Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today Is Like the Energizer Bunny....It Just Keeps On Going

I was sooooooo please today with my weigh in.  I was happy with the fact that I actually lost this week, especially since I ate really bad over the weekend, but with the amount of work I did this weekend I was kinda due.  And the fact that I was up for 3 weeks in a row.  Basically I am ecstatic about the loss this week.  8 pounds to go!

My day started off pretty good with steps and a run.  I got to do steps with my running buddies but then I had to run ALONE (dum dum dum.)  You never know how much you need your running buddies until you don't have them.  I went off for the run today and the entire time I had to use a lot of will power to keep going.  I wanted to cut off on every single side street but I kept telling myself, at least make it to the next street then you can cut through.  Well when I got to the last cut through I could see the regular turn and I just kept going.  I was too close to turn off at that point.  So today I got in 5 miles all together.  I know I said 6-7 yesterday but I was a little bit lonely today.  I was so nervous about running with others at first and now I miss them so bad when I have to run alone.

Tomorrow I am going to run with them if I get up in time.  I have to work really late tonight so there is a chance that 5am will just come to early but I am going to set the alarm and as long as I don't break it when it goes off I will go run.  Then Friday I have the long run.  This would be the longest thus far, and it actually scares me.  We are shooting for 12 miles.  My running buddy has been setting up a plan for us because the one I have is just getting a little bit confusing.   Our long runs are not on the weekend and that is how every schedule is set up so we are doing our own schedule.  She told me this morning that we at least need to get in two 20 mile runs before the actual race day.  When she told me that I cried, threw up a little bit, fainted and then cried some more.  HOLY CRAP that is a lot of miles.  I can drive to my office and back 2.5 times and still be less than 20 miles.  I have to stop thinking about it like that!

For the rest of the day I have just been a little bit stressed and frustrated.  I dont really know why, but the whole day I have been BLAH!  I am looking forward to my workout tonight to get a little bit of this frustration out.  I think I need a good 10 minutes with the punching bag tonight.  Then its off to dreamland in hope for a run tomorrow morning. 

I hope you all get out there tomorrow and get a good workout in.  Try something new, you just might love it.  I know I have 2 scheduled and they are both going to be doozies.  One of the ones I have tomorrow is a class that I have been avoiding for 2 weeks now but I have to go....there is no reason that I shouldn't be doing it.  I actually have the time on Thursdays so why not fill it up with a new workout class right.  This is one that the teacher even admitted is hard for her to teach....and that scares me. 

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Brandi said...

SO you're training for a marathon? That was my goal for this year. I wanted to mark that off my bucket list. I would still love to do it, but I don't know if I have time to get in the training I need to by December...

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