonderful young ladies in my car and a caravan of friends going to run.

The run started about 8am and I was feeling pretty good.  We stopped on the way down to the race to get a Red Bull.  I will never do that again....Ill explain in a moment.  I knew before the race started that I would be running the majority of the run alone, my two girls were running the 5k after me and my usual running buddy had to win.  I was determined not to let the fact that I was alone keep me from running. 

After about the first half a mile I got stuck in a hole with another lady.  She and I both got stuck in the middle of the pack.  I knew better than to leave the edge of the road but I thought I knew better....guess not.  I lost a little time there.  That was about the same time the Red Bull started to bite back.  It didn't taste good on the way down and did not sit well in my stomach.  I kept smalling it the whole race.

Anyway, I was able to get out of the hole and break away and get to a good stride.  I followed the girl in front of me for a while.  She was keeping a good pace that I could keep up with that was a little bit faster than I normally run.  My first split was really the only one I remember.  I ran the first mile in 10:51.  I usually run about a 11:45 so I was starting out at a good pace.  When I do things like that I get a little bit upset with myself....why am I not training at that pace if I can run it?

This was a course that was a 5k course that was run twice and there are lots of parts that the runners are on 2 sides of the road so I got to see my buddies throughout the entire race.  It was nice to see them every few half mile or so.  They were so full of encouragement every time we passed.

Well my first 5k finish was 33 minutes.  That was by far my best time but I knew I was going to have to do it again to get to my goal finish.  My goal was 70 minutes so I had 37 minutes to run the entire course again.  As I started off again from the start line I knew I could do it but was beginning to get was a quick pace for me.  As I made the second time around I was watching the clock like crazy trying to stay on track.  I had to finish the last mile and a half in 15 minutes.  That was going to put me right on my time.  I wanted to walk so bad at this point but every time I would take a walk break I would only end up taking a few steps and then start running again.  I just couldn't imagine not making my time after I had run so far and so hard up to this point. 

Well at the last .3 of a mile I had 4 minutes to finish.  My running buddy had finished and came back to run to the finish line with me....SOOOOO SWEET!  So we ran to the end and another running buddy joined us.  So even though we didn't get to run the whole thing together I did have them at the end.  I ended up coming in 1 minute and 1 second under my goal time....YEAH!!!!!!!!!

I don't know that I have ever been so excited in my whole life.  A little funny for I was coming into my first lap the people at the finish line were clapping.  I thought that was really sweet.  They didn't have to clap for everyone, and about that time the winner of the race was lapping me.  Yes!  He ran the entire thing in the amount of time it took me to finish half.  I just pretended they were clapping for me and smiled and waved as I went thought.  :)

Overall I was so pleased and cannot wait to go out and race again.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Should Be Asleeeeeeep

I know it is late and I have a race tomorrow and I should be asleep, but I am so excited about this run tomorrow that I cannot hardly fall asleep. 

I actually just got home from a very very long but very good day.  I had a pretty easy morning workout today because I was trying to save my energy for tomorrow but still wanted to get my run in this morning.  I got in 4 miles this morning and it was another solid run.  Only one walk break again, even though I wanted about 4.  I was pushed this morning but sometimes that is what I need.  I was able to do the run, the whole thing I was just being a little bit lazy, but I am so happy I wasn't allowed to walk this morning.

I went straight home and got cleaned up for my shopping trip.  I did my mad shopping this morning, I think it should be called power shopping because I got it all done in such a short period of time, but still a successful trip.  Then I sped back to town to get to work.  I stayed at work until 8 and went to dinner with some friends.  I finally got home just before 11 and got everything packed and laid out for tomorrow.  I was just sitting in bed but was so pumped for tomorrow that I just thought I might as well post one more time before bed.

My niece and a friend are going with me to the run tomorrow so if you are wondering who we are we will be the ones blaring the radio with the windows down on the way there.  You gotta do something to wake up!

I'm going to try to get to sleep again.....hopefully I will be successful.  Wish me luck well as the rest of my running buddies.  I hope to have some pictures for you tomorrow but no promises.


I'm A Shopping Fool

Well I just wanted to let you all know that I was able to find some things today shopping and I think the fact that I set a budget and was willing to spend all of it helped me to find some good deals.  I came in under budget by almost $100.  That was great!!!!!!!

I started my shopping trip at the Target.  I love the C9 brand of workout clothes and this is what I was looking for at Target.  I was not able to find a new sports bra but I did find mesh shorts.  Above the knee longer than the crotch shorts.  They are the shorts I have been looking for for months now.  I was so excited to find these that I just knew I was going to have a good day.  I ended up with 2 pair of shorts and a Duo Dry shirt that was on sale.  I am stopping by my local Wal-Mart tonight to invest in a new sports bra and maybe one more pair of tight pants. 

Then it was off to Lane Bryant.  I had one particular article of clothing in mind and I just knew exactly what I was looking for.  In most cases when you have this in your mind you will never find it unless you go to  Well, I found it, and not only did I find it but it was to big so I got a smaller one and it was too big so I got a smaller one until I was in a size 16.  Oh, my little heart was jumping with joy.  I am a firm believer that I do not care what the size is but if that number is lower than what I was expecting it is a great feeling.

Well I ended up with a few things from Lane Bryant, but I still need some shirts.  I had good luck with the bottom half (no pun intended) but no luck on shirts.  I did get a few fall time sweaters that were way on sale and way cute.  And Lane Bryant has started carrying shoes.  I have wanted a pair of knee boots for a while but I have rather large calves so I cant usually fit them but today they had some that fit with room to spare.  Oh it was so nice. 

I have been joking with my sisters for a few weeks now about buying jeggings.  If you don't know what these are they are leggings that look like jeans.  They are way in style right now and I am going to have a pair.  Well I tried some on today but eventually talked myself out of them.   They were way cute but I can only wear them a few places so why would I waste the money on that when I could get another pair of dress pants or something.  So no jeggings just yet, but I will have some......

So over all I had a great shopping trip with just one more minor stop to make.  I was so happy to get a few things that were much needed. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Day Is Crazy

I am finally here, after trying to blog for the last 18 hours I have finally made my way to a computer.  I am beginning to wonder what my house looks like during the day.  I have had one of those days that has not stopped since 5:30 this morning.  Today is my sisters big 3-0 birthday and we have partied all day today. 

Let me just start with I am no longer vowing to do better, I am just doing better.  My diet has officially sucked for about 5 days now and instead of talking talking about doing better I just have to do it.  My workouts have been really good lately.  My foot is feeling better since I laid off the steps and the runs have been getting better and better each time.  This morning I ran on a non-running day to get some more mileage this week.  Because I took the first two days off this week I needed to get the miles in.  I only had a short time to run, about 45 minutes, but we did a 5k this morning in just over 35 minutes.  That was one of, if not my best time yet.  It felt great.  We did the entire run with only one walk break. 

Today I had breakfast lunch and dinner with my sister for her birthday.  I ate cake this morning for breakfast and tonight my bro-in-law brought a cookie cake to dinner.  Lets just say I have relatively little control when it comes to cookie cake.  I had a little lunch that was not too horrible for me and then cookie cake for supper.  Lets just say I had a ton of calories today and not a one of them was good for me. 

Tomorrow I am going to go shopping.  I am really looking forward to this.  I have decided to loosen the purse strings for some clothes.  If I don't get some clothes soon I will have to join a nudist colony and I think they charge dues too so I might as well buy clothes.  I am not going to buy to much because I hope they will not fit in a few weeks.  But I have to have a few staples to wear throughout the week.  Right now I am alternating between a pair of black pants, one pair of blue jeans and a pair of khaki shorts, none of which fit really well.  Wish me luck tomorrow.....I hope I can find some things.

Tomorrow is another run day and a prep day before race day.  I think I told you but I have actually set a time goal that I want for this race.  Tomorrow is healthy food, fueling food day.  I need to be at my best for this run Saturday because to meet my time goal I have to do some of my best running. 

I am going to head off to bed now and on top of doing better on my diet I am going to do better on my blogging.  I am really not trying to avoid blogging but I have not sat down today for more than a few minutes all day long and they were in the car on the way to the next stop.

To all y'all out there who have struggled this week I understand...and to those of you out there doing good and sticking to it, I am taking a cue from you.  Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


For the first time in 5 whole days I got to run this morning, and it went well.  I was able to run 4 miles this morning along with one huge HILL.  It was a fantastic run.  I was so excited to get back out and hit the road that I almost couldn't stand it.  I went to the steps this morning but I didn't run, I just walked around the top to get warmed up for my run. 

We set off on our run and I was able to get over 2 miles before having to take my first walk break.  The run was a bit slower than normal today because I was a little bit timid at first but the longer I ran the more comfortable I felt doing it.  It was like riding a bike.  Towards the end my foot started hurting so the hope of 5 miles became 4 but it was still a great run. 

I am going to be running again tomorrow, just a few miles again, nothing crazy.  I have to get my miles in somewhere this week.  Hopefully next week I will be back to 100% and be able to get my miles in in the 4 days I have planned to run. 

Now I am home laying on the couch with a little bit of ice on the leg before its time to go to work.  I was hoping to take a little tiny nap before work but I am so excited about my run I cant hardly even lay here, I wanna go out and run some more.

I think this is a positive to a few rest days.  The weight gain is a negative but the ability to run again makes it all worth it.

Weigh In Wednesday

Well, I come to you today with another gain.  I am not as upset about this one as I have been in the past because I knew why I gained this week.  Last week I was upset about my weight but this week I was expecting this.  My weight today was 235.0.  In my defense I did drink a ginormous bottle of water before I weighted, but that was a gain of 4 and I was expecting about 3.  I know I can get this off pretty quick. 

Because of my gain this week and my mostly free weekend I have decided to take my normally free day (Wednesday) and not go to crazy.  I will keep my schedule but I am not going nuts.  I will be eating out for my sisters birthday tonight so I am going to be good for the rest of the day.

I have others weights coming for you soon, I have to get to the other computer with the pictures.

Let me know how you did this week...

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