Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Day My Day

Well after the long weekend it was finally time to get back to work.  I had a 3 day weekend for the first time in forever.  I cannot remember the last time I had 3 whole days off of work.  No answering phones on the weekends, no nights at the gym.  Its amazing and a little bit sad that I cannot remember the last time this happened.

Anyway, I was back at work today.  I don't think I put my best foot forward.  I was at work this morning early and went to workout at noon.  I went back to the office after work still in my workout clothes.  I didn't have any appointments this afternoon so I was able to sneak away with this one.  I got the chance to go home and get things together for the week.  Literally!  Then back to the gym tonight to swim with my swimming partner.

These are my workout clothes laid out for the rest of the week.  How efficient and overly productive is that?!?!?!?

I forgot today was supposed to be my day off.  I guess I took the day off from running but I didn't exactly take the day off from working out.  Tomorrow I get back to the pavement in my running shoes.  Tomorrow I am hoping for a long run.  I am thinking anywhere from 6-7 miles.  We again get to up the mileage this week.  I stay pretty much the same for 2 weeks then the daily running becomes more and the weekend running becomes insane.  My long run this weekend was a race so I didn't have to do the 10 miler that was planned.

We are now getting to the point in training where the daily runs are as long as the long runs used to be.  Whew.  I am kinda getting nervous about how long these runs are going to get.  However, I have been able to run the last few times with little to no pain in my leg.  That has been the best news ever.

So I would vow to take tomorrow off but I am looking forward to my run in the morning and circuit tomorrow night with my workout buddy.  I have missed her this week.  She has been Celebrating Horses this week and has not been working out so tomorrow morning bright and early she will be getting my text for a late night workout.  And now that I have blogged about her I think she will have to show!!!!!  Ha Ha!

Now its time to get a good nights sleep before what I have hopes is the best run ever in the morning.  Check back tomorrow for the run update.


Finding The Thin Within said...

Have fun on your run tomorrow! I can't wait to have 6-7 miles be a shortu run!

<3 Katie

Emily said...

Its really kinda freaking me out. Its hard to wrap my mind around the number of miles I am training to run. Good luck on your training. I have been following along.

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