Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Excitement Overflows!

First of all, I would like to apologize for my post yesterday.  I was a little but frustrated and I don't think you should be allowed to post when you are in a bad mood.  I should have known better but well...I am feeling better today.

Today was the first time in over a week that I got to do Zumba.  The teach has been sick so no class or I was at work and couldn't go, it was just one thing after the other.  Well today I finally got to go and I loved it just as much and maybe even more that in the past.  I needed a really good workout after yesterdays terrible run and no afternoon workout.  Tonight I will get in a little bit of a swim and then off to Biggest Loser land.

I actually have a Biggest Loser date tonight.  One of my workout buddies and Biggest Loser enthusiast is coming over for a little dinner and lots of Biggest Loser.  No treadmill tonight, just sitting like a slug on the couch for 2 whole hours.  And yes I am calling it a date because I have not been on one of those in, well, forever and this is a nice pretend date.  Basically dinner with another person, that's a date right?

Tomorrow however, I do not get to be a little slug.  I have steps in the morning and then Wednesdays long run.  Tomorrow is 10 miles+2 miles on the steps.  After my frustration yesterday I just decided I am running the steps again until it hurts, then I will stop.  Hopefully I have given it plenty of time to heal and I won't have any more Achilles problems.  I am just hoping and praying for a good run tomorrow.  Then tomorrow night it is back to the Cut with my nighttime workout buddy!  We have been off for almost 2 weeks now and most of that is her fault.  She celebrated horses for a week and faired for another one.  I only canceled once....see not my fault.  I'm ready to get back to it.

I also have new project brewing in my brain.  I like to tell you guys so it won't be a surprise when it debuts but sometimes the ideas never get to a final project.  Just stay with me and maybe I will have a new project coming soon.

Thanks for coming back to me today after I was in such a mood yesterday.  Check back because I am sure there will be a late night Biggest Loser update!!!!!! So ready, 3 and a half hours to go!

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Brigitte said...

I love this show! It was great to watch it again!

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