Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Day Is Crazy

I am finally here, after trying to blog for the last 18 hours I have finally made my way to a computer.  I am beginning to wonder what my house looks like during the day.  I have had one of those days that has not stopped since 5:30 this morning.  Today is my sisters big 3-0 birthday and we have partied all day today. 

Let me just start with I am no longer vowing to do better, I am just doing better.  My diet has officially sucked for about 5 days now and instead of talking talking about doing better I just have to do it.  My workouts have been really good lately.  My foot is feeling better since I laid off the steps and the runs have been getting better and better each time.  This morning I ran on a non-running day to get some more mileage this week.  Because I took the first two days off this week I needed to get the miles in.  I only had a short time to run, about 45 minutes, but we did a 5k this morning in just over 35 minutes.  That was one of, if not my best time yet.  It felt great.  We did the entire run with only one walk break. 

Today I had breakfast lunch and dinner with my sister for her birthday.  I ate cake this morning for breakfast and tonight my bro-in-law brought a cookie cake to dinner.  Lets just say I have relatively little control when it comes to cookie cake.  I had a little lunch that was not too horrible for me and then cookie cake for supper.  Lets just say I had a ton of calories today and not a one of them was good for me. 

Tomorrow I am going to go shopping.  I am really looking forward to this.  I have decided to loosen the purse strings for some clothes.  If I don't get some clothes soon I will have to join a nudist colony and I think they charge dues too so I might as well buy clothes.  I am not going to buy to much because I hope they will not fit in a few weeks.  But I have to have a few staples to wear throughout the week.  Right now I am alternating between a pair of black pants, one pair of blue jeans and a pair of khaki shorts, none of which fit really well.  Wish me luck tomorrow.....I hope I can find some things.

Tomorrow is another run day and a prep day before race day.  I think I told you but I have actually set a time goal that I want for this race.  Tomorrow is healthy food, fueling food day.  I need to be at my best for this run Saturday because to meet my time goal I have to do some of my best running. 

I am going to head off to bed now and on top of doing better on my diet I am going to do better on my blogging.  I am really not trying to avoid blogging but I have not sat down today for more than a few minutes all day long and they were in the car on the way to the next stop.

To all y'all out there who have struggled this week I understand...and to those of you out there doing good and sticking to it, I am taking a cue from you.  Keep up the good work.

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Di :) said...

Power to the "not-so-fat-anymore" girl!!! I have to say, you rock- even when you eat cake for breakfast! :-) have shopping for some smaller clothes!

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