Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Biggest Loser Week 2 (Really Should be Called Week 1)

Holy Crap, that is what I am talking about when I say I love Biggest Loser.  The first episode with 2 crazy workouts, Dr. H visits, and a weigh in.  Does it get any better than that?  Lots of puking, tons of sweating, and the tears just make me happy.  Is it a little disturbing that I get excited when they puke!!!!??!?!??!?  You know that is a good workout!

I knew I had a small obsession with this show but tonight I was having to miss it and then watch it taped later in the night.  I am always scared that someone is going to ruin it for me before I get home.  Well tonight was Football night so my mind was entertained until we started to drive home.  I started to tell them how excited I was to get to watch and continued to talk about this show for the entire 15 minute drive home.

I am so proud of my little green boy, I was just loving him before this episode and after tonight I think I may love him more...if that is possible.  I still don't have a really big draw to any of the women yet, but just give it time, I'm sure I will find one of them that I like.  There is only one that I don't really like right now.  For starters she is upset that she only lost 12 pounds.  Hell, I have been at 230 for weeks now, really, 12 pounds is awesome.  I know these boys are losing 30-40 lbs but 12 is freakin awesome!  Come on get real!  As I keep watching I really like pink girl Lisa.  She has the right attitude.  And a 16 pound loss, go get it girl!

Oh and just when I thought this episode couldn't get any better they threw in a challenge.  This is when I really get to pick my favorites.  I like to see how they compete.  (Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I am watching the show and blogging about it all at the same time.)  And as the challenge goes I like the orange girl, she said she wanted a chance and she got one, and proved it.  I kinda like this fight for your spot to not be eliminated. 

I am going to stop blogging now about this and not give away the ending.  I hate when people give away the end, so I will watch the rest in silence.  I already cant wait for next week.  Man this show is as addictive as Fast Food!  But this is one addiction that I don't want to give up!

Have a good night.

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