Saturday, September 4, 2010

Terrific 10k

This morning was the 10k that I have been excited about for weeks now.  I woke up again bright and early to get to the park for the run.  I was joined by two wonderful young ladies in my car and a caravan of friends going to run.

The run started about 8am and I was feeling pretty good.  We stopped on the way down to the race to get a Red Bull.  I will never do that again....Ill explain in a moment.  I knew before the race started that I would be running the majority of the run alone, my two girls were running the 5k after me and my usual running buddy had to win.  I was determined not to let the fact that I was alone keep me from running. 

After about the first half a mile I got stuck in a hole with another lady.  She and I both got stuck in the middle of the pack.  I knew better than to leave the edge of the road but I thought I knew better....guess not.  I lost a little time there.  That was about the same time the Red Bull started to bite back.  It didn't taste good on the way down and did not sit well in my stomach.  I kept smalling it the whole race.

Anyway, I was able to get out of the hole and break away and get to a good stride.  I followed the girl in front of me for a while.  She was keeping a good pace that I could keep up with that was a little bit faster than I normally run.  My first split was really the only one I remember.  I ran the first mile in 10:51.  I usually run about a 11:45 so I was starting out at a good pace.  When I do things like that I get a little bit upset with myself....why am I not training at that pace if I can run it?

This was a course that was a 5k course that was run twice and there are lots of parts that the runners are on 2 sides of the road so I got to see my buddies throughout the entire race.  It was nice to see them every few half mile or so.  They were so full of encouragement every time we passed.

Well my first 5k finish was 33 minutes.  That was by far my best time but I knew I was going to have to do it again to get to my goal finish.  My goal was 70 minutes so I had 37 minutes to run the entire course again.  As I started off again from the start line I knew I could do it but was beginning to get was a quick pace for me.  As I made the second time around I was watching the clock like crazy trying to stay on track.  I had to finish the last mile and a half in 15 minutes.  That was going to put me right on my time.  I wanted to walk so bad at this point but every time I would take a walk break I would only end up taking a few steps and then start running again.  I just couldn't imagine not making my time after I had run so far and so hard up to this point. 

Well at the last .3 of a mile I had 4 minutes to finish.  My running buddy had finished and came back to run to the finish line with me....SOOOOO SWEET!  So we ran to the end and another running buddy joined us.  So even though we didn't get to run the whole thing together I did have them at the end.  I ended up coming in 1 minute and 1 second under my goal time....YEAH!!!!!!!!!

I don't know that I have ever been so excited in my whole life.  A little funny for I was coming into my first lap the people at the finish line were clapping.  I thought that was really sweet.  They didn't have to clap for everyone, and about that time the winner of the race was lapping me.  Yes!  He ran the entire thing in the amount of time it took me to finish half.  I just pretended they were clapping for me and smiled and waved as I went thought.  :)

Overall I was so pleased and cannot wait to go out and race again.


Di :) said...

I am so PROUD of you!!!

Yvonne said...

Emily you did a great job. I know that you are so excited. Gosh you are such an inspiration. Soooo proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Brigitte said...

That is totally awesome! I am truly inspired. I plan to run one the end of October. Today I ran 5.63 miles and was super proud! I definitely feel like I can do a 10k!

Melissa A. said...

Way to go!!! I had to bow out of a 10k due to an ankle injurt. But, I am training for the Chicago Marathon (2011) so, I will have chances to run some 5 and 10ks.

I am proud of you :)

Brigitte said...

Hi Emily!

I finally got around to accepting a blog award and I nominated you! Stop by my blog to pick it up!

Finding The Thin Within said...

so exciting! ANd it is very motivating to me to hear that what progress you have made because I am just at the beginning of training for a half marathon next april. I know that I'll be able to do it, but sometimes I see how far I have to go and wonder. THanks for this post because it just motivated me even more. I can't wait to have this feeling!

<3 Katie

Brandi said...

Your first 10K! How exciting! I remember mine. You're awesome!

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