Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Product Review (Unpaid)

Ok, I tried the new DVD tonight and there were positives and negatives. Overall, it was a great workout, lots of sweat, lots of pain. Oh goodness....let me just break it down.

1. It was hard. Sweat pouring instantly..

2. It was a lot like the Cut workout I have been doing, same exercises just at a much faster pace with no 30 second breaks.

3. Does not require much equipment...a bench and hand weights, but the bench really wasn’t needed. You could do all the exercises on the floor if you had to. And it didn’t require much room. Some videos you can’t do in the living room because they require so much room.

4. It was quick, it seemed like it was over really quick. I actually missed the last exercise because I was looking at the box to see how long it lasted. I wasn’t sure I could handle much more....and it was over.


1. It was short. I know this one makes both categories. It could have been ultra intense with a few more circuits, but I’m not sure I could have handled much more. I guess you could do the entire thing twice for a more intense workout.

2. Again, this workout was a lot like the Cut workout, but only this one had the same exercises with Jillian yelling at you the whole time. (That one was courtesy of the workout buddy)

3. This workout made me use words that I try not to use, and I used them a few times. And it made me say horrible things to Jillian. It’s ok, I will do better next time because I know what to expect now. I actually said some really mean things to some of the other people working out in the video. She pulled that if this one person doesn’t complete the exercise then we all do it again....I hate that!

After one workout I would totally recommend this video to someone else. If my opinion changes on that anytime soon I will let you know but I think this one is going to make it into the regular late night workout routine. I am hoping to find a few workouts that we can rotate so that we do not get in a rut with our workouts.

You should give this one a try!

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Bethanny said...

Ok. I may have to try this one out!!

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