Monday, September 27, 2010


I survived my first ever Insanity workout ever....

Actually, I should say WE survived the workout.

Ok, well I have to start with why I decided tonight was the night to try insanity.  After a long night last night, cleaning the house, organizing the closet, just household stuff, I finally got to bed about 1 am.  I don't ever stay up that late, especially on a night that I have to run the next morning. 

Needless to say, I overslept this morning and missed the steps and the Monday run.  This is the first time I have missed this workout, even when I was hurt I didn't miss.  I felt horrible that I overslept.  I missed the workout for myself and I let down all the women that I meet in the morning.  I just felt horrible about it.

I went to work like normal...still feeling kinda crummy about missing the run this morning.  I really needed that run.  Well I ate pretty crappy today and just decided that I had to get a great workout in tonight.  So it just seemed like the perfect time to do this workout.

I now officially understand how the workout got its name....INSANITY!  Cause that is exactly what it was.  It was crazy hard from the workout to the cool down.  Lots of grunting and groaning, sweating, and a little bit of crying.  (ok maybe no crying but I wanted to a few times) 

I like this one better than a lot of workout DVDs for a few reasons.  For starters the guy leading the workout, I don't know his name but I will soon, was encouraging.  He didn't yell at you through the workout and gave good tips throughout the workout like, "don't clench your jaw..."  I also liked that the people doing the workout looked like they were dying.  They were sweating and struggling through the entire workout as well.  I hate those videos when they get done the girls look like they could enter a beauty pageant.

After one workout I cannot wait to do it again.  Its as addictive as running, which I am still sad about missing this morning.  If you want my recommendation, I would try this workout.


Penny said...

I love how you made a come back by going and working out. Even after eating poorly.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!! good for you guys!!! I heard some horror stories about that work out!! haha!! Yay for surviving!! :D

Anonymous said...

congrats! my buddy Joe is doin the same thing...I can't even imagine what intense cardio that stuff does to someone...I heard its like P90X on ogre of luck to you. :D

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