Friday, September 17, 2010

The Morning Run

Well I am just thrilled about my morning run today.  I felt good for the entire run.  I think I could have kept going and going.  I don't think my running buddy was feeling as good as I was this morning but that is how it goes.  I struggled a little bit on Wednesday and she stuck with me.  I know my running buddy can run circles around me any given day of the week.

This morning was a slow short run.  We have crazy Boot Camp workout tomorrow and we were taking it easy today.  I am thinking about running to my Boot Camp workout tomorrow.  It could be a nice 3.5 mile warm up but I am not sure that I want to wake up that much earlier.  Its all about sleep!

I know I told you all yesterday about the pains that come along with running, but they really come with all workouts.  People will tell you about the knee and ankle you know...I complain about them all the time, but I have a new one for you.  Most people expect fat girls to chafe, but they always assume that the legs or under the arms are the spot that will be most effected.  Well I have a picture for you of something you could expect.

This is where my sports bra rubs my chest.  I have two wonderful little patches of rubbed skin right above my boobs.  Sorry about putting a boob picture I said most people wouldn't show you this particular injury, but I'm not most people.  I want you to get out there and run, but I think you should know some things to expect.  I also have this same injury around my waistband (there will be no belly picture of that one) where my pants rub.  Bodyglide and powder help but after you have been on the run for a while and the sweat just turns into salt the body protection seems to wear off. 

The run will be my only workout today, I might get in a little swim tonight, but I am not planning on it.  Just depends on how much I want to get in the hot tub.

I hope you all get out there and do something today...walk run skip or hop...just get out there and move!

Check back...I'm feeling like I have a lot of things to say today!


Cara said...

Ouch!!! I knew there was a reason I don't run ;)

Cara :)

BreukelensFinest said...

wow that hard core! kudos to you for running knowing you will get these rubs!

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! That looks painful. I'm so sorry.

Traci said...

I haven't ever had the chafing on top like that. Mine is always under the girls from the sports bra. Also, if I run really far my arm near my pit starts chafing too. So strange. I thought it was from my ipod holder, but then it started on the other arm too when I finally realized what it was. I have heard of the chafing sticks you can use. Some of my friends swear by them, but I haven't used them yet.

Brigitte said...

Ouchie! Those look painful. I couldn't imagine my bra rubbing that area raw.

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