Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Long Run

Wednesday has become quite a big day for this FatGirl.  I have Weigh in Wednesday and a long run.  Well today the long run was not as long as last week but it was still quite a doozie today.  The goal was 10 mile run after the steps.

I did a few laps on the steps not too many and a few laps around.  I think I got about a mile total around the stadium.  Then off to the run.  I was feeling pretty good for the run today.  I really had high hopes that this one would be easier than last week because it was 2 miles less than last week.  It felt good for the first 5 miles, then mile 6 I had a nice little burst of energy.  I was running a pace that I never run and it felt really good.  About mile 7 I hit a wall...and it was a big wall.  This run was way more hilly than I like!  I made it to the end but we were a little bit short on our mileage, I chose to be done at this point, it was about 9.5 miles.  The other 2 finished the last mile and I walked it out.  My body was just aching.

I am happy with my mileage but I am also a little bit discouraged.  I know a 10 mile run is good, but this has been my worst week of running yet.  This is the first time I ever thought that I may not be able to do this thing.  I am going to keep going and getting more mileage in, but man this week has kinda hurt my feelings.  I want these to get easier and the short mileage has gotten better but these long runs are kicking my butt....every single week.

I guess this is the way things go...up and downs you know.  I'm going to keep trucking along, and hopefully 26.2 in December.

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Brandi said...

Don't beat yourself up! Everyone has good weeks and bads weeks when it comes to running. Some weeks you just have more energy. You did great! You just have to keep going!

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